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  • 1. High-impact, multi-touch medium to reach your target communities
  • 2. What is it?
  • 3. The Virtualization Mission
    bring the event to the attendee anyplace, anytime
  • 4. Two unique characteristics
    A high impact , rich content Interactive online community that features multi-session Conference Programs…
    complemented by online Exhibition/Solution Halls, Resource Centers and Professional Networking tools, under a unified framework…
    Supports and encourages interaction and two way communication…
    It is:
    Hosted solution
    Two engagement models: Full-service or Self-service
  • 5. Extending the Engagement Time…
    Knowledge Distribution
    blended approach
  • 6. The Attendee Experience: Brief review of venues
  • 7. Environment Review
    • Compatible with allMajor Internet Browsers
    • 8. No Plug-ins
    • 9. Windows & Linux Friendly
  • 10. Main Hall
    • Audio/Video greeting
    • 11. Ticker banner
    • 12. Sponsorship options
    • 13. 3 Navigation options
    • 14. Customization toreflect unique branding
  • 15. The Conference Center
    • Single or Multiple Tracks
    • 16. Audio or Video sessions
    • 17. Moderated Panels
    • 18. Live, SimuLive andOn-demand
  • 19. Your Conference Center
  • 25. Your Conference Center
    Presentation Description
    Speaker Bio
    Business Card
  • 26. Audio & Video Webcast
  • 27. Your Exhibit Hall
    • Visual Search
    • 28. Directory Listing
    • 29. Vignettes/Snapshots
    • 30. Single or Multiple Halls
    • 31. Sponsorship classes; Platinum, Gold, Silver
  • 32. Your Booth Area
    Share Information
    Show Product Demo
    Internal/ External Links
    (audio/ video)
    Chat (2 way text, chat, 1 on 1)
    Group Chat
    Moderated Chat
    Public Broadcast (Voice)
    Contact Info
  • 33. Your Booth Area
    • Set up, brand and load content with Sponsor self-service admin tool
    • 34. Ticker Banners
    • 35. VE365 Differentiator
    Support for multiple booth reps, attendee notification system, queuing system
  • 36. Resource Center & Chat Cafe
    • Resource Center:
    • 37. Unique or replicated material
    • 38. Ability to increase sponsor value
    • 39. Easy keyword search
    • 40. Review or Send to Briefcase
    • 41. Social Media
    • 42. Chat Café
    • 43. One-on-One or group chat
    • 44. Moderated Chat
    • 45. Discussion Forums
    • 46. Personal profile (w/picture)
    • 47. Profile search
    • 48. Business Card management
  • 49. Collaboration Rooms
    • eCollaborationRoom – is a venue that allows small groups to work together in a highly collaborative fashion. It supports white-boarding, document sharing, application showing and communication. Number of attendees per room cannot exceed 100.
  • 50. Games
    • Gaming Package:
    • 51. The purpose is to soften a learning event and inject some light and engaging activities while still maintaining the business and educational value. (Scavenger Hunt etc.)
    • 52. Generated traffic and interaction
    Drive traffic and engage attendees with sponsor by incorporating fun and games
  • 53. The value proposition
  • 54. Custom Reporting
    Resource Center
    Conference Hall
    Collaboration Room
    Main Hall
    Exhibitor Booths
    Exhibition Hall
    Powerful and actionable business intelligence
  • 55. The Value Proposition
    Faster Time to market
    Global Reach Any Time
    Lead Generation & qualification engine .
    Marketing Intelligence
    Extended ROI, Repurpose Content
    Live, On-demand, 365
    Controlled and Measurable (ROI) Environment
    Cost Effective -Get More for Less
  • 56. Solution for Different Needs & Applications
    Solution for different needs
    • A solution for…
    • 57. Large or small budget
    • 58. Showcase the entire solution or highlight a single objective
    • 59. To reach large communities or small targeted groups
    • 60. Internal or external use
    • 61. Application for…
    • 62. New product launch
    • 63. Demand/Lead generation events
    • 64. Training/Knowledge distribution
    • 65. Virtual road tours
    • 66. Sales-force conferences
    • 67. User conferences
    • 68. Channel partner events
    • 69. Job and career fairs
    • 70. B2C tradeshows
  • 71. Operational and Service Model
  • 72. Live & On-Demand, 365
    Virtual Live or Hybrid
    The benefit
    of reusable
    content … 365 days a year
    24/7 365 community and interactive marketplace
    Single Event Vs. 365 Experience
  • 73. CGS VirtualEvents365
    The Engagement Model
  • 74. High-Impact Successful Event
    The Engagement Model
  • 75. Service Model: Full-service
    Full Service: In principle, CGS provides a turnkey solution:
    Event Manager
    Environment Setup and branding
    Microsite, registration and emailing setup
    Help-desk support
    Live day support
    Recording and production of all sessions, if any
  • 76. Service Model: Self-Service
    Self-service: In principle, client assumes the management of multiple tasks through a set of training and self-management tools.
    CGS’s responsibilities are as follows:
    Activate account as per contract scope
    Initiation client training
    Technical support
    Provide reports
    Live day call center support
    Live streaming for live sessions (if applicable)
    Post event summary meeting
    Client’s Main Responsibilities: (some or all of these services can be bought from CGS on A-La-Carte basis)
    Promotion (always client’s responsibility)
    Set up registration and emailing
    Set up and customize environment
    Initiate and train sponsors
    Generate reports and distribute to sponsors
    Record sessions, if any.
  • 77. Contractual Model: Single Event Vs. Annual License
    Client can choose between two options:
    Engage and buy one single event: In a single event scenario, although available, it does not make too much sense. The initiation and training cost needed to prepare and train a client to manage the event will eat a lot of the cost savings.
    Purchase an annual license: An annual license can allow you to host multiple events per year. There is an upfront cost to setup the environment, annual maintenance and support. Each live event has an associated cost of the variables as well as the needed support. An annual license can be and should be bundled with self-service model.
  • 78. Next Steps…
    • Scoping assistance: ask for an “Event Scoping Datasheet”
    • 79. CGS will review your objectives and work with you to design the best and most cost effective event.
    • 80. Proposal – Includes all deliverables, timeline, associatedcost and payment schedule.
  • 81. About CGS
  • 82. Portfolio of Award-Winning Solutions & Services
    Business Software
    Learning, Training & Events
    IT Project Services & Staffing
    Contact Center Outsourcing
    Customer Care
    Technical Helpdesk
    Technical Support
    Business Process O/S
    ERP Implementations
    Systems Integration
    Applications Development
    Project Staffing
    Channel Enablement
    M A I L B O X
  • 83. History, Strength, Reputation
    • 25 Years of Excellence
    • 84. Doing Business in 30 Countries
    • 85. Over 3,000 CGS Professionals
    • 86. ILT, eLearning and Virtual Solutions represent ~20% = ~$30M
    • 87. Traningoutsourcing.com Top 20
    • 88. Award-winning Solutions and Service
    • 89. Crain’s NYC 5th LargestSoftware Provider
    • 90. Named to VARBusiness 500
    • 91. Entrepreneurial, Flexible, Responsive
    • 92. “Vendor’s Vendor" Go to Market
  • 93. Events by CGS…
  • 94. CGS Differentiators
    Delivering a successful virtual event requires multiple variables.
    3 are criticaland cannot be compromised:
    • Reliable, scalable and robust technology infrastructure
    • 95. “How-to” knowledge
    • 96. Robust and scalable service organization
  • 97. 25+
    Experience & Reputation
    25+ Years of Experience
    Unlike other vendors in this space, who represent a range of maturity levels among early-stage startups, CGS has been a solid global solution provider for 25 years.
    This solid experience and reputation is embedded in our systems, services, and approach.
  • 98. So Why CGS?
    Experience & Reputation
    25 years of global experience in providing technology-enabled business solutions and a decade of virtual e-learning – that is a simple but powerful answer.
  • 99. Media, Entertainment & Publishing
    Deep Experience Across Key Vertical Markets
    Discrete Manufacturing Fashion/Apparel
    Financial Services
    Technology & Telecom
    Consumer, Retail & Distribution
  • 100. Premium Offerings and capabilities
  • 101. Localization
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform supports multiple languages to meet the growing demand for multilingual events.
    The VirtualEvents365 platform breaks the language barrier by providing event organizers with the ability to localize event-content for your international customers. Important components, from event materials to surveys can be localized for your target audiences.
    Initially, users of the platform will be able to set their language preference during the registration process. Users will have the ability to switch languages during the event by the click of a button. Language preferences are kept in a user’s profile and retrieved during login to provide a consistent localized experience.
    Event organizers will also have the ability to give a personal touch to the application by localizing navigational and feature buttons with language that compliments your company’s working culture.
    System Features
    • A user’s language preference is initially captured during registration. Our
    registration page will recognize the language setting of the user’s browser
    and provide registration information in the appropriate language. The
    user will also have the option of selecting a different language for the
    event with a language-preference question in the registration process.
    • Attendees can update their language preference during the event by the
    click of a button. A Language Preference drop-down box will be
    available at the top-right corner of application header. This means that
    the user can switch the language displayed onscreen on-the-fly
    regardless of their virtual location in the event.
    Supported languages
    • Reach domestic and global target audiences through a single event
    • 113. Allow attendees in foreign markets to operate in their natural comfort
    zone; local language
    • The ability to launch a true 365 global community platform under a single environment
  • 114. Localization
    Supported languages
    Registration page
    Registration page displayed in language set in the user’s browser settings
    User can select a different language for the event during the registration process
  • 126. Instant “Breakout” & “Collaboration” Rooms
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform has the ability to create instant breakout rooms. The breakout rooms are private chat rooms. These rooms can be expanded into fully loaded collaboration rooms. Collaboration rooms have everything required to conduct a true interactive session in real-time: voice chat, web cam technology, whiteboards and file sharing available for use.
    Event organizers will be able to assign licenses for instant collaboration rooms to specific areas such as booths or as a session under the collaboration venue. They can also assign licenses to individuals of these areas or allow attendees to self schedule within the virtual event.
    Attendees will have the ability to search for people with common interests and invite them to a media-rich virtual breakout room for further discussions.
    System Features
    Event organizers can assign licenses for instant collaboration sessions to the following areas:
    Licenses can also be assigned directly to individuals within these areas
    For conference workers, the breakout sessions are triggered by the click of a button in their Control Center. The conference worker will select individuals and click on the Collaboration button to spawn an instant break-out session. Invited participants will join the session by clicking on a link inside their chat window.
    When a collaboration license is assigned directly to a conference attendee, their chat window will contain an additional button to trigger a breakout room instantly. Participants in the chat room can join the session by clicking on a link inside their chat window to enter a media-rich break-out room.
    Licenses can also be shared amongst conference attendees. When licenses are allocated in this fashion, conference attendees will have the ability to access a scheduling page to book an available breakout room and invite other attendees to the session. For these types of assignments, collaboration sessions will be added to the participant’s My Schedule page.
    • Create private group meetings
    • 131. Conduct scheduled or on-the-fly interactive training
    • Sponsor value: the ability to assign a collaboration room to a booth
    sponsor where product demos, training sessions discussions can
    take place
  • 132. Instant Breakout Rooms & Collaboration
    Breakout Room
    Chat privately with a group of invited participants
    Move your audience to a media-rich Collaboration room at the click of a button
    Collaboration room
    Voice chat, web cam, whiteboards, file sharing and more
  • 133. Privileged based Location and Content
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform can restrict and protect virtual locations, activities and materials within the event. This functionality is used to control access to restricted activities and confidential documents. It can also be used to direct specific content to the appropriate stakeholders.
    Administrators can control access to these restricted locations by adding users to the appropriate role-based security group with access privileges.
    From the attendee perspective, the system will only display areas, activities and resources that are available to them. The exceptions to this rule are components that require a password or payment for access (these components are to remain visible).
    System Features
    Administrators can flag locations, activities and materials for restriction within a virtual event.
    Access privileges (or restrictions) can be based on one or more of the following restriction types:
    Administrators will have the ability to apply multiple restrictions to the same object to meet the client’s security requirements.
    Event locations, activities and materials can be grouped and combined into security packages. The creation of a security package will expedite the setup process as restrictions need only to apply to the package name.
    Directed Content and Traffic Control
    Restriction types, such at time-based access, can be used to direct the flow of traffic to targeted areas or activities within the virtual environment. For example, A popular collaboration venue can be made available for a specific group of individuals in a set timeframe. The same collaboration venue can be made available to all other groups and individuals at a later time.
    • Set up a single event or community environment while providing
    needed firewall between different targeted groups
    • Targeted content; allow different groups to see only content that
    matches their interest
    • Host a single environment for different purposes: example: a college
    platform that functions as “open house admission platform”, recruiting
    and virtual job fairs and the ability to make only relevant venues and
    content to each group.
  • 141. Privileged based Location and Content
    Available restriction types:
    Password-protect a conference center
  • 149. Premium Services: eLearning
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform has been integrated with a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide eLearning capabilities. Clients will have the ability to upload their own set of eLearning courses and carry them across multiple conferences.
