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Franklin Capital Presentation


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  • When banks cannot meet your cash flow requirements, consider Franklin Capital. Our Accounts Receivable Purchase Program provides companies with working capital facilities ranging from $50,000 to $10 Million. We will advance up to 80-90% of invoices with same day funding. This program is a revolving line of credit with cash advances tied to a company’s assets. We offer Accounts Receivable Purchase Program clients additional funding through our Inventory and Equipment Financing programs.
  • Customized combination of financing programs developed to meet client needs
  • Candidates for Accounts Receivable Purchase Program: Fast growing businesses outstripping their cash resources Recent start ups Businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations Businesses in a turnaround mode Businesses in Chapter 11 Details We evaluate your customer’s creditworthiness and provide you with credit advice Contact Franklin Capital to learn what you need to bring to the table to get started
  • Purchase Order Program We offer a supplement to conventional debt, which enables companies in need of credit to significantly increase their borrowing power. Purchase Order Financing is most suitable for fast growing importers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers Advantages (final bullet) To protect our clients
  • New Program created with Business Inventory Solutions (in Racine WI) provides Franklin with absolute control over the asset, real time information and ability to liquidate
  • Banks lend primarily based on cash flow and balance sheet criteria. Franklin Capital provides funding based on the quality of your assets – which allows us to provide financing even if your company is new, your credit history is weak or your cash flow is inconsistent. We eliminate many of the Bank’s criteria that are difficult to meet.
  • When banks cannot meet clients’ cash flow requirements, consider Franklin Capital. Our Accounts Receivable Purchase Program provides companies with working capital facilities ranging from $50,000 to $10 Million. We will advance up to 80-90% of invoices with same day funding. This program is a revolving line of credit with cash advances tied to a company’s assets. We offer Accounts Receivable Purchase Program clients additional funding through our Inventory and Equipment Financing programs.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Franklin Capital Network “Our Business is Growing Yours”
    • 2. About Franklin Capital Network
        • Franklin Capital has been helping small to medium-sized businesses with commercial financing programs for more than 20 years.
          • Funding companies that cannot access adequate bank credit.
          • Customized credit accommodations tailored to meet client needs for broad range of industries.
          • Credit facilities up to $10 Million.
        • Management team has extensive experience in financial service industry including Asset Based Lending and A/R purchase programs.
        • Quick (same day) decision making
        • Save money through faster collections and reduced credit losses
        • Full transparency providing online real time client accounts receivable status reports 24 hours every day
        • Highly skilled and experienced account managers dedicated to your account
        • Straight forward understandable pricing (no hidden or unanticipated fees)
      Freed of credit and collection concerns, clients can focus their energies on expanding their businesses.
    • 3. Our Financing Programs Inventory
      • Inventory financing
      Purchase order
      • Purchase order financing
      • Letters of credit
      • Trade finance
      * Combination of financing programs customized to meet client needs Equipment
      • Term loans for
        • Equipment
        • Real estate
      • Equipment leasing
      Accounts Receivable
      • A/R purchasing programs, including factoring
      • A/R financing
      • A/R management
    • 4. Accounts Receivable Program
        • DETAILS
        • Franklin Capital Network advances between 80-90% of invoices with same day funding.
        • Franklin’s Receivables Management Group handles processing from the time a client issues an invoice through collection, eliminating the need for credit, collection and account staff.
        • Franklin provides our clients with secure, on-line access to account status reports in real time, 24 hours a day.
        • Certainty of funding from Franklin enhances clients’ flexibility and profitability.
        • Clients are able to take advantage of special opportunities such as supplier discounts for prompt payment.
        • Franklin’s Accounts Receivable Program saves clients money with faster collection turnaround and enhanced credit management.
        • With Franklin’s Accounts Receivable Program clients are able to fund growth and acquisitions, including leveraged buyouts.
      PEACE OF MIND We maximize our clients’ potential while reducing their stress.
    • 5. Accounts Receivable Case Study
      • CHALLENGE:
      • A textile and apparel manufacturer required credit accommodations to keep from shutting down. The national corporate finance company that had been providing factoring services began experiencing financial stress itself, and could no longer provide adequate working capital.
      • The manufacturer was forced to find an alternate source of immediate financing.
      • SOLUTION:
      • In March 2009, Franklin provided a stitch in time - $1.3Million in credit accommodations.
      • RESULTS:
      • The manufacturer paid off the national corporate finance company.
      • Resumed normal business operations with newfound financial stability.
      “ Franklin took the time to understand our needs as soon as we started working with them.” President
    • 6. Purchase Order Program
      • DETAILS
        • The Franklin Capital Purchase Order Finance Program funds up to 100% of the cost of pre-sold inventory.
        • Our Purchase Order Program is an incremental source of capital that augments traditional lending.
        • This credit program allows a client to purchase inventory without drawing on it’s bank line of credit.
