PDC Tech Integration - More Crucial Than Ever

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Integration of technology into instruction has never been more crucial as we prepare students for the rigorous Smarter Balanced assessments. Participants will examine a variety of simple tools that …

Integration of technology into instruction has never been more crucial as we prepare students for the rigorous Smarter Balanced assessments. Participants will examine a variety of simple tools that can be harnessed by teachers to prepare students to think critically about digital media and respond online with written short answers. Are your teachers and students ready?

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  • Have participants explore Next generation assessments utilizing the TEDEd learning task. Have participants work through the TED-Ed module on assessment. Note: TED-Ed is a free tool to “flip” your classroom. The downside is that you can only use YouTube videos. Login: [email_address] Password: newuser1!   Participants watch the video and independently work through Think, Dig Deeper, Discuss, and …And Finally. Note: Participants should not complete the PARCC portions of the activity. As participants are working on TED-Ed, you can go in and respond to their questions so they get the full experience of the tool. Note: The Smarter Balanced practice tests do not work with Internet Explorer. Participants must use Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  • Explain how to assign For entire class click on the box next to the class name. For individual students click on the drop down arrow and then click the student names that you would assign to
  • Participants will actually answer these questions using the next slide.
  • Teachers, students, administrators, parents, and the public need assessment information to make key decisions about our school system. No one assessment can fill everyone’s information needs, so different types of assessments are required. In a balanced assessment system, the key players’ formative and summative information needs are identified and assessments are planned to meet their needs
  • Have participants guess the answers before they are revealed. 122: Evidence Sources: 61 times Research: 57 times
  • 750 is about 2.5 to 3.0 pages; 1500 is about 5-6 pages Endurance is the key --- endurance with digital texts
  • Use www.stixy.com as your backup
  • Use www.stixy.com as your backup
  • LIVE to Site. Common Core in the Classroom Tab: Select Subject, Grade
  • Have participants complete the survey on Edmodo. https://discoverypd.wufoo.com/forms/idaho-common-core-workshop/


  • 1. Jennifer Gingerich Ed Tech PD Specialist Ed Tech PD http://goo.gl/6i4tOF
  • 2. I choose C
  • 3. Agonizing over Assessment
  • 4. TED ed
  • 5. Tools
  • 6. Socrative Teacher has account which allows them to ask questions, create quizzes, or administer an exit ticket for instant feedback. Students join teacher's class using room number to answer questions, complete an exit ticket, or take a prebuilt quiz. Download student app or go to website: m.socrative.com Join my class when prompted 7396 Go to m.Socrative.com
  • 7. Smarter Balanced calls for a Balanced Assessment System, of which the summative state test is one part. What is meant by a balanced assessment system and why is it necessary?
  • 8. Balanced Assessments
  • 9. Which word appears in the ELA standards 122 times? Sources: Evidence 61 times 57 timesResearch: Common Core Standards Trivia
  • 10. Common Core Standards Trivia The words “technology” “digital” and “multimedia” appear in the Core Standards approximately ____ times.107
  • 11. Next Generation Assessments Passage Length
  • 12. With guidance and support from adults, explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers. Which grade? Small Bite of the Core
  • 13. Padlet to deliver digital content padlet.com/wall/ccshifts
  • 14. http://blog.padlet.com/2013/03/how-to-use-padletcom-in-classroom.html
  • 15. Discovery Common Core Lessons found in Discovery Streaming Plus only
  • 16. Edmodo PD Cadre Group Code: g5fwzf
  • 17. Socrative Exit Ticket