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Leptonic FInal State Boost Summary
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Leptonic FInal State Boost Summary


Published on

Summary talk for the BOOST09 workshop at SLAC from the leptonic final states working group

Summary talk for the BOOST09 workshop at SLAC from the leptonic final states working group

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  • 1. Boost09 Leptonic Final States Closing Remarks Roger Moore, Itay Yavin, Josh Ruderman, Natalia Toro, Philip Schuster, Andy, Haas, Jay Wacker, Mariangela Lisanti w/ non-local input from Yura Gershtein
  • 2. Production modes Lepton Jet + SM Jet Jet + Dark DY 2 lepton Jets (+ MET) (+SM Jets) Susy LSP to dark sector Z/Z’ to dark particles Direct dark particle production Lepton Jet + (Photon/Iso Leptons) (Shih &Thomas to appear)
  • 3. Two-Lepton Lepton Jets 2 oppositely signed leptons in a small cone Need more handles to get away from backgrounds Flavor universal + − Heavy Flavor dominated + − + − Ad 0 0 0 a a χA! 0 h χ0 SM Higgs-like Susy-like ditau identification ?
  • 4. 4-lepton lepton jet (single core) Decay Topology Relevant Parameters pT φ1 φ2 mφ1 mφ2 φ2 cτφ! cτφ2 φ1 ∆RSignal < 0.1 cτφ! ∼ 0.1 < ∆RIso < 0.4 ∼ ∼ Had Iso vs EM Iso cτφ2
  • 5. Usefulness/Danger of invariant masses Taking pairwise invariant masses, total invariant mass Gets away from SM continuum backgorund But may be multiple resonances &/or missing particles
  • 6. #' σ [mb] Additional Radiation !" #& J. Ruderman (to appear) !" Challenge with Isolation #% !" #$ !" ! !" ) Υ !" J/ψ ψ(2S) Motivates studying Had Iso vs EM Iso * !" φ ω R !" ρ Caveats for mφ > 700 MeV ∼ ! Combinatorics could hurt sensitivity ρ #! !" ! !"
  • 7. New Strong Sectors High multiplicity final states + − + Light mesons ωD ηD − √ ωD s ΛD 23-4/"5-&)")'& 0/-(*5506")'!-7')& !"#$%&'()*# &+*,'#-. qD +"!#*/01")0*/ √ s ΛD p − e p+ e #*89+5:-&;+'#0("5- '<'/) ¯ qD γ mA ΛD ωD + ωD ωD Lepton Jets =**&)'!-;#*!8()&- #'(*05-*>>-;+*)*/ − − ηD + − + ωD
  • 8. Other preliminary techniques/definitions Multicore lepton jets (muon only) General technique for collimated muons Loosening isolation for high multiplicity muon jets Nµ ≥ 4 ?? ET had < ∼ pT µ
  • 9. New Tools New Strong Signal Simulation (J. Wacker w/ S. Schumann, P. Richardson, F. Krauss) Dark Showering Sherpa & Herwig Hadron Spectrum DarkSpecGen Dark Hadronization Sherpa & Herwig Cascading to SM DarkSpecGen
  • 10. Advances to improve theoretical prediction Showering & Hadronization (Abelian & Non-Abelian) Parameterization/Categorization of Lepton jets & Production modes for benchmarks Implementation of benchmarks into MCs highlighting sensitivity differences between Tevatron/LHC/B-factories/Fixed Target/LHCb
  • 11. Advances to improve experimental sensitivity Tuning selection criteria to improve sensitivity of benchmark 4-lepton lepton jet parameterization Separating electron lepton jets from EM rich QCD jets Mixed 2mu+2e lepton jet study Hadronic isolation to prevent losses from additional dark radiation Scanning for di-mu resonances in hadronic events (Zurek & Gershetin)
  • 12. Late Tevatron/LEP or Early LHC Analyses and Measurements Measuring J/Psi production & pT spectrum Rate of muons from in-flight decays Measuring resolution/efficiency at small separation
  • 13. Summary Still making operative definitions of lepton Jets New signals + tools appearing Important searches to be done at Tevatron Early searches possible at LHC B-Physics & Fixed Targets Experiments SLAC Workshop on Dark Forces: Sept 24-26, 2009