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Learn who and what this Yoli Company is all about. Find out how the Blastcap will make a huge difference in YOUR personal life and well being.

Learn who and what this Yoli Company is all about. Find out how the Blastcap will make a huge difference in YOUR personal life and well being.

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  • 1. Yoli Confidential Preview
    Please understand if you are on this Webinar you have been hand selected. We want you to have time to prepare. Yoli will be launching Summer of 2009. This call is confidential and we would ask you to please respect our wishes to not disclose the specific information you are about to hear. With this being said, we are very open to speaking with you individually in person and or by telephone.
  • 2. Yoli Introduction Presentation
    Aztec Meaning: “TO LIVE”
  • 3. Introducing
    Founded by Distributors
    For Distributors
  • 4. Management is Key
  • 5. Robby Fender
    1991-Present- Owner/Broker of Preferred Financial Service, Private Money Lending and Mortgage Brokering Service.
    1999- Present- West Coast Rental Properties LLC, Preferred Property Investments LLC, Northern Pacific Properties LLC. Real Estate holding investment companies.
    1995- Present- USANA Executive Level Director. Fast Start award in 1995-Six Figures in 6 months. Built using traditional recruiting strategies.
    2004- January 2008 – Xango 200K Premier Select in record breaking 14 months. Built an organization of over 17,000 people over 5 million dollar in product annually, among the top 60 out of over 1,00,000 distributors, November 2008: Million Dollar Club
    2006- Present – Co Founder , HotBizTools, a tools company for people in the MLM industry. Company did 2.2 million in first year
    2007- Present, Co founder of an internet nutritional line called NuNutra
    2007- Present, Co founder and President of Fuel Medz
  • 6. Rick Eisele
    1983, Founded Spectrum International at age 23
    As President & CEO, developed merchandise for convenience stores with 900 distributors, serviced over 40,000 retail locations
    Company employed 110 people and produced $33.4 million in sales- Sold company after 19 years of business
    2002, Launched Champion Land, Inc. a real estate/land business
    2003, Launched MarketOne, Inc. and then sold it to a partner, still doing well
    2004, Launched Xango Distributorship, leaped to six figure income in six months qualifying a top of compensation plan, sold distributorship in 2005
    2005 - Present, Founded HotBizTools, distributorship support company for MLM
    2006- Present, Launched profitable line of whole-food nutritional products
    2007- Present, Launched profitable line of fuel additives- to improve gas mileage
    W/Rick Eisele cash is king, budget are met, and profit are substantial. In over 25years of business, Rick has produced profits in 300 of 304 months
  • 7. Daren Falter
    1990, Independent Sales and Marketing plus MLM
    USANA, Launched 1994-1995, Executive Distributor in record tie
    Wrote industry best seller. How to Select a Network Marketing Company. Sold over 50,000 copies worldwide in 7 countries and 3 languages. Currently working on revised 6th Edition for 2009
    Launched consulting business with release of published book in 1998
    Launched Internet Marketing Business in 1998. Websites & Traffic Building
    Authored a chapter of Robert Allen’s NY Times Best Seller Multiple Streams of Income- Subject: Internet Marketing, Advisor to Robert Allen
    Launched Seminar Business: MLM Conventions & Robert Allen Events
    2003, Build XanGo business in record time to 200K premier, among top 60 out of 1,000,000 distributors, November 2008: Million Dollar Club
    1998- Present – Consulting to top network marketing companies with sales ranging from $10 million to $500 million annually
  • 8. Michael Prichard
    Personally Mentored by Robert Allen, eventually becoming an advisor and personal friend to Robert
    Top Real Estate Investor with a portfolio in excess of $30 Million
    Both Commercial and Residential Holding
    Co-Founder, Master Distributor of a top Network Marketing Company in Thailand
    Top producing MLM distributors, US, Australia, Asia, Europe
    Stock Market Investor
    Internet Marketers
    Wealth Seminars & Training Business
    Contributor to Top Charities Worldwide
  • 9. Corey Citron
    7 Figure Annual Earner
    Built a downline of 100,000 people in 24 countries.
    Partnered with gold medalist Carl Lewis and rap star Ludacris in his last company.
