D.Burns, M.Yost - Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee Update


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D.Burns, M.Yost - Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee Update

  1. 1. Moving beyond planning Implementing Stream Management Plans through local leadership in the Schoharie basin
  2. 2. Schoharie SMP East Kill Batavia Kill SMP SMP SWAC SMP Implementation West Kill Manor Kill SMP SMP
  3. 3. Sub-basin committees evolved to basin-wide Advisory Committee Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee
  4. 4. Two team structure Agency Advisors SWAC Engage appropriate local, Local management county, state, federal and advisory committee non-government agencies
  5. 5. SWAC Voting Committee Members Towns within the Schoharie Creek basin Hunter, Windham, Jewett, Lexington, Ashland, Prattsville, Gilboa, Roxbury, and Conesville 9 Villages within the Schoharie Creek basin Hunter and Tannersville 2 County Legislator 1 Appointees from three subcommittees Highway, Education, and Recreation/Habitat 3 Locally Driven 15 Appointed representatives (2) serving two year terms, with no term limits Advisory Members – Local, State and Federal Agencies and Non-Government Organizations
  6. 6. SWAC Advisory Members New York City Department of Schoharie County Representatives Environmental Protection Delaware County Representatives Greene County Planning Greene County Soil and Water Department Conservation District Cornell Cooperative Extension of US Army Corps of Engineers Greene County Catskill Watershed Corporation Greene County Highway Catskill Center NYS Department of Greene Land Trust Transportation Mountaintop Arboretum Non-profit foundations: Catskill NYS Department of Mountain Foundation, Hunter Environmental Conservation Foundation, Community of Windham Foundation NYS Department of Health Trout Unlimited
  7. 7. Subcommittees Highway Supers Outreach/Education Habitat/Recreation
  8. 8. General Guidelines GCSWCD and DEP staff review project ideas, ensure consistency with stream management plans – GCSWCD assign staff person/funding category GCSWCD and DEP STREAM MANAGEMENT PLAN IMPLEMENTATION coordinate with SWAC to Action Plan 2007 – 2009 draft action plan updates and revisions – these plans will guide the work and schedule for Schoharie stream management plan implementation Meetings open to public
  9. 9. Schoharie Basin Action Plan Plans direct activities for SMP Implementation – developed by SWAC 49 total items in the 2007-2009 Action Plan Update – 5 complete, 35 in-progress, 9 not started. Subject Areas within current Action Plan: • Program Development • Stormwater Projects • Staff Training & Development Goal – integrate • Interagency Coordination activities where • Education & Outreach Activities there is a direct • Planning, Assessment & Monitoring relationship to SMP • Riparian Buffer Program implementation • Recreation & Public Use • Stream Restoration Projects
  10. 10. Funding Categories GCSWCD Staff Education and Outreach Josh Infrastructure/Highway Jake Landowner Stream Assistance Joel Stormwater management and critical Jake area seeding Recreation-based opportunities Michelle Habitat Enhancements Carrie Planning and Assessment Abbe General Project (something not Jeff/Dave anticipated, or doesn’t fit in another category)
  11. 11. Landowner Stream Assistance Erosion Invasives Plants Riparian Buffers Land Stewardship
  12. 12. Infrastructure Planning Bridges Culverts Road Embankments Utility Crossings Floodplain Management
  13. 13. Stormwater Management/Low Impact Ponds Wetlands Infiltration Filtering Systems Open Channels
  14. 14. Education & Outreach Workshops Newsletters Public Meetings School Programs Presentations Stream Clean-ups Volunteer Plantings AmeriCorps sponsorship Kiosk Series
  15. 15. Supporting local decision-makers through coordinated workshops NYCDEP Schoharie Co. Planning NYSDEC Windham Planning Board
  16. 16. Recreation & Habitat Enhancement Stream Access Fisheries Improvement Navigability Habitat enhancement Water quality protection Brown trout fingerlings
  17. 17. Planning & Assessment Floodplain Management Flood Response Land Use/Open Space Recreational Resources Economic Development
  18. 18. Criteria for Funding Decisions Project is within a municipality that has adopted the relevant SMP Effects on stream stability and sediment transport Water quality benefits Public benefit to broader basin communities Protects infrastructure Improves habitats, general ecology or increases recreational access Feasibility of project, approach is consistent with principles set forth in stream management plans
  19. 19. Increasing role of SWAC in Action Plan Development Process Decision-making, setting priorities Develop Application process Review Criteria for scoring projects Input on subcommittees/ serve as liaison to SWAC Review outreach and reporting material
  20. 20. First round of proposals received August 1st Culvert replacement – improve proper drainage, reduce erosion, enhance habitat Thermal refuges study to determine where cold water refuges in Schoharie and West Kill exist to protect them Streamside plantings and engineering services to stabilize eroding banks Manor Kill Environmental Study Team/Stream Mngt. Implementation Program Prattsville Stream Access Stormwater retrofit for LEED project with multiple community benefits
  21. 21. Sample Highway/Infrastructure Proposal, Ashland
  22. 22. Planning & Assessment Proposal Thermal remote sensing infrared image (FLIR) ~100 x 150 m Airborne thermal remote sensing Reflectance converted to Converted to a temperature GIS point Slide complements coverage of USGS
  23. 23. Education and Outreach Proposal Manor Kill Environmental Study Team Photos: Joyce Valenti
  24. 24. Key is integrating programs, technical assistance, & funding to support local communities toward addressing SMP activities on a watershed scale Sugar Maples team Stable riparian corridor SWAC Stormwater mngt. Creekwalk, Hunter Foundation Roadside ditch protection Tour Windham Mtn. Youth stormwater project presentations