    Attendees can access eLearning courses by the click of a button. Registered courses will be attached to the attendee’s profile and saved to their virtual briefcase for quick retrieval. For returning attendees, bookmarking functionality will be utilized to display course content that was last displayed.
    System Features
    • Each Event Organizer will possess their own private catalogue of courses they created. The courses can be selected and re-used for multiple events. For example, the client can select 10 of the 50 available courses in a catalogue and re-use them for an event.
    • 150. Booth owners will have the ability to create their own private catalogue of courses for an event. The catalogue of courses can be re-used for multiple events.
    • 151. Clients will be able to link courses to various areas within the VirtualEvents365 platform: a custom venue (ie eLearning venue), a booth, a presentation, a collaboration session, a scheduled chat, a resource center and help desk.
    • 152. A behind-the-scenes process will automatically register the user to a course upon clicking the course link in VirtualEvents365.
    • 153. Registered courses will appear in a sub-section of the My Briefcase section entitled My Courses.
    • 154. For returning users, bookmarking functionality will be utilized to display course content that was last displayed (part of SCORM compliance).
    • Eliminate the “loneliness” affect of self- paced learning and make it a part of a dynamic event
    • 155. Allows reusability of learning content (SCORM Compliance) within a virtual event environment
    • 156. Allow people to learn more about your product, services or processes by accessing your learning curriculum through the VirtualEvents365 platform
    • 157. Gauge your clients’ interest by monitoring and recording their time spent on a course.
    • 158. Create or re-use highly interactive courseware that can now be viewed through VirtualEvents365 platform
  • 159. eLearning
    Add eLearning courses to your event
    Attendees can launch a course from the event
  • 160. Premium Services: Virtual Laboratory System (eLabs)
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform has been integrated with a virtual laboratory system (eLabs). The purpose of this integration is to increase the participant’s engagement level by providing a virtual space for further experimentation with software-based solutions.
    Simply put, the CGS VirtualEvents365 platform accesses remote computers that have been configured with different hardware and software settings for experimentation (i.e. Windows 7 sandbox).
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform provides the functionality for our clients to easily setup the remote computers with the desired settings (operating system, applications, etc...).
    System Features
    • Clients can setup an eLab environment and link it to an activity in VirtualEvents365. The setup may include a PDF file (or similar) that will provide a step-by-step how-to guide for the eLab activity.
    • 161. Clients can setup a start/end time for the availability of eLabs. The start and end time will be used for the on-demand period. Users will only be permitted to schedule their time within this time window.
    • 162. Clients can link an eLab activity to courses, eLab venues and specific attendees.
    • 163. VirtualEvents365 attendees can reserve an available timeslot for an eLab activity. eLab reservations will be available in 15 minute increments. VirtualEvents365 attendees will also have the ability to modify or cancel an eLab reservation.
    • 164. VirtualEvents365 attendees that are booked for an eLab activity will see their session time in their My Schedule page
    • 165. VirtualEvents365 attendees will have all of their eLab activities located in the My eLabs sub-section of their My Briefcase.
    • Offer “hands-on” experience with applications without the need to install it on the user desktop
    • 166. Convert the virtual event platform into a powerful learning solution
    • 167. Use it as a self-pace or instructor-lead solution combined with Collaboration Room
    • 168. Reduce the time to learn about your application/process by not having them to install any applications or download on their local computer.
    • 169. Increase visibility or market reach by easily providing access to any approved client to work virtually on your software application.
  • 170. Premium Services: Virtual Laboratory System (eLabs)
    Stage #2: Attendee accesses a remote serverand launches the desired application
  • 171. Self-Service Capabilities
    The CGS VirtualEvents365 platform provides extensive self-service capabilities. Clients now have the ability to create virtual events themselves using straight-forward self-service functionality.
    The self-service offering will provide our customers with the flexibility to create their event on their own time and at their own pace.
    The new self-service capabilities will mitigate some of the scheduling effort and issues encountered when multiple resources are required to support event setup.
    System Features
    In addition to managing registration, presentations, booth owners, surveys
    and so on, new features of the platform will allow the event organizer to:
    • Set up collaboration (instant breakout rooms) as a focus area for their event
    • 172. Distribute collaboration capabilities for booths. Also, allow attendees to schedule personal collaboration meetings and invitations, all while enjoying an event
    • 173. Create the event Microsite using the Microsite Builder option
    • 174. Brand the event and use one of the many new event themes from the Branding engine
    • 175. Add Education content to their event
    • 176. Set up and associate eLabs for an event
    • 177. Create protected or focused content by creating restricted or group only access to areas or content of the event.
