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software project management Project  manager  skills
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software project management Project manager skills


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software project management,Project manager skills

software project management,Project manager skills

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  • 1. Software Project ManagementProject Manager Skills Presenter : Rehmat Ullah
  • 2. Who is Project Manager? "The project manager is the catalyst-the initiator who lifts the entire project and puts it into motion" .Verzuh (1999) Project managers are a very special breed of people. Good technology project managers are trained,not born.
  • 3. Who is Project Manager …(cont) They develop skills through experience and education. They become better project managers each time they successfully deliver a project. They learn new techniques and apply them on their projects. They learn lessons—sometimes the hard way—to be better managers in the future.
  • 4. Main Skills Analysis Communication Budgeting/Cost estimation Teamwork
  • 5. Analysis A key skill required toward the final stages of a project is the ability to analyze the impact of changes brought about by the project. Must never underestimate the unforeseen changes and effect that a major project can bring about. The ultimate reason for doing the analysis is – how the change will affect the end-date for the project? Must have a mental strategy ..also see through the walls beyond which a normal worker does not have the ability to think.
  • 6. Communication Ability to provide valuable information related to the project status in a timely and effective manner Need to develop sound leadership skills so that the workers work and center their efforts toward the specific target. communicate effectively .. to provide the information that workers need to fulfill their jobs.
  • 7. Budgeting/Cost estimation As having a team of accountants looking after the day-to-day running of the projects finances. Ability To Estimate Probable Costs To Be Incurred Throughout The Project. Essential project manager skill to posses for understanding how to use a budget . Need to be able to understand what you are being told about the budget . Must take the time to learn some basic budgeting skills.
  • 8. Teamwork Effective teamwork - help to manage project most effectively. The essence of any good project manager is. Good team leader and, if necessary, be a good team player. Be prepared to work with team to help them to achieve their goals. Culture of teamwork.. high self-esteem… feel personally involved in ensuring the success of the project.
  • 9. Organizing Team to Get ‘Back On Track’ Responsibility of a project manager to put an end to the differences among workers. Must recognize the significant differences among the team members . . Also be mentally geared up to resolve them. Effect : The more the coordination , the more unproblematic it will be to extract the best out of each individual.
  • 10. Other… Negotiation skills - maintaining relationships with people who are involved in the project. Listening skills - using good listening skills to truly hear and try to understand what others on the project are trying to say . Relationship management - capable of working with all levels within the organization by building relationships with them. Generosity - share the glory, share knowledge, and dont blame others Vision - understanding what needs to be done and how to get it done . Flexibility - capable of changing to fit the situation for the good of the project
  • 11. Reference of-a-project-manager 5-Skills-That-Make-the-Project-Manager- PM-A-Successful-Man nt/skills.htm
  • 12. ThanksAny question...?