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Reverb inteliSON Brochure

  1. 1. InteliSON ® The Pioneer and Leader in Self-Optimizing Networks
  2. 2. InteliSON ®Intelligent SON Solutions / 2 / Self-Optimized Network Solution Reverb’s InteliSON® solution uses network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), interference matrices, and alarms collected by the wireless network’s OSS and PM platforms to identify load imbalance, interference and cell outage conditions, and resolves them through changes to network configuration parameters. > Closed-loop, automated SON > Continuous operation > Multi-vendor RAN and OSS capable > UMTS and LTE support > Coverage & capacity optimization modules > Mobility load balance optimization modules > Mobility robustness optimization modules > Self-healing modules
  3. 3. CLOSED-LOOP SON-BASED OPTIMIZATIONReverb Networks’ InteliSON offers Mobile Networks Operators anautomated system that continuously monitors and optimizes theRadio Access Network by leveraging the capability of the operator’sexisting network and OSS infrastructure. Intelligent SON Solutions / 3 / www.reverbnetworks.comInteliSON operates on the principle that a steady state ofoptimization through continual tuning of the network configurationsettings enables the network to remain in a higher state ofperformance as compared to the more traditional approach ofmaking adjustments only a limited number of times per year as partof labor-intensive optimization campaigns.InteliSON achieves this state of performance through automaticmonitoring of key network KPIs and, based on this closed-loopfeedback, makes configuration changes to improve performance.These changes are made incrementally and in a closed loop mannersuch that network performance converges over a series cycles Continuous Optimization Cycle Advantages of InteliSONto an optimal state. The overall result is a higher state of networkperformance maintained more consistently.
  4. 4. SystemIntelligent SON Solutions / 4 / Architecture InteliSON is an independent, server-based system that can be added to any UMTS or LTE RAN architecture and supports all leading OEM infrastructure solutions. Its vendor-agnostic architecture allows it to be effectively deployed in multi-vendor networks.
  5. 5. FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION Antenna Management Platform InteliSON™ 3G/4G Network Intelligent SON Solutions / 5 / Server Tilt Se ttings Antenn to a Cont RET rollers ges C han Tilt RF Configu Chan ges ration Chan Parameter g es OSS Performance Analysis Platform Inter es feren Trac ce M Call atrix k or nts tw me KP Ne ure IC as Optimization on fig Me Cluster ur at io Performance n Fa u Management Platform lts OSS ta Da w Ra = Integration Point
  6. 6. OptimizationIntelligent SON Solutions / 6 / Modules InteliSON continuously communicates with the OSS for monitoring network KPIs — determining the best cell configurations for maximizing network coverage, capacity and quality of service. The process is fully automated and it takes only a few iterations to optimize congested areas. Instead of inherently error prone path loss and network traffic prediction files, InteliSON uses real time, actual network KPIs from the OSS. InteliSON helps RF engineers keep their focus on network quality and subscriber experience by assuming the tedious and time consuming work related to network optimization. Through intelligent optimization algorithms, InteliSON maximizes network performance for increased revenue and quality and for reducing network expenditures. Operating automatically, InteliSON continuously tracks the actual network performance. This continuous optimization makes the configuration changes small and provides at any moment in time the best network performance.
  7. 7. INTELLIGENT SON SOLUTIONSON Features > Mobility Load Balancing> Automatic Neighbor list Relations (ANR) > Mobility Robustness Optimization> Coverage and Capacity Optimization > Self-Healing Intelligent SON Solutions / 7 /> Interference Reduction > Traffic Pattern Based Optimization OMOUS ON UT A CL InteliSON® O ED S Automatic Key Performance Indicators 65 Neighbor LO - /3 Relations 24/7 P O Coverage Mobility Load and Radio Capacity Balancing Optimization OSS Access NetworkCON T EN Self IG TI Healing LL NU TE U Parameter Settings O S IN DY N A M I C
  8. 8. SuperiorIntelligent SON Solutions / 8 / Optimization InteliSON is very nimble in keeping the subscriber experience up. By continuously monitoring OSS KPI and call traces, InteliSON detects very early performance degradation trends and starts taking measures for fixing them. New configurations are loaded into the OSS before subscribers may notice performance degradation. This way, subscribers continuously benefit from a good quality of experience.
  9. 9. ADVANTAGES> Closed Loop requires no offline simulation and eliminates drive > Flexible customer-defined deployment scenarios: KPI polling and test measurements scheduling and network configuration changes can be customer- defined to minimize impact on systems> Fully automated: Provides 24/7 autonomous RAN KPI monitoring Intelligent SON Solutions / 9 / > Multi-technology support: supports both UMTS and LTE> Multi-vendor integration: InteliSON can be integrated with leading technologies infrastructure OEMs, OSS and 3rd party PM tools > The InteliSON Management Console provides RAN engineers with a browser-based control interface featuring SON process monitoring, configuration, and administration capabilities
  10. 10. OPTIMIZATION EFFICIENCIES Through its automated SON processes, InteliSON delivers immediate > Better Utilization of Engineering Resources: InteliSON frees benefits to mobile network operators: up valuable engineering resources so that they can tackle other operational issues such as new network design, site deployments, > Closed-Loop Optimization: InteliSON uses OSS generated KPI’s capacity planning, and performance analysis. instead of OPEX intensive drive-test measurements, on-line analysis and solutions generation in place of resource intensive > Uniform Enforcement of Engineering Policies: The automatedIntelligent SON Solutions / 10 / network planning tool simulations and autonomous configuration nature of InteliSON ensures that engineering policies, operating changes for a true Self-Optimizing solution. procedures, and best practices are followed more uniformly throughout the network, leading to better network quality and > Continuous Optimization Cycles: By providing RAN engineers reductions in maintenance costs. with a continuous monitoring and optimization tool, InteliSON provides the ability to achieve continuous problem resolution.
  11. 11. BENEFITSInteliSON is very attractive to wireless operators; it increases theROI on the network infrastructure investment and reduces CAPEXand OPEX by making deployed infrastructure more efficient andbetter utilized, and by eliminating the costly engineering processes/ Intelligent SON Solutions / 11 / www.reverbnetworks.comdrive tests and replacing them with real time KPIs from the OSS.The automatic cell reconfiguration loaded into the OSS makes theprocess free from operators’ errors. InteliSON offers substantialCAPEX/OPEX reductions while improving network performance.> OpEx Savings: InteliSON’s automated processes eliminate labor intensive manual process-based optimizing techniques such as drive testing campaigns and tools based prediction techniques, resulting in reduced Operating Expenditures.> Deferred CapEx: Maintaining more consistent and high levels of network performance and spectral efficiency performance, the operator can delay infrastructure Capital Expenditures otherwise needed to meet subscriber demands for capacity and quality.> Enhanced user experience: Higher overall network performance in areas with congested and/or interference prone areas of the network causes a reduced dropped call rate (DCR) and increased data throughput, leading to improved quality of service (QoS) and subscriber experience and reduced subscriber churn.
  12. 12. Reverb Networks, Inc. General Sales21515 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 290 +1.703.665.4222 +1.703.574.4891Sterling, VA USA 20166