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Andrew Johnson
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Andrew Johnson


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  • 1. ANDREW JOHNSON 17 th president 1865-1869 Democrat-UNION “ Of all the dangers which our nation has yet encountered, none are equal to those which must result from success of the current effort to Africanize the southern half of the country”-on the subject of black suffrage
  • 2. Takes over for Lincoln
  • 3. Is he one of us?
  • 4. Background…
    • Only southern senator to stay loyal
    • Tennessee…just like “Old Hickory!”
    • Tailor
    • Traitor??? Can he be trusted?
  • 5. Reconstruction
    • How to rebuild?
    • Lincoln plan-10%
    • Wade-Davis bill
    • 50%
    • What do you do with
    • Confederate leaders?
    • What do you do with 4 million
    • Ex-slaves?
    • Who’s in charge?
    • -Pres or Congress
  • 6. Carpetbaggers and Scalawags!
  • 7. Henry Grady- the NEW SOUTH!
    • They cut through solid marble to make his grave, and yet a little tombstone they put above him was from Vermont. They buried him in the heart of a pine forest, and yet the pine coffin was imported from Cincinnati. They buried him within touch of an iron mine, and yet the nails in his coffin and the iron in the shovel that dug his grave were imported from Pittsburgh. They buried him by the side of the best sheep-grazing country on the earth and yet the wool in the coffin bands and the coffin bands themselves were brought from the North. They buried him in a New York coat and a Boston pair of shoes and a pair of breeches from Chicago and a shirt from Cincinnati. The South didn't furnish a thing on earth for that funeral but the corpse and the hole in the ground."
  • 8. Sharecropping
  • 9. Freedman’s Bureau
  • 10. Johnson Vetoes!
    • The state of CO, NE
    • “ refugees act”
    • Tenure of Office
    • Seizure of property
    • Disabled soldier managers
    • 41 total-(including ignored/pocket vetoes) more than all previous presidents combined!
  • 11. Johnson’s reconstruction
    • AMNESTY for most
    • 13 th Amendment
  • 12. Radical Republicans strike back!
    • Civil Rights Act of 1866
    • 14 th Amendment
    • Military control of south through “bluebellies”
    • Impeachment!
  • 13. Tenure of Office Act
    • Edwin Stanton
    • Impeached in House
    • Senate holds the trial
    • Benjamin Wade
  • 14. Map Showing Senate Impeachment Vote
    • Key: States in red are those with both senators voting to acquit; states in orange were split; states in yellow are those with both senators voting to convict; states in gray were unrepresented in the Senate in 1868; states in white were not yet admitted.
    35-19 Missed by one vote
  • 15. What else is going on…
    • Fetterman Massacre-1866
    Wyoming- Sioux kill Fetterman and all 80 of his men
  • 16. Response to Chivington?
    • “ Battle” of Sand Creek, 1864
    • CO- 150-400 Cheyenne Killed
    • A small minority of chiefs without the consent of the rest of the tribe, signed a treaty to stay off GOLD rich CO Rockies.
    • Whites claimed that the treaty was a "solemn obligation" and considered that those Indians who refused to honor it were hostile and planning a war.
  • 17. Business
    • 1866, 1 st labor movement…not successful due to unskilled workers
  • 18. Seward’s Folly
    • $7.2 million
    • For an icebox!
  • 19. As for Johnson?
    • Elected SENATOR in 1874, but dies before taking office
    • Only former president elected Senator