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Improving of software processes
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Improving of software processes

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software project management--> Improving of software processes

software project management--> Improving of software processes

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  • 1. Software Project Managementuploadedby : REHMATULLAH
  • 2. Outlines  Software processes Common Problems in software processes Improving software processes Objectives of Process Improvement
  • 3. Software Processes  Software process is a complicated matter with lots of elements like creativity and mental activity. For software-oriented organizations, there are many processes and sub-processes.
  • 4. Common problems in software processes • Cost overruns• Schedule delays• Low productivity rate• Poor quality - in software, maintenance
  • 5. Improving Software Processes  There are three methods: 1. Meta Process 2. Macro Process 3. Micro Process
  • 6. META PROCESS  An organization’s policies, procedures, and practices for pursuing a software intensive line of business The focus of this purpose is on organizationaleconomics, long-term strategies and the software ROIAlso called Business process
  • 7. META PROCESS  Subject: Line of Business Objective: Line-of-business profitability Audience: Acquisition authorities, customers, Organizational Management. Concerns: Bureaucracy vs. standardization.
  • 8. MACRO PROCESS  A project’s policies, procedures and practices for producing a complete software product within certain cost, schedule and quality constraints. The focus of the Macro process is Production of a software system within cost, schedule and quality constraints
  • 9. MACRO PROCESS  Subject: Project Objective: Project profitability, Risk Management, Project Budget, Schedule, Quality. Audience: Software project managers, Software Engineers. Concerns: Quality vs. Financial Performance.
  • 10. MICRO PROCESS  A project team’s policies, procedures and practices for achieving an artifact of the software process. The focus of the micro process Production of a software system within cost, schedule and quality constraints
  • 11. MICRO PROCESS  Subject: Iteration Objectives: Resource Management, Risk Resolution, Milestone budget, schedule and Quality. Audience: Subproject Managers, Software Engineers. Concerns: Content vs. Schedule.
  • 12. Objective of Process Improvement To maximize the allocation of resources to productiveactivities of overhead activitiesTo minimize the impact of overhead activities onresources such as personnel, computers and schedule.Through process improvement product quality will beenhanced