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Theo 104 final exam 100% correct answers
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Theo 104 final exam 100% correct answers


Theo 104 final exam 100% correct answers

Theo 104 final exam 100% correct answers

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  • 1. CLICK HERE TODOWNLOAD!!!THEO 104 Final Exam 100% CorrectAnswersQuestion 1What is the significance ofJesus promise to send his followers "allos"(another) comforter?Question 2What does MacArthur say is the best way to find out your spiritual gifts?Question 3What does MacArthur say is the crucial first step is to knowing Gods will?Question 4According to the Westminster Confession sin is failure to be "Justified bythe law."Question 5According to the reading, in light of the law of God, legalism should be aconstant motivator for discipline.Question 6According to the reading, in what way do some people equate God with acosmic Easter bunny?Question 7MacArthur states that if you are doing all five of the basic things that
  • 2. scripture says is Gods will you can do whatever you want.Question 8MacArthur summarizes Gods will by stating that it is "Gods will that yoube Saved, Spirit-filled, sanctified, submissive, and suffering.Question 9According to the reading, how does the New Testament compare the churchto a body?Question 10Nature reveals the existence of God; God is the cause.Question 11The self-Revelation of God through the Scriptures and finalized in JesusChrist and relates to Gods plan of salvation for man.Question 12What is a question that Darwinians have not been able to answer?Question 13Reason is the intellectual and moral faculties of man as exercised in thepursuit of truth apart from supernatural aid.Question 14What is the main teaching of Hebrews 1:1-2 about divine revelation?Question 15The belief that God began the creative process by bringing the firstorganisms to life, but then oversaw the evolutionary process.Question 16
  • 3. According to the reading, how does the New Testament compare the churchto a building?Question 17The science of biblical interpretationQuestion 18What is the main point that the author illustrates with an elephant and 4blind men?Question 19The standard by which the 66 books in the Bible were determined and thebasis upon which they were included in Scripture.Question 20The belief that God, through direct acts, brought into being virtuallyeverything that exists out of nothing.Question 21A system sees evolution as taking place entirely by inherent forcesQuestion 22The work of the Holy Spirit in helping the believer understand and applythe spiritual meaning of the Scriptures.Question 23What does the Bible refer to with the word "church?"Question 24Design in the universe reveals a designer.Question 25
  • 4. A system that allows for external factors.Question 26The act whereby God gives us knowledge about himself which could nototherwise know.Question 27Our thoughts of God imply the existence of God.Question 28The self—revelation of God through his creation and through the makeupof man.Question 29According to the reading "trickle down" influence is often more effectivethan "bubble up" influence because God is more powerful than man.Question 30"Redemption and Lift” refers to the principle that conversion leads to moralimprovement and often better use of their resources.Question 31"The Protestant work ethic" was a derogatory term used to describe thelaziness of non-catholic Christians in comparison to devout Catholics.Question 32When is a nation considered to be "Christianized"?Question 33According to the author revival is only a recent phenomenon, a uniquecultural event erupting in the late 19th and early 20th century.Question 34
  • 5. Trickle down influence is when leaders get saved and decree that everyoneshould become a Christian and Christian-based laws are imposed uponeveryone.Question 35Though Christians are not commanded to do good works, many do thembecause they want to.Question 36Oikos conversion in the New Testament is the promise that the presence ofone Christian in a family guarantees the eventual conversion of all otherfamily members of his family.Question 37A "people movement" is when many people make an individual decision tobelieve in Jesus Christ, but they make the same decision simultaneously andall become Christians.Question 38While it is true that Christians are saved apart from works, Christians alsobelieve that faith without works is not genuine.Question 39Hell and the Lake of Fire are synonymous?Question 40What does immanency mean?Question 41What view believed that the world from the time of Christs coming wasgetting better and better and assumed that a millennial kingdom would beestablished on earth as the world lived in peace.Question 42
  • 6. Who are the only two people that have entered heaven in a similar way tothe rapture?Question 43Which of these is not one of the 5 crowns listed in Scripture to describerewards?Question 44Where do some commentators believe that Jesus was chronologicallyoutlining the characteristics of this present age.Question 45This word Rapture means to be "changed."Question 46Though the word "rapture" is only found once in Scripture it is a majordoctrine of many conservative churches today.Question 47At the rapture unbelievers will be "caught up“ into the air to meet Jesus and,instantaneously, they will receive glorified bodies.Question 48What is the "first" heaven?Question 49The Amillenial view believes that the Old Testament predictions of thekingdom were fulfilled in a literal way?Question 50This prophetic school of interpretation does not believe in a literal kingdomof peace and prosperity here on earth that will last 1,000 years.
  • 7. Question 51What is the second heaven?Question 52What happens at the "Great White Throne Judgment?„Question 53Both Jehovahs Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists have predictednumerous dates over the years only to have to change the date or redefinethe event after the fact.Question 54The author believes that the great commission was Jesus„ command to hisdisciples and to all believers today.Question 55According to the reading, what are the two imperatives in the GreatCommission?Question 56The Amillennial view recognizes a distinction between Israel and thechurch?Question 57When did the Premillennial view become popular?Question 58What is the third heaven?Question 59How did the term "Christian" originate?
  • 8. Question 60Jesus Christ is the second member of the trinity, is equal with the father innature and yet submissive in duty.Question 61What would Jews think who heard Christ calling Himself the "Son ofMan"?Question 62The Bible states that Jesus was the creator of the world.Question 63Jesus claimed to be a man of human origin who cried out "Make straight theway of the LORD!.Question 64Who Baptized Jesus?Question 65What year was Jesus born?Question 66Jesus did not allow people to worship him.Question 67What does Dr. Towns believe is the best translation for the word almah inIsaiah 7:14?Question 68Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah all are Old Testament authors who spoke aboutChrist‟s future birth?
  • 9. Question 69Man is not reconciled to God through the actual blood of Christ; rather theblood is a metaphor for the moral and noble life of Christ that shouldcompel man to seek afterQuestion 70The theory that states that God only inspired some of Scripture, but we donot know which partsQuestion 71Deals with the authorship, sources, dates, and historical matters.Question 72Attempts to determine the original Manuscript of the TextQuestion 73Inspiration incorporates the personality of the writer into the final product.Question 74What day does the author believe Jesus was crucified?Question 75"Total responsibility“ means that any man in his natural state is incapable orunable to do anything to please or gain merit before God.Question 76What is suffering endured by on person in the place of another?Question 77The Roman soldiers broke the legs of Jesus and the thieves in order tohasten their death.
  • 10. Question 78The term "Bible" comes from the Latin "la biblia" and means "the book".Question 79There are no messianic prophesies mentioned in the Apocrypha.Question 80An investigation of the facts to determine the credibility of the text.Question 81The two main accusations made against Jesus were blasphemy and treason.Question 82This word means to Satisfy Gods just wrath against sin with an offeringQuestion 83According to the text, about what percent of the New Testament is eitherquotation or allusion to the Old Testament.Question 84Who asked to bury Jesus body?Question 85The term "Scripture" comes from the Latin for scriptus, which mean“scaffolding”.Question 86The first books were made from rolled papyrus and were therefore called"rolodex" manuscripts.Question 87Where was Jesus crucified?
  • 11. Question 88The theory that states that Scripture is only inspired in matters of religiousdogma.Question 89According to Theology for Today, the two sources that establish an earlydate of Scripture are:Question 90Judicial guilt is the means which a sinner feels convicted for their sins.Question 91 :Sanctification a three-fold process (we are sanctified at salvation, set apartfrom sin after salvation, and will finally be perfectly sanctified when wemeet Christ).Question 92 :Sanctification that involves the struggles of victor, and defeat of theChristian in this present life.Question 93When a person receives Jesus Christ, he/she becomes a new creation, andthe sin nature is eliminated.Question 94According to the reading, a person is saved from eternity in hell by a simpleact of the intellect.Question 95Jesus predicted His death and resurrection.Question 96
  • 12. According to the reading, as a result of Adams sin everyone is born into theworld spiritually dead because of trespasses and sins.Question 97This word means "to be set apart".Question 98Who is the first person in the Bible described as having been justified byfaith?Question 99Conversion is what God does in a sinners‟ life.Question 100What part does baptism play in the salvation process?