    2003- January 2009 – Xango200K in record breaking 18 months. Built an organization of over 100,000 people over 5 million dollar in product annually, among the top 60 out of over 1,00,000 distributors, 2008: Million Dollar Club
    Redefined Network Marketing with New School Marketing Techniques
    A graduate of Stanford with a major in economics
  • 10. The Founders
    Love People
    Ego In Check
    Love Network Marketing
    100 Years Business Experience
    All Extremely Successful Distributors
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • 15.
  • 16. FUN through TRUTH in Health!
    Change lives
    Introduce a product with a WOW factor
    Not another “Me Too”( Juice, Pills, Lotion)
    Follow Henry Ford Principles
    Recognizing the beverage Trends
    Expose the truth about beverages
    The Yoli Mission
  • 17. Identify Huge Emerging Trend
    Multi-Billion Dollar Liquid
    Beverage Industry
  • 18. Liquid Product #1 Priority
    Shelf Life!
    Less Waste+ No Bacteria Growth= More Income Potential
  • 19. 99% Of All Beverages Have…
    Hot Fill
    Pasteurization (between 161degrees and 280 degrees F)
    Aseptic Processing (between 195 degrees and 295 degrees F)
  • 20. QUESTION?
    What happens to the nutritional value in these beverage when they’re boiled?
  • 21. According to Certified Nutritional Consultant Lori Lipinski, Pasteurization…..
    MFO, Astoria, NY says…
    Kills the friendly bacteria, greatly diminishes the nutrient content
    Substantial loss of Vitamin A,C,D and E
    30-80% less effective after pasteurization
    B Vitamin completely destroyed
    Destroys beneficial enzymes, antibodies and hormones
    All juices are required to undergo pasteurization
    Kills microorganisms and extend shelf life
    Destroys naturally occurring enzymes and vitamins
    Likely to suffer risks brought about by juice additives
    Pasturation Kills
  • 22. Sugar Epidemic
    #1 Contributor to Nation Wide Obesity Epidemic
    American Consume Over 150 pounds of sugar per year
    Linked to heart attacks, kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, ect...
    Our children are consuming more and more every year.
    Average beverage contains 40-80 grams of sugar
  • 23. 30 5-LB Bags Consumed Annually
  • 24.
  • 25. Proposed Sugar Tax
    Proposed new federal tax on soft drinks:
    Drinks sweetened with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other high-calorie sweeteners, including iced tea and noncarbonated drinks like punch, would be taxed. Diet drinks would be exempt.
    Defenders of this proposed tax say the beverages contribute to obesity and higher health care costs.
    Proposed Sugar Tax
  • 26. Artificial Sweeteners
  • 27. Energy Drinks
    Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana
    Banned in dozens of countries
    Class Action Lawsuits
    Caffeine, the new Tobacco
  • 28. Fillers
    Artificial Colors
    Artificial Flavors
    Artificial Sweeteners
    Many other beverages have….
  • 29. 100% RDA Beverage Do Not Exist
    Vitamins deteriorate sitting in water.
    RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamins
    Nutrition Killer: Liquid Suspension, UV Rays & Light, Temperature Fluctuation, Chemicals, Time, Acid
  • 30. How can we produce a healthy alternative to all of the Super Juices, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Functional Beverages?
    No Hot fills, Pasteurization, or Aseptic Processing
    No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners, No Carbs.
    No Caffeine or other harmful Stimulants
    No highly Acidic Fillers or Chemicals
    No Artificial Colors of Flavors
    No Preservatives
  • 31. Take The nutrition at the peak of ripeness and freeze dry in powder.
    • Vitamin and Minerals totally in tact
    • 32. Freshest Ingredients
    • 33. Living Enzymes
    • 34. Best Shelf Life
    The Secret To The Best Nutrition
  • 35. Introducing Yoli
  • 36. Patent #6,644,471, #6,886,686, #7,055,684, #7,219,796; other patents pending
    Introducing Yoli Blast Cap Technology
  • 37. Yoli Blast
  • 38. Yoli Gives YOU….
