Foundation Class Praise and Worship


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Foundation Class Praise and Worship

  1. 1. Praise & Worship Class 9 - Class 9 Worship Praise & 1
  2. 2. Praise & WorshipIntroduction•Praise and Worship should be a daily experience andlifestyle•Praise is an appreciation, acknowledgement andexpression of the actions and attributes of someone orsomething•Praising is usually based on exhibited attributes•Praise and worship can be viewed from twoperspectives, natural and spiritual –Natural praise has everything to do with how one feels –Spiritual praise is God Focused and God centered Class 9 - Praise & Worship 2
  3. 3. Praise & WorshipWhat is Praise?•Praise is an act of will in appreciation and gratitude of nature and the acts of God•Praise Verses in the Bible –Psalm 34:1 –Psalm 9:1-2 –Hebrews 13:15 –Psalm 100:4 –Psalm 145:2 –Psalm 115:18 –Psalm 47:6-8•Names of God can represent a profession of faith in praise unto him –Jehovah Rapha –Jehova Nissi –Jehova Jireh Class 9 - Praise & Worship 3
  4. 4. Praise & WorshipNatural vs Spiritual PraiseDifferences between natural praise and Spiritual Praise•Natural praise is not always God focused while Spiritual praisealways is•Natural praise is often based on feelings but Spiritual praise isan act of volition•Natural praise is inconsistent but Spiritual praise is irrespectiveof circumstances•Natural praise is often convenient but Spiritual praise maysometimes be a sacrifice•Natural praise is usually in appreciation but spiritual praisecomes with both appreciation and gratitude•Natural praise is often a privilege but spiritual praise is a debt Class 9 - Praise & Worship 4
  5. 5. Praise & WorshipExamples of Praise•As a response to an act (Crossing of the RedSea) – Ex 15: 1-21•As a response to blessing (Hannah with a son) –1 Sam 2•As a response to promise (Mary’s Promise tobear the Messiah) – Luke 1•Always remember God deserves the HighestPraise – Luke 2:14 Class 9 - Praise & Worship 5
  6. 6. Praise & WorshipWs of PraiseWhere should we praise?•In private and in public, for God and God alone•Public acknowledgement of God’s hand in our success•Testimonies are important!When should we praise?•At all times•As long as we have breatheWhy should we praise?•Because we are instructed to do so•Appreciation, gratitude, humility•We want to please him•Praise builds up our faith Class 9 - Praise & Worship 6
  7. 7. Praise & WorshipFacts of Spiritual Praise•God focused and God centered•Act of will•In appreciation with gratitude•Consistent irrespective of circumstances•Continuous•Praise may be sacrificial•Praise is a profession of faith•Creates audience with God & invites His activated presence•It is an attitude - with our whole heart of thanksgiving•A debt we owe that we can not fully pay Class 9 - Praise & Worship 7
  8. 8. Praise & WorshipWhat is worship•An act of the will in surrender, adoration,acknowledging the awesomeness of the personof God•Worship is born out of a relationship•Worship can be compromised by the state ofyour heart•Worship can expose the state of your heart.•Worship is who we are Class 9 - Praise & Worship 8
  9. 9. Praise & WorshipFacts of worship•Worship is born from your own personal relationship with God•Worship is not surface it is deep, it is drawn out•Worship is refreshing and life giving•To enter true worship there must be true and full disclosure•Worship is from the depth of the heart.•Often a surrenderWhat praise and worship is not•All singing•Is not always emotional•Is not what we do to wile away time before a sermon Class 9 - Praise & Worship 9
  10. 10. Praise & WorshipHow to worship•Worship is not limited to an act, it is a lifestyle – Rom 12:1•Worship involves devotion and commitment to God only that is why: – Daniel refused to bow at the Nebuchadnezzar image at the cost of fiery furnace – Esther could come before the king uninvited and said if I perish, I perish – Why Daniel could still pray to God as his manner was and he was cast in the lion’s den. – Job could say though He slay me, yet will I worship Him – When he was told to curse God and die, his worship was to strong and it was not based on favorable circumstances – Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and suffered affliction – David under pressure refused to kill Saul; his worship did not permit him to lay his hands on the Lord’s anointed. – Steven was killed and he still forgave his enemies – Apostles were killed and did not deny the faith•Worship God through: – Tithes – Offerings – Obedience – Forgiving and showing love Class 9 - Praise & Worship 10
  11. 11. Praise & WorshipResults of Worship•Victory – Psalm 9:1-3, 2 Chronicles 20•Deliverance – Acts 16:25•Strength – Nehemiah 8:10•Obtain/receive – Isaiah 12:3•Helps us to hear God clearer and give direction – Acts 13•It enhances the Spiritual gift of God – 2Kings 3:14-16•It sets an atmosphere where the Lord inhabits and can move – 2Chronicles 5:20•It precedes increase and multiplication – Psalm 67:5-6, Mark 6, Jeremiah 33:10-12Personal experiences:•Healing•Being filled with the Spirit•Success•Revelation•Quick appropriation of God promises Class 9 - Praise & Worship 11