Ditto Use Case + Blueprint TEAM BLUEBERRY NYC


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Ditto Use Case + Blueprint TEAM BLUEBERRY NYC

  1. 1. One day, Mitch goes to his local “Home Depo.”
  2. 2. While Shopping, something catches his interest!
  3. 3. Couples are doing projects together!
  4. 4. They direct him to the website for DITTO Events.
  5. 5. Are you looking to connect with other single DIY-ers?Come to a DITTO Event: every 15 Minutes, you’ll discover a new project with a new partner!
  6. 6. Mitch signs up and goes to the DITTO event.For one of the DIY projects, he’s paired with Kelly!
  7. 7. At the end of the project, Mitch likes Kellyand decides to give her what they made. She’ll remember their time together!
  8. 8. Each single DIY-er gets a pack of Contact Cards upon arrival.Kelly likes Mitch too, and thanks him for a great time. She gives him one of her Contact Cards.
  9. 9. Mitch calls Kelly and they have a lovely coffee date; they haven’t looked back since!
  10. 10. Kelly tells her friend Mary howshe met Mitch at a DITTO Event!
  11. 11. DITTO provides the place, supplies andknow-how for DIY-ers to connect andcultivate relationships through partner-basedactivites.
  12. 12. Service Blueprint for DITTO: Do-It-Together Physical Evidence Ditto event Ditto info desk Ditto website with Workshop held at Info desk with Ditto contact Workstations with Guide gives signage event partner business details of the cards supplies activity lessons calendar & info day’s workshop Attendee Actions Mitch sees Mitch signs up Mitch checks out Mitch arrives at Check-in Recieves contact Meets workstation Mitch and Kelley Mitch likes Kelly Kelly also likes signage for upcoming Ditto website workshop site cards to hand out partner learn how to glaze the most and Mitch and gives workshop at the end of the a planter. They gives her the him her contact workshop chat and flirt planter card Line of InteractionFront-of-Stage Interactions Answer Mitch’s Helps mitch sign Partner business Help attendees Hand out Show attendees Guide event questions about up for the next staff welcome check in and contact cards to to workstations attendees through Ditto events Ditto event Mitch & other begin the attendees and introduce each activity attendees workshops partners Line of VisibilityBack-of-Stage Interactions Get updated Info clerk receives Updates calendar Prepares for Ditto Maintains list Stores contact Keeps Provides any Ditto events info, info so he can and manages event—designs of attendees, cards, print out workstations support guide maintains event inform interested website content activities and sets sets up info with extras as needed stocked with may need during signage /potential up workstations workshop details supplies event attendees Support Design and print, Train personnel CMS Orders workshop Update info desk Design and print Store and Train event guides Processes distribute and set staff supplies with latest info contact cards maintain up signage and materials workstations in between events