    “TRUTH” Yoli Health Blast &”FUN” Yoli Energy Blast
    BlastCap Technology (Patented)
    Live Active Ingredients
    100% Natural
    AlkaPlex Patented Formula
    100% US RDA Vitamins and Minerals
    No Sugar, Herbal Sweetener (Stevia Reb-A)
    Phenomenal Antioxidant Activity
    Natural Coloring
    Natural Flavoring
    High ORAC Values
    Up to 6 Serving of Fruits and Vegetables
    Zero Glycemic Index
  • 39. More Yoli Blast Ingredients
    AlkaPlexTM Formula (9.5+ Alkalinity, Patented)
    Beta 1, 3-D glucans: Stimulate but don’t Over-Stimulate Immune System
    GABA: relaxing, anti-anxiety effect
    White Tea Extract (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal)
    Acai, Goji, Pomegranate: Full Strength and Potency
  • 40. 100% Demonstratable Technology
    For optimal health, the cells in our body need to stay at their natural alkaline balance.
    Our pH levels are often disrupted by dehydration, stress, and the acidic processed refined foods and drinks we consume daily.
    An overly acidic body is the root of many common diseases, such as obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood-pressure and more...
    Most water and water-based products we drink are acidic and oxidizing.
    • Alkaplex converts any water into premium super-hydrated, high pH water. Helps restore your body to a healthy alkaline state.
    • 41. Anti-oxidant water counteracts the acidic foods and drinks you consume, and the effects of harsh elements in your environment.
    • 42. Slows down the aging process, detoxifies your colon, promotes healthy weight loss, boosts your immune system, and increases absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • New Super Stevia
    100% Natural with no artificial preservatives or additives
    No Malto-Dextrin, No FOS
    Special filtering removes bitterness of some Stevia products
    No refrigeration necessary, so you can carry it with you
    Anti-cavity and plaque retardant
    Antibiotic; great as a mouth wash or for sore throats
    Antibiotic; great as a mouth wash or for sore throats
    1/8 teaspoon of Stevia replaces 1 cup sugar
    Aid diabetics and hypoglycemics
    Rich in nutrients
    Great for hyperactive children
  • 43. Future Products
    Truth, Fun, Passion, Pure, Share
    Super Fruit Blast Line: Mangosteen, Acai, Goji, Noni, Pomegranate, Amalaki, Ect.
    Green Drink Blast
    Performance Blast Line
    Protein/Meal Replacement Line
    Specialty Blast
  • 44. Typical MLM Pricing vs. Yoli
    Bottle of Juice 25-32oz $25-$40
    Vitamin/Mineral Bills $35-$100
    Skin Care System $100-$270
    Protein Powder $30- $80
    Grocery Store Pricing
    Yoli Truth Blast 20oz $3.99
    Yoli Blast Cap $2.50
    Unheard of in MLM
  • 45. A Real Opportunity
    Launching on July 1st, 2009
    Weekly pay on Yoli Card
    Product sells itself
    Start your for only $39
    Great training
    Unlimited support
    Online Marketing System
    Most Lucrative Comp. Plan
  • 46. Yoli Value Pricing
    Wholesale Autoship Pricing
    Bulk Purchase Discount
    1 Yoli Blast Bottle $3.99
    Min Bottle Order (6pack) $23.99
    1 Yoli Blast Cap $2.49
    Min Blast Cap Order (12pack) $29.99
    Bottle by the case (24pk) x 14 $2.89
    Caps by the case (12pk) x 14 $1.99
  • 47. Seven Ways to Make Money & Earn Rewards with Yoli
    Retail/Wholesale Commission
    Fast Start Bonus (10% - 20%)
    Bulk Discount Bonus
    Primary Commission
    • Personal Sponsorship Override Bonus
    • 48. Leadership Incentives & Pools
    • 49. Car Bonus
    • 50. Multiple Business Centers
    Yoli Pay Plan
    2009 Yoli Hybrid
  • 52. Break Even Bonus
    Authorship's for Every Commitment Level
    Preferred Cust. $29.99 $25CV ($4.99) .
