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Passfaces Investor Presentation

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Passfaces 4 Oct07 Print

  1. 1. Passfaces Business Opportunity September 2007
  2. 2. About Passfaces It’s about something we’re all born with that replaces passwords and takes authentication into the graphical age …. It’s about giving users the capability of creating their own personalized authentication experience …. It’s about disruptive technology, that has patents granted world- wide, that will touch every IT user on the planet.
  3. 3. Proven, Science-Based Technology Based on science Part of the human brain – the fusiform facial area (FFA) – is dedicated to the process of “learning” and remembering faces Face recognition is a universal skill – independent of age, language or education Proven in government, financial services and healthcare
  4. 4. Mission Establish Passfaces as the graphical password standard and universal replacement for traditional passwords and PINs p@$sW0rD
  5. 5. Market Opportunity Social Networks, Photo Sites, MMORPGames 10+ sites with 20+ million accounts MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, orkut, Hi5,, Xanga, Bebo, Facebook Friendster,,, Habbo 15+ sites with 5 to 20 million accounts Netlog,, Cyworld,, LiveJournal, Friends Reunited, LinkedIn, Piczo, Mixi, WAYN, Care2, Gaia Online, Faceparty, Multiply, Fotolog, Runescape 25+ sites with 1 to 5 million accounts Source: Wikipedia 900+ million accounts 100% accessed by password 100’s of millions of logon events every day
  6. 6. Passfaces Graphical Passwords Instead of a password, users have a set of 3-7 “secret” Passfaces Users log on by picking each of their Passfaces from “challenge” grids of 9 faces
  7. 7. Passfaces Personal Stand alone application that allows users to logon to their own Windows PC with Passfaces Users create fun, cool, personalized logon Users select any personal pictures (family, friends, sports heroes etc.) to be used as their Passfaces Simple drag and drop operation FREE download from Web Personal Plus Upgrade available to
  8. 8. Making Logon Fun Passfaces turns every logon into a “fun” event Users create their own personalized logon slide-show using pictures of friends, family, sports heroes etc. Pictures can come from users albums or anywhere on the Web Friends and MotoGP MotoGP Kid family stars girls stuff
  9. 9. Facebook Logon Application Stand alone application that allows users to logon to a particular Web site with Passfaces FREE install initialized from Facebook App Uses friends faces as initial “secret” Automatic sharing with friends Personal Other features as Passfaces NOT single-sign-on
  10. 10. Zero Integration Existing infrastructure allows users to log-in to any Web site with their personal Passfaces Product Platform Mechanism Scope Market Passfaces Personal Specific Passfaces 1. Online Logon Agent Web site Personal Windows OS Games • XP • Vista Any Web 2. Photo site Manage Passfaces & Share Stuff (on user PC) InfoCard CardSpace 3. Social site Networks Any Browser Passfaces • PC OpenID 4. All Others Online • Mac site • PDA OpenID • • iPhone • • etc. Passfaces Stuff (in cloud)
  11. 11. Positive UX and Sharing Drive Viral Loop Passfaces Widgets provide hooks for adoption on major platforms in initial target markets Social networks Photo management sites Online games Positive user experience provided through Passfaces inherent ease-of-use Passfaces and 3rd party photo tools Ongoing design and development guided by user feedback and observation User created and professional (sponsored) “content” Sharability is key to viral propagation People like sharing photos Passfaces logon grids and “gridsets” are shared like other photos – e.g. email, homepage, FaceBook wall etc. Passfaces application “travels” with logon photos
  12. 12. Cool and Sticky Cool? Tap on YOUR Passface enter password: ******* or Would you rather logon with these pretty faces everyday … … or with a password?
  13. 13. Creating the Graphical Password Standard Passfaces Personal enables users to adopt Passfaces for fun & for free Login Apps for FaceBook (and others) will help drive viral adoption Freely available Passfaces Widgets (for PC and Web) allow users to create, manage and share Passfaces “Stuff” Cardspace, OpenID & Roboform enable use of Passfaces everywher Passwords = the last Passfaces = the GUI password remnant of command line
  14. 14. Pricing & Revenues Freemium revenue model … Passfaces Personal, Widgets and Logon Agents Free Passfaces Personal Plus $9.95 initial purchase $4.95 annual renewal … with high-value advertising potential Passfaces Personal has desktop foothold Logon is predictable, recurring event Passfaces logon has user engaged Passfaces graphical content is sponsorship opportunity NASCAR, NFL, Lost, Harry Potter, Club Penquin etc.
  15. 15. Partner Example Enables Passfaces logon to any Web site PC-based password manager Freemium Model Upgrade to “Pro” version = $29.95 5% upgrade rate 21 million total downloads Currently 500,000 per month
  16. 16. Competitors All are focused on established strong authentication (security) market Real competition is non-consumption – i.e. passwords
  17. 17. Executive Team Paul Barrett, CEO 20 years leadership experience in the IT security industry Developed world’s first high-speed implementation of the now ubiquitous RSA crypto-system Introduced now market-leading SecurID token into Europe Co-founded authentication token business SmartDisk Instigated development of leading encryption product SafeBoot Andrew Ryan, Chief Scientist 15 years of technology and development experience in IT security Recognized expert in authentication and crypto-systems implementation Developed SmartDisk and market leading SafeBoot product John Haggard, SVP of Business Development 25 years experience in the IT security industry Authentication pioneer with SKK, Computer Associates and Thumbscan President, COO & CTO of Vasco, world’s #2 authentication token company
  18. 18. Advisors Hugh Davies: Inventor of Passfaces. Patrice Peyret: Founder and CEO Plastyc inc. Formerly: CEO of Mobileway Inc.(acquired by Sybase); Founder of Integrity Arts (acquired by Sun); CTO Gemplus. Esther Dyson: Chairman of EDventure Holdings, founding chairman of ICANN, founding member of the “digerati”. Dr. Peter Tippett: Chief Technology Officer at Cybertrust, Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on cyber warfare, Founder of Certus International later acquired by Symantec. Inventor computer anti-virus software. Dr. Taher Elgamal: Tumbleweed CTO, Chief Scientist at Netscape, Director of Engineering at RSA Data Security Inc., Cryptography pioneer – PKI, SSL, DSA.
  19. 19. Financial Summary The Company is seeking $3 million in financing The primary uses of which are to: Refine and enhance positive user experience Design and implement viral marketing programs Strengthen Passfaces team
  20. 20. Business Strategy Establishing Passfaces as the graphical password standard and universal replacement for traditional passwords and PINs. Thank You!