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Crusades powerpoint for teaching 8th graders.

Crusades powerpoint for teaching 8th graders.

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  • 1.  
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  • 3.
    • Jihad
    Bush crusade
  • 4.  
  • 5. Rome falls, the East survives
  • 6. Eastern Roman Empire
    • When the Roman Empire fell, not all collapsed…the east survived as…
      • The Byzantine Empire - Why does the East survive?
        • 1) Massive wealth: Egypt and Greece extremely wealthy. Bribed barbarians.
        • 2) Constantinople a mighty fortress
  • 7. Constantinople’s defenses
    • City built on a peninsula
    • 40 foot walls, 50 foot towers
    • Massive sea walls
    • Great iron chain to protect harbor
    • Greek Fire : first secret weapon. Byzantines shot it out of cannons from ships and from walls. Inextinguishable. Burns on water.
  • 8.  
  • 9. The Empire strikes back!
    • West is gone in 476 C.E. to the Germans. For a time the East tries to conquer it back.
    • 600s C.E. the Byzantines are struck by two disasters. Disease kills 1/3 of their people. Second the Arabs explode out of Arabia conquering the Holy Land and Egypt from them.
  • 10. Jerusalem holy to Muslims too!
  • 11. Can’t we all just get along?
    • By 1000 C.E. Muslims ruled Jerusalem for 400 years
    • Allowed Christians free passage to the holy sites in Jerusalem.
    Byzantines lost Turkey to Muslim invasion in 1071 C.E. Desperately needed help. Appeal to the Pope for help. Send Knights!
  • 12. 20 years later!
    • Pope Urban II – Pope who receives the Byzantine plea for military aid to retake Turkey.
    • Urban has his own issues…
      • battling kings over simony
      • previous Pope imprisoned
      • a second Pope claimed he was false
      • Europe constantly at war
      • He has little influence
      • Demagouges - leaders who use emotional issues to gain power.
  • 13. Rome Clermont
  • 14. Hmmmm…we’ll call it a crusade…
    • 1095 in a field outside the town of Clermont, France Urban calls for a…
    • Crusade – “to take the cross” holy war to free Jerusalem from the heathen Muslims.
      • Circumcise Christians
      • Pee and poo on altars
      • Cut out intestines looking for coins.
      • All lies.
      • Crowd cries out “Deus lo Vult!” “God wills it”
      • Old and weak should not go.
      • If you go all sins forgiven
  • 15. Your goal?
    • Church of the Holy Sepulchre – church built on the site of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
    • Considered holiest site in Christendom.
  • 16. Yay! Let’s go kill people for Christ!
    • Word of Crusade spreads through Europe like fire through a tissue factory.
    • Peasant’s Crusade - villages are deserted as the peasants march off led by Peter the Hermit
  • 17. Highlights of the P. Crusade
    • Slaughter thousands of Jews before setting off.
    • Peter and perhaps 40,000 peasants arrive in Constantinople. Soon shipped over to Turkey.
    • Arrive and butcher a village.
    • It was a Christian village.
    • Muslim Turk force destroys the peasants. Only 2,000 survive.
  • 18. What the????
    • Muslims slaughter the peasants.
    • Europe is shocked? Why didn’t God help them?
    • God punished the peasants for what they did to the Jews.
    • Real crusade will not fail!
    • First Crusade – Crusade of the lords. March to Constantinople.
      • Byzantines are stunned but agree to help the crusaders after they conquer Turkey.
  • 19. The plan Antioch
  • 20. Antioch
    • Byzantines will join crusaders at the edge of the Holy Land in Antioch.
      • Antioch – great city, extinct today. Twenty miles wall, 400 towers.
        • After nine months crusaders take the city. Frightful suffering.
        • Days later the crusaders are besieged by a huge Muslim force. No food or water.
  • 21. Crusaders are dying
    • Weeks pass
      • Crusaders drink the blood of their horses.
      • Eat horses
      • Eat corpses from cemetery.
    • Byzantines heard the crusaders were dead and have returned home.
    • Who could help them?
            • God!
  • 22.
    • Prayers answered? Crusaders find…
      • Holy Lance – spear that pierced Christ’s side. Makes an army invincible.
    • Three day fast and then the crusaders will attack.
    • Battle of the Lance – with the lance the crusaders ride out to face the Muslim army.
      • Rusted armor
      • Most on foot
      • Some ride diseased cows
  • 23. Battle of the Lance Antioch Crusaders on cows Muslim Turks
  • 24. On to Jerusalem
    • Crusaders slaughter the Muslims.
    • Muslims believe Allah fights for the Christians.
    • One year later, the crusaders conquer Jerusalem…
    • Slaughter of Jerusalem : crusader zeal explodes as they kill all within Jerusalem, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.
      • 40,000 estimated killed. Christian and Muslim world shocked!
      • Can the crusaders keep Jerusalem?
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