Usability engineering Usability issues in firefox

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Usability engineering,Usability issues in firefox

Usability engineering,Usability issues in firefox

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  • 1. Usability Issues in Mozilla By:Muhammad Waleed
  • 2. Introduction• Nowadays there are several usability problems with browsers. Mozilla also have many serious usability problems which need to be fixed.• Some of them will be discussed later.
  • 3. Issues Speed Memory Consumption Menu Structure Migration Shortcut Menus Validation
  • 4. Speed Mozilla takes considerably longer to launch than any other browser. Opening a new window is slow, regularly taking between three and ten seconds (anything over one second is highly frustrating), and there are similar problems with closing and redrawing windows.
  • 5. Memory Consumption To a large extent the slowness is due to Mozilla’s memory consumption, which regularly sends it into the mire of virtual memory on machines which don’t have large amounts of RAM.
  • 6. Menu structure Mozilla is currently heavily lopsided towards expert users, and people who prefer using the keyboard to using the mouse: as mentioned above, it has not enough toolbar buttons, and conversely it has too many menus. Menus are the most difficult GUI control to use, so you need to keep them as simple and uncluttered as possible. Mozilla, unfortunately, does the opposite.
  • 7. Migration Mozilla is woefully incomplete in these regards: You can show your Internet Explorer favorites as a folder in your Mozilla bookmarks, but you can’t import or edit them. You can’t import messages from a Netscape Communicator 4.x profile after creating a Mozilla profile, nor can you import your address book without exporting it from 4.x first. And the ability to import information from Mozilla’s main competitor, Outlook Express, is completely absent.
  • 8. Shortcut Menus Shortcut menus (known as “contextual menus” on Mac OS) are a method of quick access to extremely frequent commands (such as “Back” or “Forward”). Mozilla’s shortcut menus were too long and to inconsistent for anyone to be able to use them quickly. Mozilla breaks with previous versions (and with every other kind of menu) in requiring two clicks, rather than a single drag, to select an item — doubling the amount of time taken to use the menu. The net result is that the menus are much slower to use than they could be.
  • 9. Validation If a site works in Internet Explorer, and even (in many cases) in Netscape 4.x, but not in their Mozilla-based browser, without any other information users will naturally assume that the problem is with Mozilla.Solution: There are already plans to show an icon in Navigator’s status bar to notify the user if a page contains script errors, or objects which Mozilla doesn’t have a plug-in for. This would make users less angry with Mozilla when a page does not render properly.