Hire a tax attorney


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Taxpayers need to be careful in selecting a qualified tax attorney. For more information visit us at:- http://www.keytaxgroup.com/

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Hire a tax attorney

  1. 1. Hire a Tax Attorney Keytax Grouphttp://www.keytaxgroup.com/
  2. 2. IRS:Internal Revenue Service is responsible for collecting taxes.A qualified Tax Attorney Miami is needed to represent you before the IRS.But not only the tax attorney is enough to represent you.There are three types of professionals who are qualified to represent you.The professionals are 1. Enrolled Agent 2. Certified Public Accountant 3. Attorney http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  3. 3. Enrolled Agent: An Enrolled agent is licensed by the IRS. An Enrolled Agent is either a former IRS employee who has met time and experiencerequirements to obtain the license or a person who passed a specialized test and has metother qualifications set forth by the IRS.Certified public accountant or CPA: A CPA is also authorized by the IRS to represent taxpayers. A CPA should be licensedz by the state within which they practice. A CPA cannot obtain his or her license without meeting specific educational requirementsand passing a specialized exam. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  4. 4. Attorney:  An Attorney is also authorized by the IRS to represent taxpayers. An attorney is also licensed by the state  within which they practice.  An attorney also has educational requirements and must pass an exam. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  5. 5. Hiring A Tax Attorney:Taxpayers need to be careful in selecting a qualified tax attorney.A qualified tax attorney is not just an attorney who possesses a bar license. A qualified attorney must also have a Masters of Law in Taxation or Masters inAccounting or have significant experience practicing before the IRS.If a taxpayer needs to go to court, an attorney must be admitted to practice before theUnited States Tax Court. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  6. 6. Some important considerations for you when hiring a tax attorney can be summarizedas follows:Must be a member of the state Bar.Must possess a Masters Degree or LLM.Must specialize in the area you need.Must have extensive experience negotiating with IRS.Must be admitted to practice before US Tax Court. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  7. 7. Unfiled Tax Returns: If you have unfiled returns or accounting issues thatneed to be resolved before you can get a resolution toyour IRS tax debt, you may need to consider hiring aCPA or Enrolled Agent in conjunction with an attorney. Most attorneys cannot prepare tax returns, do notunderstand complex accounting issues, and are notbookkeepers. As a result, a team of professionals may be needed byyou. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  8. 8. Wage Garnishment: Wage garnishment is the technique of reducing money from workers wagesincluding salary as a result of court order. It is a technique used by IRS to fulfill the tax debt through collecting theamount from your wages. When you receive the notice regarding garnishing your wages from the IRS,you first need to get in to the IRS compliance. Compliance is not meant that filling all unfiled returns, it means to payingall estimated payments. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  9. 9. Process of Wage GarnishmentMiami:  IRS sends you notice and demand for payment.  If you dont pay the tax, then IRS will send you the last notice 30 days before the commencement of wage garnishment.  The last notice will be treated by the IRS, at the taxpayer home or the place of business. As a result, the taxpayers gets the garnished wages without receiving a notice. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  10. 10. Maximum amount that can be garnished:25% of your income, if its greater than $290.The amount is 30 times greater than the federal minimum wage. The above limits do not apply to garnishment for unpaid tax debts,bankrupty court orders, child or spousal support, or voluntary wageassignments. The federal agency garnishing up to 15% of the limits and 10 % by thedepartment of education. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  11. 11. Disposable Income: Disposable income is the amount of money you have in your hand after reduction fromthe state and federal income taxes, federal social security, state disability insurance andpublic employee retirement systems.Gross Income:Gross income is the amount of money you obtain before all reductions.The amount of money that will be garnished is according to your income. http://www.keytaxgroup.com
  12. 12. Contact us Key Tax Group9825 Marina Blvd. Suite 100 Boca Raton, Florida 33428 info@keytaxgroup.com Phone: 1-800-557-4048 Fax: 561-423-0800http://www.keytaxgroup.com http://www.keytaxgroup.com