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Sea Lions
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Sea Lions


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  • 1. Slippery, Little , Sea lions
    By: N.C
  • 2. Table Of Contents
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: What Is A Sea Lion?
    Chapter 3: Where Do Sea Lions Live?
    Chapter 4: What Do Sea Lions Eat?
    Chapter 5: How Do Sea Lions Move Around?
    Chapter 6: What Sounds Do Sea Lions Make?
    Chapter 7: Diagram Of Inside A Sea Lion’s Body
    Chapter 8: Diagram Of Outside A Sea Lion’s Body
    Chapter 9: Sea Lion Poem
    Chapter 10: Glossary
  • 3. Introduction
    In this presentation you will know all the basic facts about Sea Lions . Also I hope you enjoy some of the video clips . I hope you enjoy this power point presentation.
  • 4. What Is A Sea Lion
    A sea lion is a mammal. Mammals are animals that have hair or fur . A Sea Lion is a mammal because it has fur . You think that they don’t have fur but they do . We are mammals because we have hair.
  • 5. Where Do Sea Lions Live?
    Sea lion live on land and swim in the water. Sea lions sleep on rocks or stone . That only in the wild . But in the zoo they mostly spend time in the outside the water . They do that because some zoos have sea lions shows . But every sea Lion show the sea lions do tricks . But they also go in the water to get wet.
  • 6. What Do Sea Lions Eat
    Sea lions love to eat fish . In the wild they hunt for their fish in the ocean . But in the zoo they get fed by the trainer . In the wild Sea Lions don’t have to do tricks to get their food . But in the zoo they do some tricks to earn their food.
  • 7. How Do Sea Lions Move Around?
    Sea Lions move around by swimming . They use their flippers to swim better . Sometimes they walk with their front flippers . But sometimes in the zoo they use their front flippers to do tricks.
  • 8. What Sounds Do Sea Lions Make?
    Sea Lions make a honking sound . There are only few reasons that they make that sound . One is if it’s in danger or warning . Second is if it’s having fun . They’re like us we scream for help when we are in danger.
  • 9. Diagram Of Outside A Sea Lion Body
  • 10. Glossary
    Flippers – hands for Sea Lions
    Hunt- searching for something
    Fed- feeding
    Fore flippers- front flippers
    Hind flippers- back flippers