Hadfield - Marketing to Developers - Microsoft VSIP Summit Oct 2011


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Abridged version of presentation originally given in October 2011 to Microsoft VSIP partners. More research, details available -- just ask.

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  • Hadfield - Marketing to Developers - Microsoft VSIP Summit Oct 2011

    1. 1. Notes
    2. 2. Give me non-trivial examples of The lower the barrier for software use including the source trying out a code of the demo application. demonstration product, the better.If an advert is animated and I have to wait for I don’t like the bit of text Im interested in to come “marketing” and around again, I wont bother waiting. sales pitches. Dont advertise on Twitter. Twitter sucks.
    3. 3.  8.1 M registered CodeProject members (developers) 4.1 M visit each month (uniques) Two separate surveys in October 2011  Buying influence survey  Buying “decision point” survey Build on 2009 survey (past VSIP summit)
    4. 4. *7,450,000 codeproject.com members
    5. 5. Real-life showcases made with Free, full featured trials are a must to the tool/component. prototype integration ability, testing,Sample apps with walk-thrus help. and reliability.I dont have time for steep learning curves. Give me prices in my currency.Provide fast and helpful responses to presale and support queries. The more up-to-date samples the better.
    6. 6. Never, ever call meon the phone.
    7. 7. Which of these best help you make a buying decision?(1 is "least helpful in making a decision" and 5 is "most helpful in making a decision.") Option  Avg  Reliability, quality 4.36 Features 4.32 Trial version/demo 3.96 Compatibility 3.89 Documentation 3.89 Quality of support 3.68 Peer rankings, reviews 3.52 Company reputation 3.51 Upgrade path 3.43 Source code (where applicable) 3.34 Familiarity with company/brand 3.26 Other 2.07
    8. 8. Re ne wa l/U pg rad e/N ew Pr od uc ts(Customer Need) Trust
    9. 9. Re ne wa l/U pg rad e/N ew Pr od uc ts(Customer Need) Trust
    10. 10. RESEARCH