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Mongols & Japan Online
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Mongols & Japan Online


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Teaching the Mongols to 8th graders

Teaching the Mongols to 8th graders

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  • 2. Fear This!
    • In the 1200s, the time of the Crusades, a great and much feared empire was born in Asia .
    • In great part it was created by one of the most powerful and ruthless men in history.
  • 3.
    • Like Rome they started out with very little.
    • The Mongols were not united .
    • They lived in many different tribes
    • Had constant blood feuds .
    • Nomadic . Great horsemen .
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • Lived north of the Great Wall of China .
  • 6.  
  • 7.
    • One man will unite them…
      • Temujin : son of a chieftain. His father was murdered. He was forced into hiding.
      • Survived on mice for a time.
      • Conquered the tribe that forced him out. Every male taller than a cart axle was executed.
      • Enemy chiefs were boiled alive.
      • Had his own brother crushed with rocks.
  • 8. I’m a uniter not a divider!
    • United all Mongol tribes by force then changed his name to…
      • Genghis Khan : (1167-1227 A.D.) “Universal ruler” Ruler of all things under the stars.
    • Under Khan the Mongols are turned into a war machine!
      • All males in army until 60.
      • Promotion by merit and skill only
      • Incredibly skilled archers and horsemen.
      • Bows easily pierced armor.
  • 9.
    • The Mongol War Bow: Fear this!
    • Average draw weight: 160 lbs.
    • Fire a distance of 300 yards
    • Composite made from yak bone, sinew, wood and glue made from fish bladders
    • Not until the mid-1800’s that firearms outranged the war bow
  • 10. Always practicing…
    • Great Hunt : Mongol method of practicing warfare.
    • Encircle hundreds of miles.
    • Spend days closing the circle.
    • Once closed use their bows to eliminate all wildlife within.
  • 11. Conquests of Khan
    • Don’t mess with Genghis’ camels!
  • 12. Genghis invades Muslim Khwarizm
    • Khwarizm – powerful Muslim state in area of Afghanistan.
    • Mongols capture civilians.
    • Drive them before their armies as human shields.
    • Use civilians to fill moats and build ramps over city walls.
    • Irrigation networks destroyed, orchards burned, salt sown in fields.
  • 13. Allah save us all!
    • Otrar : town whose governer seized Genghis’ caravan .
      • City fell after five months
      • Population massacred
      • Molten silver poured into governor’s ears and eyes
    • Urgench : capital of Khwarizm. City falls after 7 days of fierce resistance by the cities’ population.
      • All within killed - 1.2 million
      • Zoo animals slaughtered
      • Graves are emptied, bodies mangled
  • 14. Khwarizm is destroyed
  • 15. Muslims are terrified…
    • Muslims ask Christians to end crusades and unite against Mongols.
    • Christians laugh!
    • Crusaders ask Mongols for help against Muslims. Genghis replies…
    • “ Acknowledge me as overlord or die.”
  • 16. Death of Genghis Khan
    • Thrown from his horse while invading China.
    • Buried secretly with gold, horses and 40 women.
    • Horses trample the site for three days. 2,000 that attended the funeral are killed by 800 soldiers. The 800 soldiers are then later killed.
    • Tomb has never been found!
  • 17. Mongol Conquests Continue!
    • Ogodei Khan : drunken son of Genghis becomes ruler.
      • Promises only to drink two cups day.
      • Has bigger and bigger cups.
      • Fermented mare’s milk.
    • Batu Khan : Genghis’ grandson and general under Ogodei. Invades Europe.
      • Sends message “Surrender or be destroyed.” European kingdoms laugh.
  • 18. Maybe we can call the Muslims for help?
    • 150,000 Mongol horsemen invade Poland on three fronts!
    • Battle of Leignitz : Polish army composed of 100,000 men face 40,000 Mongol horsemen.
      • Includes many thousands of church knights -Teutonic Knights
      • One of the finest armies ever assembled in Europe!
  • 19. Deathmatch at Leignitz 100,000 European soldiers 40,000 Mongol horsemen
  • 20. Knights charge! Go knights! Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz Foot soldiers
  • 21. Knights charge ! Go knights! Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 22.
    • Mongols retreat (feigned)
    • Knights think they’ve won and chase.
    • Foot soldiers can’t keep up.
    • Huge gap opens up in Eur. army.
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 23.
    • Suddenly the Mongols stop and turn forming a half-circle.
    • They load their bows and fire.
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 24.
    • The arrows go completely over the knights into the gap!
    • What lousy shots.
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 25.
    • Smoke arrows! The gap fills with smoke.
    • Now the Mongols turn their bows on the knights.
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 26.
    • The arrows shred the knight’s armor. Aaaaaggghhh!
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 27.
    • With the knights dead, the Mongols charge into the smoke and run down the infantry!
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 28. Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz
  • 29.
    • To prove his great victory to Ogodei, Batu orders his men to collect nine sacks of
    Mongol Invasion: The Battle of Leignitz … ears.
    • In Hungary another Mongol army destroys a 100,000 strong Hungarian force.
    • Europe PANICS!
    • Pope issues crusade to save all Christendom.
    • Then Mongols disappear.
    • We scared them off!
    • Ogodei drank himself to death and Batu had to return to elect a new Khan. Never returns.
  • 31. Europe saved from a new Dark Age.
  • 32.  
  • 33. Marco…Polo…
    • Marco Polo : Venetian trader serves Kublai Khan for 17 years.
      • Returns to Venice and his story is written in a book “Description of the World.”
      • Story is a sensation in Europe telling of the wonders and riches of China.
  • 34.  
  • 35.  
  • 36. Genghis Khan…the George Washington of Mongolia
  • 37.  
  • 38. Medieval Japan
    • Land of feudal kingdoms and samurai knights
    • Shogun : “general” feudal leaders and commanders of the military. (Lords)
    • Samurai : “one who serves” armored warrior. Bamboo plated armor. Carried a longbow and the katana.
  • 39. I call mine pointy stick!
    • Katana : “big sword” incredibly sharp curved sword. Cut leaves in a stream. Took years to make.
    • Wakizashi : “little sword” smaller curved sword at the belt. Use it to take the head of your honored opponent.
  • 40.  
  • 41.  
  • 42.  
  • 43.  
  • 44. All samurai lived by a code of honor like chivalry
    • Bushido : “The way”
      • All loyalty to your shogun
      • Death rather than dishonor
      • Vengeance
    • “ Death is lighter than a feather, but duty is weightier than a mountain.”
    • Seppuku!
      • Hari-kari : kneel and with your short sword disembowel yourself.