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Author study


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Author Study of Eric Kimmel

Author Study of Eric Kimmel

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  • 1. Author Study  Eric A. Kimmel
  • 2.  “I grew up with stories, which is why I love them so much. My earliest memories are of my grandmother telling me about the foolish people of Chelm, clever Hershel of Ostropol, or any of several wildly imaginative tales from her native Ukraine, where the hero had to kill a dragon with seven, nine, or twelve heads. Just walking down my block, I could hear five different languages. All of my friends had grandparents living with them who would gladly tell us a story—all we had to do was ask and listen. “My Uncle Abe gave me a wonderful present when I was seven years old: my own copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I read the book until it fell apart! I tried to put the pages back together, but I didn’t always get them in the right order. Some of the stories got mixed up, which led me to new, even more interesting combinations. That’s when I realized that stories aren’t set in stone. They can be switched, changed, expanded, taken apart, and put back together again in a thousand different ways. “Years of experience as a storyteller have taught me that stories never stay the same. They’re alive; they grow and change. You can never tell the same story twice because you’re different, the audience is different, and often you discover a new way of telling the story that makes it different. Whenever I set out to write or tell a tale, I never really know how it’s going to turn out. That’s what makes it so exciting. There’s always a new story waiting to be discovered.”
  • 3. Biography Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1946 Went to Gil Hodges School (named after a famous baseball player) Went to Andries Hudde Junior High (named after a pirate) Attened Midwood High School Attened Lafayette College, graduated in 1967 with a bachelor’s degree in English literature.
  • 4.  Got his Masters degree from New York University Obtained a Ph.D. from University of Illinois in 1973. Taught elementary school in Manhattan and in the U.S. Virgin Islands Taught language arts, children’s literature, and storytelling at Indiana University 1973 to 1978, and from 1978 to 1993 at Portland State University Retired from teaching college in 1993.
  • 5.  Lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Doris, and many pets. Performs throughout the United States for children and adults Plays the banjo First book was published in 1974 Caldecott Honor Medal (Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins) and the Sydney Taylor Picture Book Award (The Chanukkah Guest and Gershon’s Monster). Won the 2004 Sydney Taylor Body-of-Work Award He is the only author to win the National Jewish Book Award for picture books twice.
  • 6.  “Eric Kimmel’s books are loved by children, not just by teachers or librarians,” explained Estrin. “He brings a sense of joy to his storytelling. His humor, sense of adventure, inclusion of scary monsters, and pride in his Jewish heritage are all features that help him forge a strong bond with readers.”
  • 7. Books By Eric A. Kimmel A cloak for the moon  Charlie drives the stage  Montezuma and the fall of the Aztecs A Horn for Louis  Count Silvernose  Nanny goat and the seven little kids A Picture for Marc  Days of awe  Nicanors gate Anansi and the magic stick  Don Quixote and the windmills  One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes Anansi and the moss-covered rock  Easy work!  One good tern deserves another Anansi and the talking melon  Even higher!  Onions and garlic Anansi goes fishing  fisherman and the turtle  Pumpkinhead Anansi Series  flying canoe =  Rimonah of the Flashing Sword Asher and the capmakers  Four Dollars and Fifty Cents  Rip Van Winkles return Baba Yaga  Gershons monster  Robin Hook, pirate hunter! Bar mitzvah  Grizz!  Seven at one blow Be not far from me  Hayyims Ghost Bearhead  Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins Bernal & Florinda  horn for Louis Billy Lazroe and the King of the Sea  I Took My Frog to the Library Blackbeards last fight  I Went Walking Boots and his brothers  I-know-not-what, I-know-not-where Brother Wolf, Sister Sparrow  Iron John Cactus soup  McElderry book of Greek myths castle of the cats  Mishka, Pishka, & Fishka
  • 8. Book List Continued Sirko and the wolf  The lady in the blue cloak  Why the Snake Crawls on Its Belly Sopa De Cactus/ Cactus Soup  The Magic Dreidels  Why Worry? spotted pony  The mysterious guests  witchs face Squash it!  The Old Woman and Her Pig  Wonders And Miracles Stormys Hat  The Rolling Stone & Other Read Aloud Stories  Zigazak! Sword of the samurai  The roosters antlers  Zigazak! A Magical Hanukkah Tartars sword Night  The runaway tortilla Ten suns  The Spiders Gift The Adventures of Hershel of Ostropol  The tale of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp The birds gift  The tale of Ali Baba and the forty The Brass Serpent thieves The Chanukkah guest  The Three Cabritos The Chanukkah tree  The Three Princes The Erie Canal pirates  The Two Mountains The four gallant sisters  three little tamales The frog princess  Three sacks of truth The gingerbread man  Three samurai cats The goose girl  Tuning up The Great Texas Hamster Drive  valiant red rooster The Greatest of All  Website of the cracked cookies The hero Beowulf  Website of the warped wizard The jar of fools
  • 9. Picture books are important for onereason. They are the first books achild owns and they are the firstbooks a child falls in love with. Theyare also the first books childrenencounter… long before they are ableto read or even handle books on theirown. Children learn to read frompicture books and children learn whatbooks are by reading picture books.It comes down to this. We don’tjust teach reading; we teachthe love of reading. The love ofreading begins with picturebooks.- Eric A. KimmelImportance of Picture Books
  • 10. SUMMARY: Hershel arrives in a village on the first night of Hanukkah, looking forward to fellowship and latkes. However, the villagers have been forbidden from celebrating Hanukkah by goblins that haunt the old synagogue at the top of the hill. Does Hershel outwit the goblins?Caldecott Honor Book.Recommended for ages 4-8ISBN 0823407691
  • 11. SUMMARY This book begins with the Seder and the haggadah, The fourteen parts of the Seder are explained and so are different parts of Seder. There are also recipes, poems, blessings, prayers and songs in this collection. There is even a three- person, two page play by Kimmel, based on the tenWinner of the National Jewish Book Award plagues of Egypt.2004 Sydney Taylor Honor BookISBN: 9780439071758, recommended for ages 10 & up
  • 12. SUMMARY Gershon and his wife lived on the shores of the Black Sea. He wasn’t always a good man. Gershon committed small sins like losing his temper or telling white lies. He didn’t regret his sins nor did he ask for forgiveness. Gershon would sweep up his mistakes and toss them into the cellar. Every year on Rosh Hashanah, he would put his mistakes in a bag and throw them intoGershon’s Monster the sea. However, his sinsSydney Taylor Book Award in 2000 come back to haunt himISBN 043910839X, Recommended for ages 4 and up in the form of a monster. What happens to Gershon, his wife, and children?
  • 13. Bibliography Kimmel, E. (2000). Gershon’s Monster. New York. Scholastic Press. Kimmel, E .(1994). Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins. New York. Holiday House. Kimmel, E. (2004). Wonders and Miracles: A Passover Companion. New York. Scholastic Press.
  • 14. Sources Estrin, Heidi. (2005, January). 2004 Sydney Taylor Book Awards Announced by Association of Jewish Libraries. Retrieved July 23, 2012, from e_winners.pdf Holiday House. (nd). Eric A. Kimmel. Retrieved July 24, 2012 from