Marketing to Developers: How are they different and how do I talk to them?


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This is a highly abbreviated version of the presentation I've shared with hundreds of people about marketing to software developers. The presentation is constantly evolving with new data, but the core story remains the same: the world is increasingly run by software, developers build software, and developers are thereby the key to your company's future. From our experience and research, we can teach you the keys to effectively gaining developer attention, interest, involvement, trust and adoption. And I'd love to help you, too.

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  • Sure, they’re just people like you and me … but how are they different? You probably have a friend or relative who’s a software developer.
  • DM/CP study
  • from The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World, Stephen O’Grady, O’Reilly
  • Dev-focusedPrivately heldCorporate goal is to help developers and help the market. Not to please our investors. Not part of a bigger publishing firm or a site with a broader mission (Q&A)
  • Our network includes only quality sites – site that build the community.Not just drive by answers, but sites that contribute to the dev community. No guidelines that won’t allow certain questions to be asked. No “Well, Actuallys”Our goal is to make developers’ lives better.CommunitiesResourcesInfluencersVoicesDevelopers
  • We reach 20MM UNIQUE developers every month. With developer-specific sites and messagesNo-one goes to only one site, as much as we’d like them to. Even when they have favorites, they still go to many. use case example – people go to google but click the links of trusted resourcesWhy the difference? Could be estimates. Could be multiple IP addresses for the same person.
  • We have tons of experience doing this. Our board has years of experience in the market. Our sales team is focused on bringing you to the market in the best way possible.
  • Marketing to Developers: How are they different and how do I talk to them?

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