How To Generate Leads- For The Lover Of Simplicity
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How To Generate Leads- For The Lover Of Simplicity

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How to generate leads online is no longer a question!...

How to generate leads online is no longer a question!

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  • 1. The Full Scoop - How To Generate Leads For Insurance Online By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.If you look around my site for any length of time, youll notice the survey in the sidebar. Thelast question I ask is "what can I do to knock your socks off".Just the other day, I got this as a response to that very question:"Show me how to generate leads without just taking my money and running. Not much logs inthe fire here."In this post, Ill give you all the steps that are involved with generating insurance leads on theinternet at absolutely no cost to you.Before I do that, let me just say that I understand your hesitancy. Theres a lot of scams outthere, so its really hard to know who to trust and believe.Thats why I put together this site. Click on the free tools & resources link or the insurancemarketing strategies and tips link above and youll find an immense amount of extremelyvaluable and free content. Its all about how to generate leads for insurance!What youll find out after reading this post is that there is a lot of knowledge needed on veryspecific topics and there is a fair amount of work involved with getting an automated system forinsurance marketing set up.You can certainly take all of the information I provide at no charge on this site and get goingyourself. I provide the paid resources for people who want to short cut the learning curve and/orthe time needed to get things done by having others do the dirty work for them.With that being said, I really want to divulge some higher level information in this post that Ihavent given elsewhere. Again, the goal here is to provide you with value. Hopefully if I doenough of that, over time you will trust me and may purchase services from me :)So what you are going to discover here is all about funnels.I funnel is essentially a graphical depiction of the system or process you move people throughonline to accomplish the goal you have for them.For example, the goal of this site is to turn people into paying customers (as you can see Im nottrying to hide that fact).The top end of my funnel is where I send my traffic (site visitors) into. Typically that is somekind of landing page where you want to capture basic information on the visitor so you can dofollow up marketing. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  • 2. If you look at the different options on the free tools and resources page, each of the buttons leadsto a landing page that we call in the online marketing industry a "squeeze page". Its entirepurpose is to offer something of value that my traffic will be willing to exchange their emailaddress for.The person who coined the term, says this type of page is meant to squeeze the email address outof the traffic.The middle of the funnel represents the different steps you have to take the prospect down beforehe/she is ready to take the final action you want them to take.This could be a variety of things. Keeping with the example of this website, it is exclusivelyemails and other pages of my website (like this one) that deliver value and move the prospectcloser to the sale by trusting me more and more.The end of the funnel represents the prospect finally taking the action that you wanted them totake. This would basically be the order page on my website.When you are designing your funnel for generating insurance leads online, you have to start atthe end goal first.Ask yourself - what is the action that I want the visitor to take? Is it calling you? Is it filling outan appointment request form with a lot of personal info? Is it simply entering their email addressfor a free video or report?This is what we call your offer and its absolutely essential to the entire process. It is going todefine everything that you do leading up to that point in your funnel. You are also going to needto employ different strategies within your funnel to get the action you want.The approach you take and the language you use to get somebody simply to enter their emailaddress for a free report is completely different that what you have to do to get someone tocomplete an appointment request form.Now that you have decided what you are going to offer, you need to conceptualize your offer andbe able to clearly state it. In order for your offer to be successful, it has to solve some kind ofdesperate problem in your prospects life.Using this site for example, I know figuring out how to generate leads is the most criticalproblem for the vast majority of insurance professionals. I have positioned everything on thissite around helping my clients and prospects to solve that major problem.The way that you promise to solve this problem has to be unique as well. If the people comingto your website can say to themselves that theyve seen this before, you are done for.You will use all of these elements to construct your offer page. In the example of this website,its my sales page. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  • 3. Now you must know what objections your prospect are going to have before they can take theaction that you want them to take.You will use that knowledge to create the follow up emails, different pages on your site, phonescripts, or anything else you want to use in the middle portion of your funnel.Each objection should be answered on its own unique piece of content or communication and itshould always further the sale. You want every contact you have with your prospect to movehim or her closer to taking that action you want them to take.Depending on the offer that you choose, you may use one of these middle funnel pages as yourtop end page, it doesnt have to be a squeeze page.But if you are going to use the squeeze page method, you will now construct your squeeze pagearound that major problem that you are promising to solve in your prospects life.You will need to put together some kind of content: video, report, etc that helps your prospecttake a step toward solving that problem. Give him or her great, useful information, but dontgive away the farm!You have to leave them just hanging on enough so they keep consuming your information andkeep moving down the funnel to your end goal.Once youve finished that off, you have a funnel in place.Unfortunately thats not even remotely close to the last step in this process.Now you need to start sending targeted traffic into the top end of your funnel and monitoring thedata to see how it performs.The thing about marketing is that everything is a test. If youve come up with a concept for youroffer on your own, you could have completely missed the boat and end up having no one take theaction you want them to take.You also have to know the different ways to drive that targeted traffic into your funnel alongwith how to apply tweaks to the funnel until you get the conversion that you are looking for outof it.As you can see, theres a lot to know about how to generate leads for insurance online. Each oneof the things Ive discussed here takes a long time to master on your own. Heck, its taken meover four years to get to this point.Which brings me back to why I have paid products and services. I can guarantee that the vastmajority of you reading this dont want to have to figure out all of this stuff the hard way. ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
  • 4. In my Agents Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program, I show you step by step howto put together every piece of your online marketing funnel. I show you want works and doesntwork with marketing insurance on the internet.I show you all of the different ways that you can send targeted traffic into your funnel once its inplace. And I teach you everything you need to know about testing and optimizing your funnelfor maximum performance.Plus, you get direct help and guidance from me through the support forum inside the memberswebsite.And if that werent good enough, I will help you get people in the Philippines to do all the dirtywork for you at only $2/hr.It really is the only complete system ever put together for insurance professionals to startgenerating their own leads online.If that sounds like something youd be interested in, just click the link below for all the details. Ifyou feel its a good fit for you, you can order on that page and start immediately.Get the full scoop on ALM Internet Marketing Mastery here ©2012 Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. – All Rights Reserved