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What is a COMMUNITY?
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What is a COMMUNITY?


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    What is a COMMUNITY?...
    Learning together to create a definition!
    A collaborative project involving 16 classes from around the world.
  • 2.
  • 3. A community is friends and family.By Austen
  • 4. A community is like a forest. We help each other to grow higher and higher.
    Mrs. Murray’s class
  • 5. A community is a place full of buildings and people. In a community people help each other.
    Link To Brainstorming Back Channel Chat Session:
    By Miss Dunsiger’s Grade 1 Class
    Ancaster Meadow School
    Ancaster, ON
  • 6. A community is like when you blink your eyes, people blink to see who is around them.
  • 7.
    is like a bowl of chocolates… you never know what treasures you might find buried at the bottom!
    - Mrs. Griffith’s Class
  • 9. A community to me is the city I
    live in Berne,Indiana.
    By Ciarah
  • 10. A community is a group of people talking.
    ~Noah and Michael
  • 11. Mrs. Murray’s class
    A community is like a collection of books because inside the covers are treasures to help us.
  • 12. A community is like a colony of ants because all of the ants help protect each other. Jason Mattison Allison S. ZachMrs. Griffith’s ClassRandolph, NY
  • 13. A community is love I give one to another.
    By Hannah
  • 14. A community is like a forest of trees where people help them to grow and the trees help people by giving them oxygen to stay alive. Neila Allison F. Noah JosephMrs. Griffith’s Class Randolph, NY
  • 15. A community is like somewhere you live or a school or state.
  • 16. A community is like baseball players because they work together.
    By Brice
  • 17. A community is like a coral reef because it’s a city underwater where many plants and creatures live and help each other to survive. - Mrs. Griffith’s Class
  • 18. A community is a work place.
    by Jaden
  • 19. A community is like a hospital and a house, its where people go to get better.
    ~Patsi and Megan
  • 20.
  • 21.
    A community is like a pizza: many different people working together to make life spicy and delicious.
    Mrs. Murray’s class
  • 22. A community is like a bunch of cars working together to try not to crash.
  • 23. A community is a city to our group.
    ~Betsy, Ivette, and Jenny
  • 24. A COMMUNITY is a place where I feel comfortable – Brockway, PA, St. Bonaventure University, the elementary classroom.
    - Josh Inzana
  • 25. A community is helping each other.
  • 26. A COMMUNITY is a garden of diverse varieties all sharing the same soil who use their sweet fragrance and unique design to make the entire patch a more colorful place.
    - JamieLynn Griffith
  • 27. A community is friends and family and people who are helpful.
    By Lilly
  • 28. A community can be a school, city, state, country, or the world
    ~James, Simon, and Logan
  • 29. A community is a place where people work together because they want a better sea to swim in. Evan Marty Sarah KameronMrs. Griffith’s ClassRandolph, NY
  • 30. A community is my family.
    By Lukas
  • 31. My community is so awesome.
    Because all the cool cars come by
    like this one. By Luke
  • 32. A community is like a pride of lions because they each have a special job to meet each others’ needs. Branson Tiffany RyanMrs. Griffith’s ClassRandolph, NY
  • 33.
  • 34. A community to me means my home.
    By Mikaela
  • 35. A community is like a family where you take care of each other.
    ~Zoe, Trina, and Sophia
  • 36. What a community means to me is working together. My family has a special day that is Thursday we have cleaning night.
    By Parker
  • 37. A community is a place where people make a difference and clean up the earth. Jillian Alex Sydney MatthewMrs. Griffith’s ClassRandolph, NY
  • 38. A community is my school.
    By Ruth
  • 39. A community is a lot of people in a city coming together to make a difference. Valerie Natalie MasonMrs. Griffith’s ClassRandolph, NY