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  1. 1. CONTENTS 2 Villa Savoye Transformation Freshman, Spring 2009 Fundamental Design Instructor: Carla Ceruzzi 4 Weeks 6 Christian Science Center Outdoor Café Freshman, Spring 2009 Fundamental Design9 Instructor: Carla Ceruzzi 7 Weeks 10 South Boston Branch Library Sophomore, Fall 2009 Studio 1: Site, Type, and Composition Instructor: Sam Choi 7 Weeks 16 South End Middle School Sophomore, Spring 2010 Studio 215 Instructor: Chris Genter 9 Weeks 22 Checkpoint Charlie Galleria Middler, Spring 2011 Berlin Design Studio Instructor: Bettina Kraus 9 Weeks 28 Worcester Hotel and Conference Center Junior, Fall 2011 1960s Urbanism27 Instructor: Amir Kripper 9 Weeks
  2. 2. Villa Savoye Transformation The assignment was to re-configure the Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye onto a new site. The re-configured house had to maintain the critical design concepts, elements and organizational principles of the original structure. In addition, we had the option to incorporate elements of the Carpenter Center into the new design. My site was an L-shaped lot containing an existing building on the inside of the L. I approached the site by overlaying a grid in order to determine spacing. The grid was also used in the creation of the lung shaped form of the Carpenter Center within the new design.Villa Savoye Study ModelCarpenter Center Study Model Geometry Diagram Villa Savoye Transformation | 3
  3. 3. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
  4. 4. Christian Science Center Outdoor Café Boston, MA The Christian Science Center is often empty and forlorn. In order to invite more people to congregate on the Huntington Avenue edge of the complex, the Church has decided to explore the possibility of building a small seasonal café. This 1,000 square foot café will primarily have exterior seating for fifty people, with a small interior seating area enclosed by glass and a service counter since the food preparation is located off site. After studying the sites geometry and the placement of the linden trees, I found that there were two distinct grid systems, orthogonal and diagonal. Using the two grids as constraints, I created various study models ultimately developing a structure that wraps around. I removedConcept Study Model several of the linden trees, to accentuate the diagonal grid. By doing so, you are drawn into the café with its view of the Mother Church.
  5. 5. A B B AGround Floor Plan Christian Science Center Café | 7
  6. 6. Section A
  7. 7. Huntington Avenue Elevation
  8. 8. South Boston Branch Library Boston, MA The assignment was to locate a new 12,800 square foot branch library along with an outdoor space for public use. The proposed site is adjacent to the Broadway Red Line subway stop, on Dorchester Avenue and Broadway Street. For my design I proposed a V-shaped building that reflected the attributes of the two surrounding streets. Dorchester Avenue, a more residential area, verses Broadway Street, a more commercial area. I divided the building into three zones: reading rooms, book stacks, and administration. As a branch library, I viewed the reading rooms as a more public space than in a normal library. Therefore, the main circulation wraps around a void that connects the reading spaces. Another aspect to my design is the book stack area. This area is distinguished by its protective shell that can be seen from the interior and exterior of the building. Lastly, the administration area overlooks Broadway Street expressing its shared public characteristics. Parti / Program Diagram11 | South Boston Branch Library
  9. 9. Dorchester Avenue Elevation (Rendered using Revit and Photoshop)South Boston Branch Library | 11
  10. 10. Dorchester Avenue Elevation
  11. 11. Section A
  12. 12. 3 Level Plan14 | South Boston Branch Library
  13. 13. Library Courtyard (Rendered using Revit and Photoshop)South Boston Branch Library | 15
  14. 14. South End Middle School Boston, MA I began this assignment with an in-depth study of an the Booker T. Washington School for Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas. Using the concepts learned through that analysis, we were then asked to design a middle school to replace the existing Blackstone Elementary School, located at the intersection of Washington Street and West Dedham Street. We then were asked to develop a classroom module that would be able to be plugged into our design. My design consisted of a perimeter style building. Public program would be located along West Dedham Street, leaving the Shawmut Avenue and Washington Street exposed. Since these two streets are the busiest, I decided to place my more public program, auditorium and gym, on either ends. That way it could be accessed by the public without the school having to be opened. Booker T. Washington Study Model16 | South End Middle School
  15. 15. South End Middle School | 17
  16. 16. Ground Floor PlanSection A South End Middle School | 19
  17. 17. Classroom Module Model Classroom Module Plan20 | South End Middle School
  18. 18. Check Point Charlie Galleria Berlin, Germany Working as a class, we were assigned to develop seven different parcels located at Check Point Charlie. We were asked to come up with a group logic as to how to fill the site. As a group, we decided to a keep our designs separate, but create openings where buildings touched. This would allow pedestrians access into the inner parts of the parcels. My design intention was to attract tourists into my parcel. I did so by creating two separate buildings which housed an America Express and Russian Art Gallery in the front, and a French Café and English Hotel in the back. By creating the front building on an angle, it suggest openness or transparency when you approach it from Check Point Charlie, while closed when approached from the opposite direction.22 | Check Point Charlie Galleria
  19. 19. Wall / Structure Diagram Apartment Zone Diagram24 | Check Point Charlie Galleria
  20. 20. Ground Level Plan 3 Level Plan ZIMMERSTRASSE ELEVATION SECTION A Check Point Charlie Galleria | 25
  21. 21. Approach to Check Point Charlie (Rendered using Kerkythea and Photoshop) 26 | Check Point Charlie Galleria
  22. 22. Approach from Check Point Charlie (Rendered using Kerkythea and Photoshop)Check Point Charlie Galleria | 27
  23. 23. Worcester Hotel and Conference Center Worcester, MA As a class we, developed a master plan which would replace the existing Worcester City Center, 26 acres. We then focused on developing environmental landscape performance systems that would collect and store runoff water. The main idea for my massing is to hide it within the mass of the site. After looking at various boutique hotels during our precedent analysis, I noticed that they often separated the public programs from the more private hotel programs. I also included my landscape into my site as seen by the green ramp that leads to the exhibition space, and the basin, which surrounds the entire hotel. To keep with this idea of hidden, I decided to hide the entrance as well. The lobby then becomes this glass box floating atop a basin that can be seen from all directions but not directly accessible. Massing Study Model Site Plan (Drawing produced as Class) Massing Diagram28 | Worcester Hotel and Conference Center
  24. 24. BA A B
  25. 25. Ground Floor Plan Entrance Diagram Hotel Diagram30 | Worcester Hotel and Conference Center
  26. 26. Upper Typical Plans Landscape Diagram Program Diagram
  27. 27. 32 | Worcester Hotel and Conference Center