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    May 3, 2012 May 3, 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • May 3, 2012Objective: Students will examine conditions in czarist Russia inorder to determine why people would support change.QuickWrite: Do you think the Russian people benefitted underczarist rule? Explain.Homework: Respond to the following quote:"Everyone is equal, from each according to his ability, to eachaccording to his needs." -Marx/Engels
    • By 1897, Russia’s poorest groups included serfs and factoryworkers. How concerned should Russia’s czars have been aboutthe needs of the nation’s poorest groups?Based on the policies of the czars, what types of changes mightthe majority of Russians want from their government?
    • January 19, 1905Dear Czar Nicholas II, I am just a poor Russian peasant. My wife and I li ve in the little village of Borovnanear the town of Novgorod with our five children. A friend of mine is writing this letterto you since no one in my family can read and write. Life here in Borovna is miserable.We are always having hard times. Im writing to you because you are our "Little Father”;the only one who can help us! Even though your grandfather, Alexander II, freed us from serfdom, we are justbarely surviving. The rich nobles still have the best land for themselves. Yet their taxesare small, and ours are higher than ever ñ it isnt fair! And they treat us like dirt! We arestill not allowed to move without permission of the local assemblies. The rest of thegood land is owned by the church, yet the priests always seem to be asking us for money. Some people have been allowed to get factory jobs in the city, but the wages areterrible. And if we complain ñ even about our unpaved, s wampy streets; the secret policearrest us! Please, kind sir, please help your local peasants, who still make up 80% of theRussian population. Please protect us from the nobles and the high taxes. Please hear our cries for help! Your loyal servant, Yuri Stroganov
    • Dear Czar . . ."Directions: 1.Read the following letter that describes life in Russia under Czar Nicholas II. 2.Underline each problem identified in the letter. 3.Orally describe life as a factory worker to your partner. January 19, 1905Dear Czar Nicholas II, I am writing to you at the request of all the factory workers here at the Moscow Metalworks. Our lives are so hard, and we know you have the authority to help us. We live in complete misery. Every day of our lives is a struggle to stay alive. Many of us left the farms because we had hoped life in the city would be better. But we were wrong; we work 14 hours each day for a few kopecks. The conditions in our factory are horrible; no heat or washrooms, no lunch breaks, no safety precautions. Our children under ten years of age work side by side with us and get only half the pay. Yet we are not allowed to form a union to protect ourselves. The owners are greedy and cruel. Workers are beaten and treated shamefully for the slightest offense. They have spies who make sure we dont complain, or we get fired without hope of getting another job. Please, kind Czar, we beg of you to listen to our problems. We have heard that some of your guards shot into a crowd of peaceful workers, but we still have faith in you. We look forward to hearing your reply. Your faithful friends, The oppressed workers at the metalworkshttp://
    • Based on their lives in Czarist Russian,explain why people would support change. Use specific information from the lessonto support your answer.