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Government in the cloud


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Why should Governments adopt the cloud? What are the challenges? How to get the benefits? Presentation by former Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer at Asia Cloud 2011 conference

Why should Governments adopt the cloud? What are the challenges? How to get the benefits? Presentation by former Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer at Asia Cloud 2011 conference

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  • 1. Government in the CloudJeremy Godfrey © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting
  • 2. Summary The cloud can enable delivery of the most pressing political priorities But there are challenges You need a masterplan to use the cloud successfully  Government cloud architecture  Government cloud sourcing  Phases of development  Organisational development Get started now and learn by doing © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 2
  • 3. How the cloud can get you re-elected Better, more joined-up, public services Lower taxes and/or lower public debt  Faster, cheaper, IT  More efficient business processes More responsive, more agile, policymaking Happier government employees Greener government © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 3
  • 4. There are challenges Privacy Security National security Legacy systems Business change Turf wars Government budgeting © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 4
  • 5. Architecture for the Government cloud Agency applications Joined-up applications Shared applications • Tax filing • Criminal justice workflow • Collaboration • Vehicle licensing • Restaurant licensing • HR management SaaS • Sports facility booking • Change of address • Procurement • Company returns • Support for unemployed • Asset management Service oriented architecture for Government • Sign-on, authentication and profile management for citizens and employees • Record keeping • User messaging PaaS • Presentation on different devices • Payment gateway • Workflow management Virtual infrastructure IaaS (examples only) © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 5
  • 6. Sourcing the Government cloud Increasing cost Increasing security In-house private Outsourced Public cloud cloud private cloud Capability to reallocate workloads ?? © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 6
  • 7. Phases of development Cloud as the default for Getting started Legacy migration new systems• Start with pathfinder • Make cloud portfolio • Require all agencies to applications and available to all agencies evaluate the case for agencies • Add capability to meet migrating legacy systems• Design SOA to support common requirements to the cloud, or pathfinder apps for new systems redeveloping them• Provide IaaS to support • All business cases must the SOA and the consider the pathfinder apps Government cloud option (and will usually pick it) Business change management © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 7
  • 8. Organising for the cloud An agency to own the cloud environment  Needs to see itself as a service provider to agencies  Other agencies compelled to consider its services, but allowed not to use them  Staff must become skilled in sourcing, managing and developing cloud services A governance body that sets priorities for the evolution of the Government cloud, and initiates business change projects Agency staff need skills to develop applications using the Government cloud environment Budgeting and transfer pricing arrangements © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 8
  • 9. Get started now Many aspects of design Technology changing fast Impossible to design everything in detail before getting started So start with a low risk, high return, cloud portfolio  IT cost savings alone will justify the business case  But even greater benefits can come from improvements in process quality and efficiency, and from higher customer satisfaction Use the learning from each phase to design the next © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting 9
  • 10. Jeremy Godfrey ConsultingEmail: jeremy@godfrey.hkBlog: blog.godfrey.hkTwitter: @jgodfreyhkPhone: +852 9099 8759 © Jeremy Godfrey Consulting