Pond Trip

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  • 1. Pond Trip TOMORROW!!!
  • 2. Seven experiments
    • You will get a worksheet with these tomorrow
    • Seven Tasks
      • Average Temperature
      • Lines of Clarity
      • Pollution
      • Animals
      • Wind Meter
      • pH
      • Sample Collection
  • 3. Average Temperature
    • You will take the temperature of the pond in four different places on the pond
    • You add the temperatures recorded and then divide by four.
    • This will give you the Average Temperature
  • 4. Lines of Clarity
    • This tells how clear the water is.
    • Needs two people
    • One holds the tube under water filling the tube with water.
    • When full, put your thumb on the bottom hole and turn upright. Point hole away from you.
    • The other person will look at the top of the tube. The water is let out of the hole until the person looking sees the design on the bottom.
    • Count the lines to the nearest quarter
  • 5. Visible Pollution
    • Do you see any pollution around the pond?
    • Are the cars pollution?
    • What is potential pollution?
  • 6. What Animals Live Here?
    • Name the animals that you saw in and around the pond.
    • You are NOT allowed to bring back any animals- such as a minnow, frog, goldfish, turtle. We cannot look at these animals under a microscope.
  • 7. Wind Meter
    • Hold the wind meter in the air.
    • The foam ball might rise.
    • Record the reading on the small scale side.
    • If no reading put zero.
  • 8. pH
    • Get a piece of litmus paper.
    • Dip it in water.
    • Wait 30 seconds and compare the color of your paper with the chart Mr. Halpainy will have.
  • 9. Sample Collection
    • Only fill your bucket halfway (you will spill it pond the way back).
    • Get dirt with a shovel from different areas of the pond. At the most 1 inch on the bottom of your bucket.
    • Get water it a cup. Don’t overfill your bucket.
    • You can use your net to get pond scum or floating samples- no living creatures!!!
  • 10. Old Cloths
    • Bring rubber barn boots if you want to go into water.
    • Wear old cloths that are appropriate.
    • Don’t wear skirts or dresses tomorrow!!!.