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  • 1. there’s a common questionamong people today. Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 2. And everyone seems to besearching for the answer. Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 3. “WHO AM I...?” Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 4. this ismy answer.
  • 5. I AM...
  • 6. Jay Grunke
  • 7. MusicianOwned by me. Designed by Open Eye Designs. Owned by me. Photography: Lisa M. Bond Photography. Graphic Design: Open Eye Designs.
  • 8. d e ntS tu Photo courtesy of Flickr:
  • 9. visionaryPhoto owned by me.
  • 10. how did i get here?Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 11. Education &background
  • 12. ridgewater tech. collegeaudio technology Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 13. l i y a t s i l rs l e f u iv u n Music production 4 year bachelor’sPhoto Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 14. classically trained musicianPhoto Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 15. 5 successful years as a djPhoto Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 16. Photo Courtesy of Flickr: years live sound engineering experience
  • 17. Owned by me. Designed by Open Eye Designs Owned by me. Photography: Lisa M. Bond Photography. Graphic Design: Open Eye Designs. co-wrote, arranged, and recorded 2 independent albums
  • 18. Iattack mypassion Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 19. withpassion Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 20. l s o a g? i l y d ay Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 21. 1. read.4.create. ? 2. apply. 3. experiment.
  • 22. in an effortto accomplish my dream ?
  • 23. to be here. Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 24. making music.Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 25. for everyone. Photo Courtesy of Flickr:
  • 26. thank you.Contact and Web Info:Email: