Take it home design thinking application
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Take it home design thinking application

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Apply Design Thinking in my work

Apply Design Thinking in my work

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  • 1. My 3 takeaways It's ok to fail. In failing sometimes we can actually learn more. It's ok to go out without fully tested output or model. A draft sometimes can provide better feedback. The prototype section taught me that. In the ideate section I thought I would struggle to get to 50 ideas as I am the type of person that goes to solution mode quickly. So instead of just putting ideas down, I am knocking them back before they get to paper. This exercise was a little difficult and interesting. I had to alter my mindset during this exercise.
  • 2. My Design Thinking Process Map Failure is not failure if you are learning .
  • 3. Application to my job I work in finance doing a lot of projects including product development. Enhancements that get done tend to be the ones the sales team talk about often which is normally and enhancement competitors have and our products don't. Design thinking seems like a great process to use substantiate and prove ideas. Are they truly right for our end customer or are they just making the product more complicated and not truly what the customer wants from us. I like the idea of just putting ideas down and not judging, choosing, creating, maybe choosing again, testing, creating again. This is a really important process that does not happen. Importantly I feel the testing with real people is the most important part that is missing with our customers. Not the voice of the sales team but the voice of financial planners and the end client buying the product. The end client is the mort important. If they understand the purpose and see the need for it. That works. It's not our current process thought. A lot of change and change of mindset by management needed.