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    • Joe Gollner Joe Gollner Hi Rob. A good question. It is a tricky proposition to be sure. There is definitely the "content writer" role. There is the information designer role. To over-complicate things further, there is often a "content engineering" role on my projects that tries to tie the working pieces together as the pieces are all changed. I think that this is why we are both bald.  10 hours ago
  • Joe Gollner commented on Integrated Content Teams (Gnostyx) Integrated Content Teams (Gnostyx) 10 hours ago
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    • Joe Gollner Joe Gollner Hi Doug - It would indeed. As luck would have it, I have been working with some research methods that trace their heritage back to Action Research. In my more recent talk on Content Solution Quick Start program, a little of this research surveying is touched upon.  10 hours ago
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