Letter from Perú                                                                               Carabayllo, Lima City: Nove...
Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011                                                                                      ...
Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011                                                                                      ...
Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011 GIFTS FROM MANY SOURCES                                                              ...
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News November Rev. Jonathan Hart


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News November Rev. Jonathan Hart

  1. 1. Letter from Perú Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011 Rev. Jonathan Hart Diocese of Leeds Society of Saint James THANKS FOR FIFTY YEARS! The Diocese of Leeds is celebrating its Golden Anniversary of work with the people of Peru. Therefore it was especially welcome that Bishop Arthur visited all the mission sites and convents supported by the Diocese of Leeds. We covered verdant forests of Amazonia and the concrete jungle of Lima. The days were very full and passed rapidly. LIFE IN THE PARISHCarabayllo is starting to brighten up. The climate here has finally taken a turn for the better. With the increasing lightand warmth, grey skies change to powder blue. Smiles break out all over. Whilst the parish size has remained thesame, my area of responsibility has doubled with the departure of Rev Adrian (Des) Tynan who brilliantly served thelower reaches for 12 years. So, instead of having two churches I now have seven!As the churchs year concludes, so do the catechetical courses which began in Lent. With joy we are celebrating thebaptism and first communion of 230 teenagers and young adults along with the fifty babies baptised monthly. Onthe first Sunday of Advent, 40 people will be confirmed having completed their second year of formation. Tocelebrate 50 years of the chapel of La Flor, we will host a matrimonio masivo. No less than fifty couples will be civillyregistered in a big I do! They will then proceed, couple bycouple to be married sacramentally in the chapel. This isregular practise here and wonderful for the poorest for whoma big day is out of their reach. However - a first for me!The smaller chapels have Sunday Mass monthly and servicesthe other weeks – which still leaves me with five largecelebrations between Saturday night and the Sundayevening. Bishop Lino of Carabayllo ordained six new priests inJuly. However, there is still a great shortage. This parish shouldreally be three but for now I seek to serve and unite all theseven quite different congregations into one family. 1/4
  2. 2. Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011 Rev. Jonathan Hart IMPROVING THE CHAPELS All the parish La Flor and La Polvora, Via Esperanza and San Jose are chapels are cared smaller chapels, with faithful congregations and packed for by their especially on their fiestas. Though the weekly offertory r e s p e c t i v e rarely reaches $10 I have secured funding for all of them congregations all of and these structures will improve. which are pressing for improvements. In December the entire parish will hold a Big Bingo fundraiser tapping into the local generosity. However, Cristo, Luz del Mundo is the mainchurch and where I live. With the lights fixed, thespotlight falls on the open space lying in front of thechurch. The local mayor is keen to help and endlessmeetings with him, his officials, the diocese and Ishould bear fruit soon. If the council can bear the cost ofthe materials, the parishioners can make thetransformation. Soon, access to the church will beeasier and brighter for all. A barren space brought tolife. the real wealth is in the talents of the faithful and it isIn Cristo Salvador I celebrate Mass in the basement of encouraging to support the number and variety of prayer groups and richness of ongoing sacramental preparation. No less than three of the chapels are running Bible Studies. An army of young people and committed couples are preparing hundreds to receive the sacraments of initiation, with more visiting the sick.the future basilica – to be built sometime before theSecond Coming! Bishop Lino has given me permissionto provide a tabernacle, which a parishioner is donating.To pave the way to the altar we will tile the floor andprovide more seating before Christmas.Santo Domingo is a wooden structure in the midst of apark. Later it will form the main church in a new parish.We are seeking land for a more permanent structure,though a square metre of dirty sand is surprisinglycostly even here. 2/4
  3. 3. Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011 Rev. Jonathan Hart CHALLENGING DISABILITY beatific smile, his intellect paralysed in his body. Omar wasnt eating and they were getting worried. I guessed that his fast was in part due to having sore gums. I bought the medication required and success – his appetite has returned! Luis and Franklyn both require wheelchairs to get around. Their salvation is having families who care. How many more exist in dark extremities, shut away from view? I have no doubt that there are many in the parish, parents simply unable to cope. To grow up as a healthy person here is hard enough. Any disability can be crushing. However, there is light. The council is trying to improve things with free or cheap access to limited medical resources and therapy.It is frankly distressing to note the number of disabledand housebound. This is especially true when I visityoung persons whose prospects have been cut short.For loving parents it is often as a last resort they come tovisit the parish office.Recently I was visited by the parents of Omar. Thoughon the lookout, neither parent has regular employmentso the house comprises cheap wood walls, tin roof andearth floor. Omar was born healthy but contractedmeningitis in infancy and from one day to the next hislife changed. Now twelve he cannot speak but has a REACHING BEYOND THE PARISHIn August the Diocesan clergy gathered for a retreat up in the hills to the east of the city. It was good to pray andworship together with the six deacons to be ordained. Their big day was one of tremendous joy and they will bringwonderful gifts to the Diocese. There are still many clergy from overseas but there is hope that one day Peru willprovide the clergy it needs to serve its ever increasing spiritual need.I have clearance to celebrate Mass in the new large prisons on the coast. No photos to show you, Im afraid. One is topsecurity and the other is for first time young offenders and those on remand. Along with the vicar general we havebaptised, confirmed and celebrated first Holy Communion: the church present right in the heart of all those concretecorridors and featureless spaces. 3/4
  4. 4. Carabayllo, Lima City: November 2011 GIFTS FROM MANY SOURCES Rev. Jonathan Hart THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTE:On leave in with their worldwide network of friends. Many of theEngland I had issues which confront people here do not have a financialthe chance to solution. The greater need is affirmation andcatch up with encouragement. All of us here are strengthened by yourmany of you prayer.who havecontributed to In the month of October, the whole of Peru contemplatesthe work here in Peru and to meet new congregations. its devotion to El Senor de los Milagros. We followed theAs ever, I felt overwhelmed by your warmth and the Passion of our Lord Jesus in a spirit of Penance. Specialgenerous support of so many. I preached in three services and liturgies carried us through the month andparishes though visited others and received support our prayers were for the need for the world to convert andfrom any number of sources. follow Christ. As ever, we prayed for you.Without wishing to name and praise individuals: thanks With every blessing from Lima,so much for all you from Australia, Britain, Canada,Germany & USA for contributing to the Mission here. Father JonathanNot all supporters are Catholic nor indeed may consider themselves Christian. However, all are working together to relieve poverty, provide hope and for the Common Good of the People.As ever, financial help is not the only thing required. ThePeruvian people of the parish are united in love and pray CONTACT Cheques may be paid to: Money can be paid into any branch of HSBC bank: Rev. Jonathan Hart Diocese of Leeds Peru Fund J S Hart - HSBC First Direct Casilla Postal And sent to Mr. Terry Bossons Sort Code: 40 47 80 - Account Number: 60300241 Apartado 1025-18, Lima-Perú 6 Hawksworth Close, Telephone Menston ILKLEY 00 51 955 847 269 LS29 6HR Thank you for your E-mail Fr Daniel Harrison, Chair of Leeds Diocese Peru Commission: prayers and your jsfhart@gmail.com dan.harrison@dioceseofleeds.org.uk financial support See my video here 4/4