Theo 104 midterm exam 100% correct answers
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Theo 104 midterm exam 100% correct answers

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Theo 104 midterm exam 100% correct answers

Theo 104 midterm exam 100% correct answers

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  • 1. CLICK HERE TODOWNLOAD!!!THEO 104 Midterm Exam 100% CorrectAnswersQuestion 1Jesus claimed to be one with the father.Question 2How did the term "Christian" originate?Question 3Jesus did not allow people to worship him.Question 4When referring to Christ, the term "eternality" means that he is not limitedby time, but has no beginning or end.Question 5Jesus claimed to have the ability to forgive sins.Question 6The fact that Christ allowed people to worship him shows that He thoughtthat he was divine.Question 7Jesus Christ is the second member of the trinity, is equal with the father innature and yet submissive in duty.
  • 2. Question 8What is the meaning for the word almah?Question 9Jesus claimed to be a man of human origin who cried out "Make straight theway of the LORD".Question 10The Bible states that Jesus was the creator of the world.Question 11Which is not one of the three arguments that are the basis for argumentsfrom revelation mentioned in the reading?Question 12The term "Bible" comes from the Latin "ta biblia" and means "the book".Question 13According to the text, what is does "Bibliolatry" mean?Question 14There are no messianic prophesies mentioned in the Apocrypha.Question 15The theory that states that God only inspired some of Scripture, but we donot know which partsQuestion 16According to the text, the Mesoretic Text and the Red Sea scrolls establishan early date of Scripture.Question 17
  • 3. Who asked to bury Jesus body?Question 18The term "Scripture" comes from the Latin for scriptus which mean"scaffolding".Question 19The first books were made from rolled papyrus and were therefore called"rolodex” manuscripts.Question 20What is suffering endured by on person in the place of another?Question 21Inspiration incorporates the personality of the writer into the final product.Question 22Judicial guilt is the means which a sinner feels convicted for their sins.Question 23’Total responsibility“ means that any man in his natural state is incapableor unable to do anything to please or gain merit before God.Question 24The law is a unit; to break one is to break all.Question 25According to the text, about what percent of the New Testament is eitherquotation or allusion to the Old Testament.Question 26The two main accusations made against Jesus were blasphemy and treason.
  • 4. Question 27What is a "vicar"?Question 28Where was Jesus crucified?Question 29Deals with the authorship. sources, dates, and historical matters.Question 30Man is not reconciled to God through the actual blood of Christ; rather theblood is a metaphor for the moral and noble life of Christ that shouldcompel man to seek after God.Question 31Which is not a criterion for determining that person is a biblical prophet?Question 32The theory that states that Scripture is only inspired in matters of religiousdogma.Question 33The relationship with God which we enter by faith in Jesus Christ.Question 34What part does baptism play in the salvation process?Question 35According to the reading, a person is saved from eternity in hell by a simpleact of the intellect.Question 36
  • 5. When a person receives Jesus Christ, he/she becomes a new creation, andthe sin nature is eliminated.Question 37Sanctification that involves the struggles of victor, and defeat of theChristian in this present life.Question 38The term anothen, translated "born again," can also be translated as "bornfrom within."Question 39Who is the First person in the Bible described as having been justified byfaith?Question 40After Jesus resurrection those closest to him, such as his half-brotherJames, still did not believe he was the Messiah.Question 41According to the reading, as a result of Adams sin everyone is born into theworld spiritually dead because of trespasses and sins.Question 42The biblical definition of death is the separation of a persons body andspirit.Question 43According to the reading, in light of the law of God, legalism should be aconstant motivator for discipline.Question 44What does MacArthur say is the crucial first step is to knowing Gods will?
  • 6. Question 45What does MacArthur say is the best way to find out your spiritual gifts?Question 46According to the Westminster Confession sin is failure to be "Justified bythe law.“Question 47MacArthur states that if you are doing all five of the basic things thatscripture says is Gods will you can do whatever you want.Question 48According to the reading, in what way do some people equate God with acosmic Easter bunny?Question 49MacArthur summarizes Gods will by stating that it is "Gods will that yoube Saved, Spirit—filled, sanctified, submissive, and suffering.Question 50What is the significance of Jesus promise to send his followers "allos"(another) comforter?