        • Franklin structures Purchase Order accommodations to facilitate international trade transactions for clients.
        • Franklin expedites the issuance of Letters of Credit that most foreign manufacturers (and some domestic manufacturers) require before beginning production or shipment.
        • Prior to shipment, Franklin arranges for the inspection of goods anywhere in the world. This service ensures product quality and full compliance with customers’ purchase orders.
      • Franklin provides funds for inventory in transit.
      • Clients can purchase inventory, without drawing on their bank line of credit.
    • 7. Purchase Order Case Study
      • CHALLENGE:
      • CA based game board distributor was short of working capital, which limited its opportunities for growth. In addition, its overseas supplier relationships were becoming increasingly difficult, because of slow payments.
      • SOLUTION:
      • This distributor turned to Franklin for a combination of Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order financing.
      • Franklin provided a Letter of Credit to the Distributor’s vendor that incorporated product specifications, delivery conditions and quality control requirements, thus helping control risk.
      • RESULTS:
      • Franklin’s financing enabled this distributor to diversify their product offerings and thrive.
      • Franklin’s Purchase Order Program allowed the distributor, through Letters of Credit issued to its suppliers, to make its payments contingent on the performance of its suppliers; therefore, substantially mitigating a significant risk for the distributor.
      “ When our competitors see us growing, they often ask us how we have grown so quickly. We are only 8 years old. They ask us how this is possible. It’s all due to working with Franklin.” President
    • 8. Equipment Program
      • DETAILS:
      • Franklin Capital provides Equipment Financing and Leasing to our Accounts Receivable Purchase clients. This service enables a company to obtain financing or refinancing based on the value of its machinery and equipment.
      • By financing up to 100% of the equipment costs, clients conserve working capital.
        • Preservation of working capital
        • Preservation of client’s credit lines
        • 100% total financing
        • Leasing provides tax benefits
        • Versatility (e.g., taking advantage of profitable opportunities, responding to emergencies)
      “ Franklin customizes the protocol for customer needs. They eased up our cash flow situation with a seamless integration of complimentary credit programs.” President, CA based Home Furnishings Manufacturer
    • 9. Equipment Case Study
      • CHALLENGE:
      • A mass mailing company based in Illinois required credit accommodations to finance the acquisition of assets that were being sold by a trustee during the liquidation of assets of a predecessor in the context of an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.
      • SOLUTION:
      • Franklin Capital Network provided $1.9 Million for the company to consummate the acquisition of the assets and requisite working capital; and, subsequently, provided an additional $500,000 for the acquisition of additional mailing equipment.
      • RESULTS:
      • Working with Franklin enabled this mass mailing company to resurrect their business and achieve 29% sales growth and meaningful profitability, even with tight cash flow during a period when many mass mailing companies closed their doors.
      “ We were in a difficult position as a Start-Up trying to obtain financing through traditional sources. Franklin was willing to take a chance on us and help our cash flow. Franklin has had a tremendous impact on our being able to grow and prosper.” President
    • 10. Inventory Program
      • DETAILS:
      • Franklin Capital provides inventory loans to its Accounts Receivable Program clients. We can advance up to 50% of the cost of a client’s inventory.
      • Inventory financing increases a client’s flexibility in the marketplace and addresses seasonal sales requirements. Coupled with Accounts Receivable financing Franklin’s Inventory Financing Program enables a client to generate sufficient funds to achieve its performance goals.
      “ Franklin has a source of money that is consistent and they manage their portfolio properly. It’s a very secure feeling and you need that in this economy.” President, IL based frozen food distributor
    • 11. Inventory Case Study
      • CHALLENGE:
      • A once thriving craft goods distributor was suffocating under the weight of its massive inventory in a sluggish economy.
      • Their bank cancelled the company’s line of credit, leaving them on the brink of shutting their doors.
      • SOLUTION:
      • Recognizing the strength of the company’s assets, Franklin provided credit accommodations of over $500,000 on inventory and $600,000 on receivables to meet daily cash flow while the company transformed its core business.
      • RESULTS:
      • In the two years working with Franklin, the company has gone from impending closure to reinventing themselves and prospering in a time of economic turmoil.
      “ Franklin Capital’s Management Team knows a lot more about business than normal bankers. They allowed us to stay alive.” President
    • 12. Franklin Capital Network Advantages Vs. Bank Financing
    • 13. Our Promise to Our Clients
        • We are willing to work with clients in challenging situations
        • We will structure innovative financial solutions for a client’s specific requirements
        • Our seasoned account managers will understand the unique needs of a client’s business
        • We will communicate clearly and honestly, and answer phone calls and e-mail requests promptly
        • Our pricing is always clear and understandable – no hidden fees, no surprises
        • Our financial records will be 100% transparent
        • Our clients’ success is Franklin Capital’s goal