Havit Hybrid Decentralized Marketing System


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Havit Hybrid Marketing System

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Havit Hybrid Decentralized Marketing System

  1. 1. An unrivaled marketing system for franchise growth Havit Hybrid Marketing Platform havit integrated marketing communications
  2. 2. Hybrid thinking Every economic engine needs a Catalyst You have a franchise to grow, operations to perfect, and a bottom line to enhance. All the more reason to trust your marketing and brand management to a partner uniquely qualified to handle them. We’re Havit, and we are a catalyst for effective and efficient marketing communications. We move faster, act smarter, and save you money. In fact, Havit is unlike any marketing partner you’ve ever encountered.
  3. 3. It started with some Breakthrough Thinking Comprised of marketing veterans, Havit understands what works and what doesn’t. As a result, we’ve shed the inefficiencies and expense inherent in most agency Centralized/Decentralized Model structures. What’s left is a smarter, more Maintaining centralized oversight agile creative enterprise. while establishing control points at the perimeter of your business. Havit builds profitable programs based on competitive threats and market obstacles unique to each client. The only thing ‘off the shelf’ is our expertise. The rest is all about you... Hybrid Thinking which got us to thinking... 1 Value What if we created an online environment Proposition that gave franchise owners total oversight, yet freed them from the task of policing the marketing efforts of franchisees? 2 Value What if it also acted as a company-wide Proposition social network where owners could ask questions, share success stories and build on the experience of others? 3 Value What if it was used as a repository for ROI Proposition tracking, response rates, and vendor lists just for starters? Well, then...we might have something here.
  4. 4. Havit Hybrid Marketing Platform We’ve perfected the Hybrid platform while working with companies like: Operating on the centralized/decentralized model You are the center of your franchise universe, These industry giants trust Havit with over and the franchisees operate at the perimeter. 3 million messages per month, 45 million They are in the trenches, and they experience impressions per day, executed within 36 trends and issues particular to their market. major markets throughout US. In many respects, you’re a lot like them. You Sure, you could develop a very focused co-op have a strong central brand, but the needs of the field can overwhelm your centralized marketing program, but who has the time to marketing staff. So why not put the power do that and grow their franchise? What’s more, of the Havit Hybrid to work for you? you depend on the success of your current franchisees to grow your bottom line. Ignoring their best interests is not an option. With the Havit Hybrid Marketing Platform, we partner with you to: In good company The beauty of the hybrid lies in its ability to maintain centralized marketing control, yet still account for the specific needs of your owners.
  5. 5. Web-based technology Online marketing repository First and foremost, this robust online environment organizes all of your marketing resources and delivers a cohesive approach your entire organization can use. It ensures adherence to brand standards and removes much of the marketing burden from your local stores. Local autonomy We partner with you in determining messaging and tactics to establish an acceptable framework in which your stores may operate. Then we work closely with them to address issues particular to their market. Easy-access from You’re happy. They’re happy. anywhere in the world Added value In addition to its core functionality, the Hybrid is both Response tracking a tracking tool and a social network. Want to find out what’s working and what’s not? Response tracking Social network for the lets everyone know where marketing dollars are best free exchange of ideas spent. Interested in the free flow of ideas? The online community is a place to share ideas, success stories and operational triumphs. It’s an education We like to think of the Hybrid as a big marketing lab built to ‘test, learn and apply.’ The more you use it, the smarter you get!
  6. 6. Why Havit? Although money is tight and consumers are We’re a true partner hesitant, it’s the perfect time to engage Havit. Realize savings through economies of scale: Our goal is to engage in healthy relationships centered on mutual respect and trust. And thanks to Havit’s experience, creative execution, you eliminate the expense of additional agency we understand what you need, when you need it. So it resources at the local level naturally follows that we deliver on time, on budget and on strategy. media buys harder for you. We understand your audience Knowing what makes people tick is the key to profitable bene t from smart strategy and brilliant persuasion. That’s why we’re students of life. We observe response rates and add to your bottom line. human behavior, identify patterns, and gauge response to various marketing vehicles. The result? Methodologies that are always improving on how we deliver our product. We’re mighty creative Yes, we’re analytical and strategic in our methods. But we’re also mighty creative, too. Havit offers original and innovative thinking for traditional and new media alike. Savings without the sacrifice Our creative team has a penchant for crafting relevant and persuasive messages that cut across any medium. There you Havit. In case you haven’t already picked up the phone, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you a little better. And we welcome the chance to tell you even more about what we do. Please give us a chance to get acquainted – you’ll hear from us soon.
  7. 7. Baltimore | | Philadelphia 301.60.HAVIT info@havitad.com www.havitad.com Raleigh