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Social Media and the Business of Serendipity
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Social Media and the Business of Serendipity


The strategy of leveraging social media to be in the right place at the right time. …

The strategy of leveraging social media to be in the right place at the right time.
With the astounding impact social media has had on our society, business and individuals are hard at work trying to figure out how to leverage its power. While most can easily see the benefit as a tool for engaging their audience from a digital perch, few companies are leveraging it as a tool to make IRL ( in real life) connections with their audience, customers and/or prospects Tactics such as virtually attending industry events, using twitter hash tags and mentions to facilitate IRL meetings and assessing the power in the room using Foursquare.
This is an edited version of a presentation given to Harvard Business School's Alumni Career Development Webinar series.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Social Media and theBusiness of SerendipityThe strategy of leveraging social mediato be in the right place at the right time.May 8, 2013Presented by: John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 2. 2©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisThe Business of Serendipity2The business of serendipity is the quest torecognize patterns that may lead to momentsrich with the promise of serendipity.
  • 3. 33Internet = Scale – ContextWWW = Context – Human InteractionMobile = Human Interaction – ScalePhoto:©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 4. Digital’s Role in the Devolution of Social Interaction44Telephone EmailIn Person Mail Texting Social Media•1 to few•Eye to Eye•Proximity•Instantgratification•Synchronousstream ofinformation•1 to many•Pen to Pen•Calligraphy•Prose•ExpandingGeographic Radius•Delayed gratification•Linear stream ofinformation•1 to 1•Voice to Voice•National Reach•Instantgratification•1 to many many•Pixel to Pixel•Global Reach•Delayedgratification•Asynchronousstream•1 to few•Character toCharacter•Local Reach•Instantgratification•Intimate UX•Curt humaninteraction•Snack-sized data•1 to millions•Faces to Faces•Global Reach•Instantgratification•Intimately Public•InfinitelyScaleableScaleHumanization of theDigital ExperienceHuman Interaction©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 5. Social Media is the Humanization of the Digital Exprience55Humanization Patterns of SerendipityProducers of digital workshave the potential tobroadcast to millions ofusers, intimate day-to-dayexperiences.ScaleSocial Media hashumanized the internetexperience by enablingusers to engage inconversations with theirleaders, artists andproducers of digital works.+ =Foursquare - LBSInstagram - Photo sharingBlogs -Thought leadershipYouTube- Meteoric15 minutes of famePinterest - CurationSpotify – Discovery enginesFinding moments rich withthe promise of serendipityImage:CiberDemocracia©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 6. 6WendyBloggerStorytellerArtistPhotographerMotherWife6ClientWenderly Designs, Ltd.©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 7. 77Jan 20101st Computer1st email addressStarted FacebookDiscovered ThePioneer Woman(1.4M/mo)73rd Month100’s FB friendsPositive reactionfrom friendsRan out ofcharacters4th Month1st postUnknown inbloggingcommunity“I would love to getinvited to the ranch”Wenderly Designs, Ltd.©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 8. 81,158,483Pageviews332,000Unique Visitors345,112/13,673,940Twitter RankTodayStrongprofessionalnetworkDeeppersonalrelationshipsNationalAdvertisersBush’s, Phillips, Eggland’s8Wenderly Designs, Ltd.©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 9. Wenderly Designs, Ltd.99Best of allHomepage CalloutPermanent positionon the footerGuest at the RanchTrue friend9©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 10. The ProcessAn Vi Ex At AlAnalyze Visualize Explore Attract Align©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis10
  • 11. Analyze yourselfAnAnalyze©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis11
  • 12. 12Find your Center of Gravity12Who owns SocialMedia?PR?Customer Service?Marketing?Legal?!Yes!Roles define functionReportEngageAmplifyAn©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 13. 13Find your Center of Gravity13Art of Living in Suburbia – @WenderlyThought Leader -@ChrisBroganChange Agent - @GaryVeeThe Trailblazer – @KevinRoseThe Scholar - @ScottMontyKnight in Shining Armor - @JeffPulverThe Inventor- @DocPembertonThe Digital PersonaPassion?Talents?Assets=Differentiator?Organizationalresources?Social Media is free but itcomes at a priceROI?Compliance hurdles?An©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage: Dave Campbell
  • 14. ViVisualizeVisualize your story©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis14