    • 178. Increase ROI by implement eCommerce requirements for certain aspects of the event.
    • Complete control for the event organizer and sponsors of their own
    domains; build, change, refresh, add and remove content, venues,
    branding, sessions and capabilities.
    • Reduce outside cost and utilize internal capabilities
  • 179. Self-Service Capabilities – Booth Owners
    New features allow booth owners to:
    • Set up collaboration (instant breakout rooms) for their booths
    • 180. Distribute collaboration capabilities to specific booth representatives
    • 181. Add Education content to their booth
    • 182. Set up and associate eLabs for their booth
  • 183. Self-Service Capabilities – Branding
  • 184. Self-Service Capabilities – Branding
    Small Event Theme
  • 185. Self-Service Capabilities – Branding
    Technical Event Theme
  • 186. Self-Service Capabilities – Branding
    Executive Event Theme
  • 187. Self-Service Capabilities – Branding
    Large Event Theme
  • 188. Self-Service Capabilities – Branding
    Educational Event Theme
  • 189. Self-Service Capabilities – Appendix
    Upload Company Logo for your booth
  • 190. Self-service: Producing & Broadcasting Webcasts
    The CGS Webcast Engine delivers a complete and scalable solution for organizational webcasting ; from presentation creation and delivery to attendee invitation and registration - without plug-ins or downloads of any kind required for content creators, presenters, or attendees.
    The CGS Webcast Engine allows presenters to create and configure their live webcasts, including slides, images, and video for presentations.
    Clients may choose either a full-service or self-service model.
    Presentation creation:
    • Automatic conversion of PPT/ODP files
    • 191. Automatic conversion of standard video formats (up to 50MB in size)
    • 192. Asset sequencing
    • 193. Preview/rehearsal access
    System Features
    • Full control over sequencing and display of slides, images, and video content
    • 194. Attendee system check to ensure positive experience
    • 195. Flash-based voice broadcast to all attendees via streaming media servers
    • 196. Real-time upload of graphics for inclusion in current webcast
    • 197. Flash-based chat interface for question submission and one-to-one private chat between attendees
    • 198. Twitter integration allowing both posting and viewing of tweets on webcast-specific channels
    • 199. Presentation archiving and on-demand replay (available within 24 hours of webcast completion)
    • 200. Participant surveys
    Polling (optional – premium service):
    • Questions may be preloaded prior to live webcast
    • 201. Ad hoc polling available during webcast
    • Gives organizers the ability to produce their own professional-looking
    webcasts with integrated, high impact visuals
    • Reduce purchasing cost by self service model
  • 202. Producing & Broadcasting Webcasts
    Presenter View
    & Controls
    Presenter View
    & Controls
    Attendee View
  • 203. Self-service: Microsite Creation
    The first component that attendees will view from your virtual event is called a Microsite. A Microsite is a branded website where your attendees can learn more about the event.
    Potential registrants/attendees will learn more about the:
    On this website, future attendees can register and, when the event is open, log into the virtual event.
    System Features
    The Microsite Builder is a template-driven tool used for the creation of
    promotional and registration Micrositesfor the VirtualEvents365 platform. 
    The Microsite Builder allows users to:
    • Select a design template
    • 206. Select a site color scheme
    • 207. Create registration page and create login page
    • 208. Create a system check page to ensure positive attendee experience
    • 209. Create support/FAQ pages
    • 210. Determine the number and purpose of general pages (about the event, agenda, sponsors, etc.)
    • 211. Populate the general pages with text and graphics
    • 212. upload supporting graphics as permitted by the template (banners, logos, sponsor images)
    • 213. Create confirmation and reminder emails
    • 214. Once all tasks are complete, users can then publish the site to an active server.  At this point, the site is live and ready to go for promotion and registration of the event.
    • [Complete control for the event organizer and sponsors of their own
    domains; build, change, refresh, add and remove content, venues,
    branding, sessions and capabilities.
    • Reduce outside cost and utilize internal capabilities
  • 215. Microsite Builder
    Build your own Microsite for Registration and Login
  • 216. Self-service: Event Branding
    The CGS virtualevents365 platform can be configured with background images to match the theme of your event.
