Insider Secrets To Insurance Lead Generation


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Struggling with insurance lead generation and baffled at how professionals seem to have it all figured out? Their secrets are spilled and up for grabs right here... get them for yourself and cut the confusion!

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Insider Secrets To Insurance Lead Generation

  1. 1. Understanding The Economics Of Online Insurance Lead Generation By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.The whole purpose of this website and the products and services that I offer are to teachinsurance professionals how to do online insurance lead generation for themselves as a way toend dependency upon the lead companies.I firmly believe that its dependency on the lead companies that is killing the businesses of thevast majority...... and that only those who learn how to leverage the internet for themselves will be successfulmoving into the future.Because insurance professionals have been conditioned into buying leads, one of the mainquestions I get on my surveys and in coaching calls with my clients is "how much do the leadscost?"You see, thats really a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables thatactually contribute to what you pay on a per lead basis, because what I teach is completelydifferent than buying a shared lead for $20 or an exclusive lead for $150.So in this post, what Im going to do is help you to understand the economics of online insurancelead generation so that you can have a formula that will give you a basic idea of what you canexpect to pay for the leads you generate using the methods that I teach.Theres a couple of key components that are going to contribute to how much you pay for a lead,so lets examine each of those and piece together the formula for determining your cost per lead.Each of these components can be manipulated and improved so that you can have a direct impacton what you pay per lead as well. You need to understand that. This is the part of my trainingprogram called optimization.Online Insurance Lead Generation Cost Per Lead (CPL) Component #1:The first thing that is going to contribute to your cost per lead is the traffic source that you areusing and how much you pay for that traffic.If you dont know, traffic is having people visit your website. How you get traffic is by placingadvertising on different platforms that have links back to your website.When people click on those links, you get traffic. In my training program, I show you 7 differentplatforms that you can advertise on that will drive traffic to your website. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Each of these online insurance marketing methods will charge a different amount for each of theclicks that you get to your website. And all of them work on an auction basis, meaning you set abid for how much you are willing to pay for each click to your site.You have total control over that. We are going to refer to this as your cost per click or CPC fromhere on out. A typical CPC can range from $1 all the way up to $5 depending on what trafficsource you are using.Just keep in mind this piece for right now as Im going to explain the next component and thenIll give you an example that utilizes the formula we are putting together here.Online Insurance Lead Generation Cost Per Lead (CPL) Component #2:The next piece of this formula has to do with how well your site turns traffic into leads. We callthis the conversion rate of your website.Essentially the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors you get on your site that fill out yourform and become a lead.There are a LOT of different things you can do on your landing page or website that will affectthe conversion rate that you get on that page. Again, these are things we discuss in great detailwithin my ALM program.Depending on how you set things up on your site, what type of insurance you are promoting andthe offer strategy you are using, your conversion rate can be as low as 5% up to as high as 70%.In order to be able to determine what you will spend on leads, you have to know what trafficsource you are using and what your CPC is for your campaign. You also need to know how yoursite converts that traffic into leads.Obviously, if you are setting up a brand new system, you have no idea how your site is going toconvert until you run a test campaign to find out.What I like to do when Im setting up a new system is use some benchmarks for typicalconservative conversion rates and what I know I will pay for traffic to my site. Then I can do themath backwards and figure out what Id pay per lead using those figures.If my CPL doesnt work out the way I want, than I know that I have to lower my CPC, increasemy conversion rate on my website or perhaps both.As you can see, the economics of online insurance lead generation are tricky to figure out in thebeginning. But once you have actual data to work with, you can apply strategies that have adirect impact on your CPL.Alright, so lets give you the exact formula for figuring out your CPL with an example. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Lets say you want to run a test using Facebook traffic. You can get clicks on Facebook for $1each, so your CPC is $1. To run any valid test, you should have at least 500 clicks coming toyour website.So your CPC X #of clicks = your campaign cost.In this example, your campaign cost is $500.Next you want to figure out how many leads you are going to get using this insurance leadgeneration method. To do that you take the # of clicks (500) X your conversion rate. To beconservative, you should plan on 5% conversion.In this example, youd generate 25 leads.Then you simply divide your campaign cost ($500) by the number of leads you got (25) = yourCPL ($20).Heres the formula all in one spot:Cost Per Lead = Campaign Cost / (Traffic X Conversion Rate)Like I said before, you have a direct control over what you spend on the traffic and how wellyour site converts. Those two items impact what your cost per lead are.Doing online insurance lead generation for yourself isnt a one size fits all solution like the leadcompanies provide. Everyone is different, thats why you need to determine how much you willpay per lead by analyzing specifically what you are doing with your promotions.I hope that all makes sense.The three strategic pillars of insurance lead generation over the internet are traffic, conversionand optimization. Thats exactly what youll learn in my Agents Lead Machine InternetMarketing Mastery Program.Its the most complete program ever developed to help agents generate their own exclusiveinsurance leads online.Now I realize that you may not be ready to jump feet first into this entire program yet...You probably have a ton of other questions about how all of this works. Thats why I puttogether a free video that will take care of those questions for you.All you have to do is click the button below and register on the next page. Youll be able towatch this video instantly. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved