MLM Secret Weapon - This Will Shock You!


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What is your MLM Secret Weapon, or Special Advantage? Is there a Secret MLM Weapon? Absolutely YES, Find out how to get a special advantage and grow your
business - Time to get some MLM business leads.

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MLM Secret Weapon - This Will Shock You!

  1. 1. MLM Business Leads Today! THIS MLM Secret Weapon Will Shock You!!
  2. 2. Oh Right! Secret Weapon? Come on Man! Like I Said … It Will Shock You… Are You ready?
  3. 3. Lets Start Here…. What Would This MLM Secret Weapon Have To Do?
  4. 4. Many Things… Encourage you to keep going - even though there has been no progress for months. Encourage you to write another article, or record a YouTube video when your favorite show is on. Remind you that this is your business and a serious one, so treat it that way. Keep reading YOU NEED SOME MORE!!!
  5. 5. A Few More Things… Put you into listening mode when talking with a good prospect. Urge you to pick up the phone after 3 follow ups did not go well. Give you inspiration and incredible words when writers and video cramp over takes you. Keep reading YOU NEED SOME MORE!!!
  6. 6. A Few More Things… Raise your spirits when someone close says "MLM , you kidding me, that doesn't work". Remind you that maintaining these efforts will make your job redundant. Tell you to shut up when you try to justify the business to other people. . Keep reading YOU NEED SOME MORE!!!
  7. 7. Lastly… Tell you that whoever is controlling your emotions - will control your business. Teach you that let the downs be not so down, and the highs be not so high. Remind you that there are many like minded people that will get this. . Don’t Go yet – It’s just getting warm in here…
  9. 9. Lets Start Again…. What You Though The MLM Secret Weapon Should Do.. Lets do this….
  10. 10. Lots Of Things… Fully explain and teach me attraction marketing principles. Get me "X" amount of targeted leads - non stop, as long as I put in the effort Teach me how to market in social media and become a magnet for traffic. Yes, keep reading YOU NEED THIS As Well!!!
  11. 11. More Things… Put me in front of the competition instead of lagging behind. Teach me how to get my content ranking. Explain this nightmare of understanding keywords and get me to stick in the rankings.
  12. 12. Some More Things… Provide me weekly and daily marketing tips from the leaders in internet marketing. Have me make profits from leads even if they say no. Explain and teach SEO and Page Ranking so I can actually utilize this.
  13. 13. Finally… Teach me copywriting principles so I get clicks and not just views. Provide me with a community of support.
  14. 14. Definition of “ Secret Weapon“ Someone or something that gives you a special advantage over your opponents, especially in business or politics.
  15. 15. Hope This Is Not Your “ Secret Weapon“ or “ Special Advantage “ Free Leads or Buy Leads All You Can Eat Leads 10 Ways to Generate More Lead 5 Easy Ways to Generate Leads How to Generate Leads Online with Social Media How to generate leads using content marketing The Secret to Using Your Website to Generate New Leads Good Leads, How To Generate Leads 1000+ a Day–For FREE Many of these are actual top 10 search results…..
  16. 16. FREE MLM LEADS “You always get what you pay for” “Nothing Is Free” Do You Want “Dollar Tree Leads? Your Business Is Worth Targeted Warm Leads!!
  17. 17. BUY MLM LEADS Hmmmmm? Why aren’t they keeping these Hot Leads for themselves?
  18. 18. The Perfect MLM Lead (this is what you want) They are a like minded person. They desire extra income. They are open minded. They are willing to work. They are not fond of their job to put it lightly.
  19. 19. The Perfect MLM Lead How Many Are Out There I did a quick search on a few keywords. Minimum 130,000 a Day (likely 10 x that) Check The Results Here leads/ . About 2/3rd way down the page
  20. 20. You Want Some Of These MLM Leads? I am not going to tell you how great and wonderful this system is. Everyone does that…… I will tell you …. It takes work, anyone tells you otherwise, like “Easy Leads” then run. I will tell you… the right work and commitment is all it takes…. Oh! And being teachable… only1 more slide…..
  21. 21. “I’ve had several conversations with people about MLSP, and what my opinion was of the system. I personally believe it is one of the best systems out there because of the value and the range of continuity. If I were to quickly compare other systems, they wouldn’t fall into the same category if someone is relying on the free training and complete system that is always being updated to keep up with the trends. I would say that is the defining difference. Other systems are a bit more generic and will not offer the same type of training or have affiliate offers integrated.” Serious About Growing Your MLM Business? Tired of off-line recruitment? Ready To Learn To Leverage A Vast Market? You cannot decide not to visit this article and take action! leads/ THE ONLY SPECIAL ADVANTAGE
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