    The background images are grouped into platform themes and can be utilized for various event types including but not limited to technology events, educational events, small events, large events, medical events and executive events.
    Each theme will consist of image backgrounds for all main areas within the event as well as one for the event features.
    These images can be used by the event organizer as a branding mechanism for their event. The event organizer will be ale to view the various themes from an administrative interface and then select the theme that best matches their business goal.
    System Features
    • Clients will have full control of the look and feel of their event. 
    • 217. The customization toolset will allow event organizers to select from a library of event themes (education, technology, health care, etc.). 
    • 218. Based on the themes chosen, organizers will be able to choose button/icon styles and provide names for various venues within their virtual event. 
    • 219. Event organizers can also specify profile picture default graphics and presentation beginning/ending placeholders.
    • 220. Finally, event organizers are able to also upload the event logo, event banner design, and page footer design. 
    Once tasks and graphic uploads are completed, the event is fully
    customized in the production environment.
    • Apply appropriate environment branding by utilizing
    graphic-rich templates
    • Reduce the need for costly customized branding
  • 221. Event Branding
    Upload your own logos, banners and page footers
    Select images to match the theme of your event
  • 222. Self-service: Creating & Publishing Exhibit Halls
    Event Organizers will have the ability (administratively) to select their exhibition hall, sequence the display of booths by sponsorship level, select the appropriate Exhibition Hall interface and publish the finished Exhibition Hall to the Event.
    In the case of multiple Exhibition halls, this would be repeated. A different visual display (cover flow or wall of monitors) can be used for each Exhibition Hall.
    System Features
    • Clients can select an exhibit hall from available designs based on their need for specific display components such as explicit sponsorship levels
    • 223. Clients can upload exhibitor logos to represent each exhibitor within the exhibition hall
    • 224. Exhibitor names and tool tip text is completely configurable
    • 225. Exhibitor information is drawn from the system database
    • 226. Once completed, the exhibit hall can be previewed and approved prior to final deployment into the environment
    • Create and change the event environment without the dependency on
    the vendor
    • Apply different branding to different needs
    • 227. Reduce cost by self-service
  • 228. Creating & Publishing Exhibit Halls
    Wall of Monitors View
    Picture Flow View
  • 229. eCommerce: Frontend & Location specific
    The CGS virtualevents365 platform has the capability of incorporating an online payment service to pay for activities and resources within the virtual environment. The platform can also charge an entry fee to attendees during the registration process.
    The ecommerce component is utilized in conjunction with our Restricted/Protected Areas.
    System Features
    • During registration, the registrant will be able to pay for event-registration via an online payment transaction service provider.
    • 230. During registration, the registrant will be able to pay for specific workshops/ presentations.
    • 231. During the virtual event, the VirtualEvents365 attendee will be able to purchase documents and/ or pay the entrance fee to specific areas in the VirtualEvents365 platform via an online payment transaction service provider. The entrance fee can added to Conference Center(s), Exhibition Hall(s), Collaboration Venue(s), Resource Center(s), presentations and collaboration sessions.
    • 232. Clients can integrate their existing eCommerce engine into the VirtualEvents365 platform for their event
    • Ability to monetize the event by charging attendees with an entry fee
    (in some specific events)
    • Sell premium content: documents, sessions etc.
    • 233. Charging for training sessions and certification oriented training
  • 234. eCommerce (Restricted Areas)
    Access fee for high-value resources
    Available restriction types:
  • 242. Booth Communication: Adding Scheduled Chats
    In addition to scheduled chats functionality in the Chat Café, Scheduled chats have been added to the booth interface.
    Scheduled Chats can be Open or Moderated. The Booth Owner can create the Scheduled Chat and then add Scheduled Chat moderators.
    Live Scheduled Chats sessions are displayed within the Booth interface via the Information stand which will display live sessions as well as the ability to display a schedule similar to the conference center to view upcoming Scheduled chats sessions.
    System Features
    • Clients can schedule an open chat for their event. An open chat lets the
    participants post their questions in real-time
    • Client can schedule a moderated chat for their event. A moderated chat
    session will have the moderator review and approve a participant’s
    question prior to being viewed by all other participants
    • Scheduled chats can be added to the Chat Café and Booth pages
    • Increase sponsors’ value
    • 243. Give organizers the ability to provide premium booths with added capabilities
  • 244. Scheduled Chats
    Scheduled Chat - Open
    Scheduled Chat - Moderated
    Available for booths and the Chat Café