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Appcelerator iPhone/iPad Dev Con 2010 San Diego, CA
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Appcelerator iPhone/iPad Dev Con 2010 San Diego, CA


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Jeff Haynie's Appcelerator presentation at the iPhone/iPad Dev Con held in San Diego, CA on September 28, 2010.

Jeff Haynie's Appcelerator presentation at the iPhone/iPad Dev Con held in San Diego, CA on September 28, 2010.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. iPhone/iPad Dev Con 2010 San Diego, CA ~ September 28
    • 2. About Me Jeff Haynie @jhaynie Serial Entrepreneur & Silicon Valley geek Objective-C hacker Co-founder and CEO, Appcelerator All around good guy
    • 3. Massive Business Problem offers Significant Opportunity
    • 4. Appcelerator We empower web developers by giving them the ability to create native iOS applications using JavaScript. Speed, Skills, Infrastructure, Processes, Tools, Libraries, Reusability...
    • 5. Appcelerator by the numbers 72,000 Developers 4,750 Apps in Stores 1,100 New Apps/Mo
    • 6. Not write once, run crappy everywhere Appcelerator isn’t a write once, run everywhere. This isn’t possible (if you want create application experiences for each device). Not a replacement for terrible UI design. Not a replacement for great developers. JavaScript FTW!
    • 7. Appcelerator is native iOS Exposed native capabilities Optimization of your JS code Generation of native binding code (Obj-C) Compile your application using iOS SDK.
    • 8. Appcelerator is native ✓ You still need a Mac and OSX ✓ You still need iOS SDK ✓ You still need provisioning profiles (ugh!) ✓ You still need Apple You still need a good app design and ... common sense. If your app is a bad idea or has bad design, Apple will still reject it.
    • 9. Appcelerator Basic APIs are self-declarative Titanium.Media Titanium.UI Titanium.Network
    • 10. Appcelerator Basics We use a factory pattern: var media=Ti.UI.createVideoPlayer(); window.add(media);;
    • 11. Properties var m = Ti.Media.createVideoPlayer ( { url: “foo.mpg” }); m.url = “bar.mpg”;
    • 12. Garbage Collection We’ll handle retain/release cycles for you based on your JS references. Some objects allow you to help us, help you. media.destroy();
    • 13. UI Framework Titanium exposes native UI through model/ view paradigm. Windows Views Widgets
    • 14. Window / View / Widget relationships Windows are Views Widgets are Views Views are hierarchical Views contain views Windows can be opened or closed Windows can points to a local url
    • 15. Layout Relative positioning / CSS-like top, left, right, bottom width: “50%”, height: “200” layout: “vertical”, “horizontal” zIndex: 199
    • 16. JSS Like CSS, adapted for Titanium #foo { title: “Hello world”; width: 200px; height:40px; } var button = Ti.UI.createButton({ id:”foo” });
    • 17. Common Properties A lot of the common CSS properties you’d expect: borderWidth borderColor backgroundImage fontFamily
    • 18. Simple Example var win = Ti.UI.createWindow(); var b = Ti.UI.createButton({ title: “hello world”, width:200, height: 80 }); win.add(b);;
    • 19. Make the button go “quack” b.addEventListener(‘click’,function( ){ var m = Ti.Media.createSound({ url:”cricket.wav” });; });
    • 20. Simple Animations Grow the width over 3 seconds view.animate({ duration:3000, width:200 });
    • 21. Complex 2D and 3D Animations Using matrix transforms var t=Ti.UI.create2DMatrix().rotate(20). scale(1.5); var a=Ti.UI.createAnimation(); a.transform = t; a.duration = 3000; view.animate(a);
    • 22. Major API sets Media - audio, video Network - networking (sockets, web services) UI - user interface Database - database Geolocation - location services Utils - common utilities like md5, base64 XML - native XML Map - native maps
    • 23. Web Services var xhr = Ti.Network.createHTTPClient(); xhr.onload = function() {'in utf-8 onload for POST'); };"POST"," p/v1/echo"); xhr.send({"a":"€ ", "b":"aöbäcüd"});
    • 24. Web Services with Complex Data (Image from Photo Gallery) Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery({ success:function(event) { xhr.send({}); } });
    • 25. iOS4 Backgrounding (new in upcoming 1.5) Ti.App.registerBackgroundService({ url:'bg.js' });
    • 26. iOS4 Local Notifications (new in upcoming 1.5) Ti.App.scheduleLocalNotification({ alertBody:"Are you sure?", alertAction:"Launch!", userInfo:{"hello":"world"}, sound:"pop.caf", date:new Date(new Date().getTime() + 3000) });
    • 27. What can you not do with Titanium? It’s not great for 3D immersive games. Plenty of casual / 2D games being built. For anything else, we have the Module SDK. Package your Titanium extension and distribute it. Great for extending and third-party APIs.
    • 28. More new stuff in upcoming 1.5 Localizations L(“my_string”) Ti.Locale.getString(“my_string”) Due out in October
    • 29. How about iPad? Split Views Popovers Nav Controllers (also in iPhone)
    • 30. iPad SplitView example var sv = Ti.UI.iPad.createSplitWindow({ masterView:masterNav, detailView:detailNav, });;
    • 31. Can I hack on Appcelerator? Code is on Licensed under Apache Public License (v2)
    • 32. Other Appcelerator Products Titanium Analytics Web-based product that enables companies to understand their application usage, scenarios and users. Titanium+Geo Web-based product that enables geo- spatial analytics as well as integration into first-party and third-party data sources. Enables companies to apply location context to their analysis and forecasting.