or linkedin app for b2b social selling on salesforce?


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This independent study has been designed to help users that are willing to enter a social selling initiative and are deciding on the right tool to support their initiative. It has been finalized on May 2013.
To download the whitepaper, slides or video of the presentation of the study, please visit:

The study has been prepared by professionals at Execus professional Services. Sources of Information have been Linkedin and on, except where noted.

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  1. 1. or Linkedin app for B2Bsocial selling on salesforce?Execus Independent Research©,, and the logos are copyrighted material from their respective corporationsMay, 2013
  2. 2. Introduction to Execus Jordi Gili, MD Spain, socialpractice leader and author ofthe book "Sell! with Linkedin",available on Execus is a leading consulting firm on strategy,selection of systems, implementation and training onsocial media for Business to Business on a Pan-European and Latin America basis. Other practices of the firm include InterimManagement, Consulting within Finance, IT, HR, Salesand Operations.
  3. 3. SummaryI. Disclaimer and Notes on StudyII. IntroductionIII. Research on and Linkedin for Social SellingItem I. Relevance of InformationItem II. User experience and IntegrationItem III. Accuracy of InformationItem IV. Geographical reachItem V. PricingIV. Results and ConclusionsV. Contact Details
  4. 4. I. Disclaimer and Notes on Study Independent study. It has been finalized on May 2013. Prepared by Execus professionals via own research. Data Sources:,, The purpose of this study is to provide elements ofjudgment and contribute to a discussion on this topic. Images: © 2013 Microsoft Corporation
  5. 5. II. Introduction is today the leading account and contact dataprovider inside Salesforce Sales Cloud. It provides datafrom Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB), the leadingprovider of company information, merged withinformation from former (owned Linkedins Sales Navigator is the social networksconnector for Salesforce. It offers access to data fromthe 225M users on the site. The study analyzes both options from 5 differentviews: Relevance, User experience and Integration,Accuracy of Information, Geography Reach and Pricing
  6. 6. III. Research on and Linkedinfor Social Selling Item I. Relevance of Information Item II. User experience and Integration Item III. Accuracy of Information Item IV. Geography Reach Item V. Pricing
  7. 7. ItemI.RelevanceofInformationItem I. Relevance of information
  8. 8. ItemII.UserexperienceandIntegrationItem II. User experience and Integration
  9. 9. ItemIII.AccuracyofInformationItem III. Accuracy of Information
  10. 10. ItemIV.GeographicalreachItem IV. Geographical reach
  11. 11. ItemV.PricingItem V. Pricing
  12. 12. IV. Results and Conclusions The conclusions may varydepending on the size,reach and target base ofevery organization to hopon social selling. In our opinion, everycompany should reviewtheir processes, currenttools and add-ons onsalesforce, systems,strategy and organizationbefore reaching aconclusion.
  13. 13. V. Contact detailsMr. Jordi GiliMD, SpainExecus Professional„„Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 58308011 Barcelona, SpainTel. (+34) 933063448