  • 15. 15Visualize the Story of your Brand15Digital ProfileBrand AuthenticityThink in thumbnailsVisualize yourelevator pitchDemonstrate yourpoint of viewBe true to your voiceBuild consistencyacross all channelsBusiness:PersonalCleanse yourfollowersBrand Authenticity CompassProactiveDysfunctionalBrand IdentityReactiveReality PerceptionFunctionalBrand ImageBRANDAUTHENTICITYVi©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 16. Explore your UniverseExExplore©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis16
  • 17. 17Fix your Eyes on Your Guiding Star“We must fix our gaze on a guiding star as soon as one comes upon thehorizon, and once we have attached ourselves to that star, we must keepour eyes on it and our hands on the plow."- Ossie Davis17Ex©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage:DMQPhotagraphy
  • 18. 18Shoot for Super Stars18DadRuntGreek Philosopher“You learn more about a person fromthe friends they keep than the wordsthey speak.”Your network is areflection of youEx©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 19. 19Turn Stars into GalaxiesFind the Leaders19Your RolodexTrade orgs/ragsTechnorati.comKlout.comCircleCount.comLinkeIn GroupsQuoraPinterestYouTubeAbout.meGoogle+ RipplesImage: Cosmic 140—Art for Geeks by oliver reichensteinEx©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 20. 20Turn Stars into GalaxiesFind the Leaders20Image: Cosmic 140—Art for Geeks by oliver reichensteinExFollow, Circle, Likeand moreListen and learnBe selectiveUnfollow oftenWhere’s thechatter?Determine yourcore channels forbest exposureFind the road lesstravelledFollow the Leaders©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 21. Find the Leaders Follow the Leaders21Turn Stars into Galaxies21Image: Cosmic 140—Art for Geeks by oliver reichensteinExDiscerninginfluencers offeruniqueopportunitiesListen for engagingtopicsFind comoninterestsPickup on the toneof the streamsFollow their Follows©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 22. AtAttract22Attract with your Gravity©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 23. Send Signals to Attract Followers2323AtBlog / Vlog / Tweet /Circle / Pin / Like /Checkin / Stumble /Favorite / +1 /Comment /Contribute / Shoot /Snap / Subscribe /Share / Embed /Endorse / Digg / EditSend &ReceiveInspire &EntertainGenerating VERBS Publishing NOUNSArticles / Followers /Friends / Likes Circles/ Photos / Videos /+1’s / Whitepapers /Tweets / Locations /Colleagues / Stories /Stream /Humanize ScaleS©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage: Bruce Fingerhood
  • 24. AlAlign the Moon & StarsAlign©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis24
  • 25. 25Align the Moon and Stars25Look for MomentsGet out!!!Create listsSet up mobilealertsBe a beacon NOTa spotlightFlatter with dignityAsk for advice oninfluencer’s domainOffer to helpAl©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 26. 26Sync the URL to IRL26PlancastMeetup.comConference SitesTweetUpsStatus updatesFoursquareBlog postsFacebook EventsAl©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 27. 27Being in the Stream27AlVirtual EventsGoogle+ Live-tweet#HBSalumChatInfluence map the stream©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis
  • 28. 28Align Live Events with Patterns of Serendipity28AlFind attendee starsAlign w/ PR teamFollow event HashtagShare adviceBuild hypeMake “buddies”Pre-event©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage: Bringshare, LLC
  • 29. AlUse Twitter handle onbadgeFollow the #hashtagsand get in the streamTake groupphotos/video and shareConnect with your“buddies”Live-tweet retweetablequotes or thoughtsEventAlign Live Events with Patterns of Serendipity©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage: Bringshare, LLC 29
  • 30. AlEventIntroduce yourself thenfollowConnect across networksCheckin on LocationBased Systems (LBS)FoursquareFacebookGoogle+Who checked in w/ you?Explore InstagramAlign Live Events with Patterns of Serendipity©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis30
  • 31. 31Align Live Events with Patterns of Serendipity31#FFBroadcast great meetingsCurate event with photosand commentary on yourblog, site, Flickr, YouTube,etcTag new friends onFacebookTake advantage of post-event momentumPost-eventAl©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage: Chris P. Dunn
  • 32. The Tools©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis32
  • 33. GroundedLinkedInJoin GroupsPost/EngageStart GroupsComplete Business ProfilesEngage organizationRecommend and GetRecommendedBlogsWriteComment• Subscribe to RSSThe Communities• Twitter•Setup Alerts•Create Lists•Favorite Tweets•Use #s and @’s• Facebook•Like•Engage•Validate comments•Defend your champion•Show appreciation•Compelling visuals• YouTube•Subscribe•Comment•Share•+1©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulisImage: Westy Ford 33
  • 34. 34The Communities34©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis•Blue Sky• Google+• StumbleUpon• Foursquare• Pinterest• Instagram• Slideshare• Vimeo• Tumblr
  • 35. The Communities©2013 John Hondroulis | @jHondroulis•Deep Space• Quora• Wikipedia• Pose• Spotify• GetGlue• Vine• Etsy• Threadless• Behance• Stackoverflow35
  • 36. Thank YouQ&AJohn Hondroulis | @jHondroulis | +1(614)887-7520