Building a sustainable, cross-platform mobile application strategy - SoCon 2010 - Atlanta, GA


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Presentation titled "How to use Mobile Applications to build a sustainable, cross-platform mobile application strategy". Presented by Jeff Haynie at the SoCon 2010 conference in Atlanta, GA on January 30, 2010.

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  • Building a sustainable, cross-platform mobile application strategy - SoCon 2010 - Atlanta, GA

    1. 1. How to use Mobile Applications to extend your brand SoCon 2010 - Atlanta, GA Building a sustainable, cross-platform Jeff Haynie mobile application strategy @jhaynie
    2. 2. Jeff Haynie @jhaynie Serial Entrepreneur & Silicon Valley geek Co-founder and CEO, Appcelerator SoCon Co-Founder All around good guy
    3. 3. We enable web developers to quickly create and commercialize mobile & desktop applications.
    4. 4. 2013: Mobile will be 40% of all internet traffic. Web Mobile Source: eMarketer. June 2009
    5. 5. Apps drive this growth. “3 Billion downloads, 140,000 apps” (Apple)
    6. 6. Because… “Native apps leverage the relationship between the user and the device in a way mobile web apps simply can’t.” (Mobile Marketer)
    7. 7. And… “Android will overtake Blackberry and iPhone by 2012” (Gartner)
    8. 8. Oh, and the iPad…
    9. 9. So what… Does building mobile applications matter?
    10. 10. Apps create opportunity. Brand loyalty Better user metrics Deeper engagement Transactional conversion
    11. 11. Pabst/Archrival Problem: Solution: Archrival was not Built Pabst’s app in two successful in prior weeks. Uses HTML5, iPhone app attempts. analytics. Result: Opportunity: Extend popular affinity Average customer campaign and deepen engagement: 15 engagement with brand puzzles, 4.5 minutes through a mobile app >50% avg. web visit. called “Puzzle Caps”. 75% repeat usage.
    12. 12. Symantic Press Problem: Solution: After spending thousands Symantec Press built of dollars on Obj-C PartsFinder on development, the Titanium in 60 hours. application didn’t perform the way we wanted it to.” Opportunity: Result: Enable dealers and end users to search for “We cut out 80% of our millions of auto parts development time, that are available in which allowed us to their area at discounted focus on value prices. creation.”
    13. 13. Scout Mob Problem: Solution: How to create hyper- ScoutMob built in just 2 location promotions in weeks. real-time Opportunity: Result: Enable time-sensitive hot “By using Titanium we deals with push were able to get a high- notifications, geolocation quality, location-based with the convenience of app to our first market their mobile phone. quickly.”
    14. 14. That’s Great! But… “Most apps take at least six months of full-time work and cost between $20,000 and $150,000 to develop.” (Forrester Research)
    15. 15. Solution: Appcelerator Titanium Use web technologies to build native apps Mobile Desktop Netbooks Web Developers Tablets Titanium Set-top Boxes Users
    16. 16. Product Offering Create, test, and commercialize native mobile and desktop applications with the web technologies you use today. Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Titanium Desktop Network Develop Native iPhone and Build Desktop apps that can Cloud services used for Android apps with full access be deployed with one code testing, packaging, to each device’s APIs. base on the PC, Mac, or distribution, and Linux platforms. analytics.
    17. 17. Solution Overview Titanium Mobile Desktop Appcelerator Network
    18. 18. It’s Catching On. Titanium Mobile Beta launched - 6/6/09 Appcelerator has attracted 21,000+ new web developers to create mobile and desktop apps Top 3 application categories: Utilities: budgeting, server monitoring, home management, barcode scanning Business: mobile ports of existing SaaS-based enterprise apps, ERP, onsite billing/quoting/invoicing Social: Social aggregation, friend finder, job/employment, Twitter