    Basic Pack $59.99 $50CV ($9.99)
    Builder Pack $119.99 $100CV ($19.99)
    Pro Pack $239.99 $200CV ($39.99)
    Break Even Bonus
    Personally Sponsor Six Pro Pack Distributors
    $39.99 x 6 = $239.94 Toward Your Personal Autoship
  • 53. Make 10% of Lesser Leg Volume
    • Only takes 2 legs to become successful
    • 54. Build synergy by stacking your leaders, one after the other
    • 55. Earn 10% on the lesser leg volume every week
    • 56. Share in the volume from EVERYONE placed in your left or right leg
    Binary Power
  • 57. 15%
    5 Star Gold
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6
    Level 7
    Level 8
    Level 9
    Level 10
    Level 1
    Double Ruby
    Triple Ruby
    Double Emerald
    Triple Emerald
    Double Diamond
    Triple Diamond
    UniLevel Executive Matching Bonus
    This is where the real wealth is created
    Six figure monthly income potential
    Become a sponsoring machine
    Create massive momentum this Summer
    YOLI Sponsorship Bonus
  • 59. Yoli PAY Plan
    Built by Distributors, For Distributors
    5 top earners who know how pay plans work
    They know how you feel
    Industry Consultants
    Author: How to Select a NM Company
    Author: Understanding MLM Comp Plan
    Author: Inside Network Marketing
    Built on Successful Models
    Proven Payout Performance
    Enhanced to take care of 95-4-1 Percenters
  • 60. Taking Care of the 95%
    YOLI Plan
    Beginner ($50 GV)
    1Star ($100 GV)
    2 Star ($200 GV)
    3 Star ($300 GV)
    4 Star ($400 GV)
    5 Star ($500 GV)
    1Star Bronze ($600 GV)
    2 Star Bronze ($700 GV)
    3 Star Bronze ($800 GV)
    4 Star Bronze ($900 GV)
    5 Star Bronze ($1,000 GV)
    1 1Star Silver ($1,100 GV)
    2 Star Silver ($1,200 GV)
    3 Star Silver ($1,300 GV)
    4 Star Silver ($1,400 GV)
    5 Star Silver ($1,500 GV)
    Most Competitors
    • Beginner ($100 GV)
    • 61. Basic 500 ($500 GV)
    • 62. Basic 1000 ($1,000 GV
    • 63. Basic 2000 ($2,000 GV
    Which Plan Takes Care of the Part Timer?
  • 64. Taking Care of 5%
    RankRank Weekly Volume Weekly Volume Cap
    Rank Weekly Volume Weekly Volume Cap
    Triple Blue Diamond $250,000 Unlimited
    Triple Blue Diamond $250,000 Unlimited
    Black Diamond $250,000 Unlimited
    Double Black Diamond $500,000 Unlimited
    Triple Black Diamond $750,000 Unlimited
    Diamond $10,000 $5,000
    Double Diamond $20,000 $10,000
    Triple Diamond $30,000 $20,000
    Blue Diamond $100,000 Unlimited
    Double Blue Diamond $150,000 Unlimited
    The Income Disclosure Statement is a reflection of Yoli’s rewarding business opportunity. The following chart represents
    the weekly earning potential of Yoli’s Distributors
  • 65. YoliPlay
    Yoli distributors work hard and play hard
    Yoli Annual Cruise
    Yoli Incentive Trips
    Yoli Ranch Experience
    Yoli Conventions & Regional Events
    Yoli Contests & Prizes
    Yoli Logo Merchandise
  • 66. Yoli Training
    Weekly Webinars
    Weekly Meetings
    Cold & Warm Market Secrets
    Learn from people who have built million dollar downlines for Free.
    Personal Branding
  • 67. YoliPlay
  • 68. In the United States alone every MINUTE - 2,000,000 highly polluting Plastic Bottles are used and dumped
    Yoli Green “Team Up To Clean”
  • 69. Yoli Green “Team Up To Clean”
    In the United States alone every MINUTE - 2,000,000 -, highly polluting Plastic Bottles are used and dumped.
    Plastic bottles take 700 years to begin composting
    90% of the cost of bottled water is due to the bottle itself
    80% of plastic bottles are not recycled
    38 million plastic bottles go to the dump per year in America from bottled water (not including soda)
    24 million gallons of oil are needed to produce a billion plastic bottles
    Lets stop this reckless behavior before we pass the point of no return. www.treehuggersofamerica.org
  • 70. * Examples only - BPA FREE - Coming Soon
    Future Nalgene Branded Bottles
  • 71. Yoli products sales will go to multiple charitable foundations.
    PharmaBlast Save a Life Program
    Yoli Give “Live to Give Program”
  • 72. Founded by Distributors
    For Distributors
  • 73. Thank You