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Connecor Brochure (English)

  1. 1. C O N N E C T I N G
  2. 2. CONNECOR INVESTMENTSCompanyConnecor Investments (Connecor) is a business transfer agency with offices in Barcelona, Amsterdam,London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, and associated offices across 30 countries worldwide.Connecor acts as an intermediary between owners and future owners of small and medium-sizedbusinesses or business assets, and assists them during the process of the transfer of ownership.Worldwide networkConnecor’s global presence allows us to identify opportunities in a variety of markets with a strong focuson the emerging markets of Latin America and South East Asia. Through our six offices and associatedoffices across 30 countries, we employ around 650 professionals worldwide. In addition to businesstransfers, we also intermediate between sellers and buyers of tangible business assets, such asindustrial plants and large machinery, and intangible assets like trademarks.Business ownersConnecor helps business owners to define and implement their exit strategies. An exit strategy is acomprehensive road map that helps owners to successfully leave their privately held business. An exitstrategy asks and answers all the critical questions that business owners and their advisors mustconsider when the time has come to exit the company.Future Business OwnersConnecor assists future owners (buyers or new investors in the case of a business, family members ina succession) during the transfer period (entry strategy). We make the transfer of ownership as smoothas possible and allow current and future owners to focus on the business itself, by overseeing all thenecessary steps to realize the transfer.Business Transfers: From Current to New OwnersConnecor has the experience and expertise to assist both the current owners (sellers) and futureowners (successors, buyers) of privately held, small and medium-size businesses through thetransition (buying and selling) process.Our reports and analysis will give you the desired leverage in a sale or purchase and strengthen yourposition while negotiating a transaction.Together with financial and legal experts, we will develop a tailor made solution to ensure the transactionis facilitated in the most tax efficient manner. We will draw up the necessary contracts and protect allparties involved against unforeseen events, future claims and contingencies.
  3. 3. CONNECOR INVESTMENTSProcessOffering a “turn key solution” the process involves evaluating the business/business assets, estimatingits value, and preparing and offering it for sale, or presenting it directly to the future owners.Our specialist team:• Handles initial interviews with potential buyers or sellers• Facilitates the exchange of documentation• Conducts or assists in the negotiations with prospective buyers and sellers• Coordinates the due diligence investigation• Assist with the whole process of a transition, sale or purchase of a businessWe help clients to:• Determine the value and a MPSP (most probable selling price) for the business• Develop a comprehensive information memorandum on the company or the business asset• Achieve maximum exposure (marketing the business to prospective buyers)• Create a dedicated website or weblog• Conduct buyer searches• Screen buyers for ability to complete a purchase• Coordinate negotiations and deal structuring assistance• Provide draft agreements for the proposed transaction• Provide overall deal management to guide the client through the entire process• Maintain confidentiality during the processWe also support our clients by:• Making a contact person available to answer any questions about the process and potential business (asset) or buyer• Coordinate legal and fiscal support before, during and after a deal• Providing BPO (business process outsourcing) services• Implement estate planning structures• Holding an earnest payment in escrow from the buyer(s) until the closingOur Value PropositionWe bring together owners and future owners of companies and other business assets, with a specialfocus on small and medium-size businesses in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.We help the current business owners successfully plan and execute a transfer of, or exit from, theirbusiness or business assets by finding new owners (successors, MBI/MBO, buyers or investors).We help future owners by finding the appropriate company, business or assets for them.
  4. 4. MANAGEMENTHendrik Oudeman - Chairman: An economist and Dutch national, Henk worked 15 years with a Dutchmultinational in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Argentina and the USA. He is the onlyCertified Business Intermediary (CBI) of the International Business Brokers Association in Spain, and a special-ist in business ownership transfer valuation, preparation and guidance.Mike Femer - Director: Mike (Theo) Femer is a Dutch national. He has set up and managed organizations in anumber of countries and has served as head of a Dutch Red Cross mission in Kirghizistan, director of Bufmar(a medical distributor) in Ruanda and director of Apamesk in the Kivu province of Congo.Mike Price - Director: Mike is a British national and a Chartered Accountant having specialised in UK andInternational Taxation since 1983. He worked 3 years in Hong Kong from 1983 to 1986 and in the USA in 1990,working and advising on multi-national and privately owned companies trading and carrying out businessinternationally. Since 1990, although being based in the UK, Mike has travelled extensively to South America,Europe and South Africa assisting and advising companies on structuring their business internationally. Mike isa member of the Institute of Directors and Institute of Taxation in the UK.Kit-wah POON (“CP”) CPA, FCCA, MBA - Director: A member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified PublicAccountants and a fellow member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, CP specialises in HongKong and China tax and business regulatory matters. His areas of expertise include structuring tax efficientcross-border operational structures and developing tax-efficient inbound investment strategies for foreigninvestors.Kin Chi Lai - Director: Kin is a qualified accountant, FCCA, with a masters in financial managerial controls fromSouthampton University in the UK. He has 8 years’ experience in fund management with listed and privateequity companies and has served as financial controller of a Hong Kong company with operations in HongKong, China and Germany.José Renato Carvalho Pinto - Director: A lawyer from Brazil, José began his international career in 2008 inMumbai, where he structured and executed international business transactions, trading structures, andlicensing, financing, and leasing contracts amounting to approximately half a billion USD. After 4 years in India,José Renato relocated to Singapore where his extensive cross-border experience benefits his clients.Contact usSpain:Connecor Investments S.L., Avenida Diagonal 399, 1º, 1ª, 08008, Barcelona, SpainTel: +34 93 476 0170, Fax: +34 93 208 2582The Netherlands:Connecor The Netherlands, WTC Amsterdam, Tower C-6th floor, Strawinskylaan 661,1077XX, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsTel: +31 20 578 8387, Fax: +31 20 578 8376United Kingdom:Connecor United Kingdom (a trading name of Welland Investments Limited), 4th Floor, Clerks Well House,20 Britton Street, EC1M 5TU, London, United KingdomTel: +44 207 977 1280, Fax: +44 207 6917 703Hong Kong:Connecor Hong Kong, Rooms 2103-04, Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Hong KongTel.: +852 3590 3321, Fax: +852 3006 1436Singapore:14 Robinson Road, #13-00 Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545Tel: +65 6866 143, Fax: +65 3125 7293Shanghai:Connecor Shanghai, 3108 United Plaza, 1468 Nanjing Road, West Jingan District, Shanghai 200040, ChinaTel: +86 21 62896665, Fax: +86 21 62896697www.connecor.comEmail: info@connecor.comDisclaimer : This brochure has been prepared by Connecor Investments SL (hereafter referred to as “Connecor”) and is delivered to youfor information purposes only. This brochure, its content or the delivery of this brochure to you shall not be construed or interpreted asan offer or invitation to offer any services or products, and will not create any service provider-client relationship or any duties orobligations on Connecor’s part. The information contained in this brochure is “as is” and Connecor makes no express or impliedrepresentations or warranties or guarantees about the completeness, accuracy or timelines of such information.© Connecor Investments. No portion of this brochure may be used in any matter without the copyright owner’s express writtenpermission. All rights reserved.