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Personal time traveler journal

  1. 1. 19050114300<br />Personal Time Traveler’s Journal <br />By Jesse Hall<br />Entry # 1<br />c. C.E. 787: Somewhere in Northumbria (England) <br />Today on my journey through time I got into a raid on England. I looked in my Viking Time Line Reference Book to find around the time I’m in. I found out that I am in England. Taking place in what may be the first Viking raids in England.<br /> It is a rainy day. Land is mostly flat and in a coastal region, but not able to find exact location. The Vikings that I’m with are dressed in baggy clothing, consisting of what looks like an overtunic. The Vikings are using weapons, manly in the shapes of swords and axes. The Vikings must have knowledge of metal working. The warfare is very brutal. It looks as though the raid has been a success. <br />Jesse J. Hall<br />Entry # 2 <br />c. C.E. 793; Lindisfarne, Northumbria<br /> <br />I travelled through time six years later using top secret government invention. The Lindisfarne monastery raid took place today. The monasteries in Northumbria are very easy to raid since the monks have no weapons to defend themselves. This monastery had lots of treasures and valuables taken. <br />I attacked with my Viking counterparts using a battle axe from that time, while just a shield was my protection. When we arrived at Lindisfarne, it was a partly cloudy day. There was a slight breeze and the air was a little bit chilly. I gathered two snapshots at the time of the attack. Jesse J. Hall <br />Entry # 3<br />c. C.E. 866; York, East Anglia<br />Today, I witnessed the capture and execution of King Edmund of East Anglia. I can confirm that King Edmund did in fact die of being shot to death by arrows. It was a very gruesome sight. After the execution, I joined my Viking counterparts to celebrate our victory and talk about where we will go to tomorrow. <br />The weather today was cloudy with on and off rain showers throughout the day. There were high winds, I estimated to be between twenty-five to thirty-five miles per hour. The air temperature was definitely very cold today. The Vikings have full blazing fires all around the camp. Everything got soaked after the fifth rain shower of the day. <br />Jesse J. Hall<br />Entry # 4<br />c. C.E. 900; Shetland Islands, Scotland<br />Today I witness the taking over of the last ground on the Shetland Island by the Vikings. The last gruesome raid on a Scottish military camp took place today. The name of the camp isn’t known, and the Vikings were very surprised to find such a camp. The camp was surrounded by water, so when the Viking fleet got word of the camp they raced over to it to stat the attack. The battle was over within minutes and many Scottish warriors died. <br />The Weather of this day was relatively moderate. I was able to get one snap shot of the scene. I was nearly killed when I was getting the shot, too.<br />Jesse J. Hall<br />Entry # 5<br />c. C.E. 900; Founding of Dublin, Ireland<br />Dublin is a very big trading port at his time. The founding of Dublin, Ireland was very small and took place on a rainy day. Dublin is just a trophy to the achievements of the Viking conquest of England, Scotland, and parts of Ireland. Dublin is full of trade and goods though from the raid throughout England. The streets are full of filth, and nobody cares about the environment of the town. Dublin Tower is built though and is a defensive position. Not many facts about the town at this time are good though. <br />Jesse J. Hall<br />Entry # 6<br />c. C.E. 1000; North America<br />Today I helped establish a settlement in North America. There are sixty-eight Vikings living with me in the settlement. All males living in this settlement are warriors. Settlement is called New Iceland. We settlers have found many remnants of people that used to live here. Found a make-shift graveyard half a mile in land. The grave yard is made up of mostly kids, which are buried there. One of the women from the voyage got ill over the last few days. <br /> The Climate of this region is very much like the climate of Norway. The winds that carried us here though were against us all the time. I managed a few snapshots of the voyage to New Iceland, and the town. <br />Jesse J. Hall<br /> <br /> <br />Entry # 7<br />c. C.E. 1001; Greenland<br />Leif Ericsson established a colony on Greenland today. I got out of New Iceland about three months ago to go to Greenland, since Greenland was my next stop. Ever since then I’ve been working on the settlement in Greenland alongside Leif Ericsson, whom has become my best friend over here in the settlement. He asked where I came from and I told him I came from New Iceland. He asked how the people were doing when I last left them. I told him all was well. The weather today was very cold and very windy. I got a few snapshots of the Greenland settlement and my souvenirs. I get to voyage back to America, with Leif Ericsson, to look at what has become of the settlement. <br />Jesse J. Hall<br /> <br />Entry # 8<br />c. C.E. 1001; New Iceland<br />There were the remains of children, women, and men scattered everywhere. The village had very few houses still standing as most of them were burned to the ground. Leif Ericsson commanded the crew to pick up the bodies and to bury them at the graveyard I found when I got to the place many months before. While burying the bodies, we were attacked by a people not know to live in this area. We killed them all in the anger of the lives lost and the destruction of New Iceland. We decided to head back to Greenland since this place was home to a savage people. We set sail on high seas, but couldn’t move anywhere so we are stuck here for the night.<br />Jesse J. Hall<br />Entry #9<br />c. C.E. 1002; England<br />King Sweyn of Denmark has started the invasion of England today. The Vikings took the English by surprise and we made some good ground on them. The English king, King Ethelred fled from his castle into the woods today as we entered his gates, the coward. The king is nowhere to be found. We have control over his castle and we found some valuable maps. I learned that the Vikings don’t take the king of England’s flee very well. They find it very dishonorable and they definitely won’t be letting him live when they find him. I captured a few snapshots of the attack on the castle during my time here. <br />Jesse J. Hall<br /> <br />Entry # 10<br />c. C.E. 1066; England<br />William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, has successfully conquered England. It was a very organized invasion and took many years. The Vikings have become like many other civilizations and are more formed in battle. They still have no rules of warfare, though. The Duke is now the ruler of England. I have been invited to a banquet in honor of the Dukes achievement and it is said to be mandatory, that the Duke has all high officials at the banquet. I’ll go to the banquet tomorrow, and then I will head back to my own time.<br />Jesse J. Hall<br />My Resources in MLA:<br />Nielson, P. "The Vikings." Long Beach City College. Long Beach City College, 01/04/2004. Web. 23 Feb 2011. <>.<br />Short, William. "Hurstwic: Clothing in the Viking Age." Hurstwic. Hurstwic, 01/01/2011. Web. 23 Feb 2011. <>.<br />Hirst, K. "The Vikings: Imperalist Farmers of Scandanavia.", n.d. Web. 23 Feb 2011. <>.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />