8 Writing Prompts
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8 Writing Prompts



8 Writing Prompts for students interested in creative writing

8 Writing Prompts for students interested in creative writing



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    8 Writing Prompts 8 Writing Prompts Presentation Transcript

    • By James DuPont
    • Table of Contents• Prompt 1 • Prompt 6• Prompt 2 • Prompt 7• Prompt 3 • Prompt 8• Prompt 4 WORKS CITED PAGE• Prompt 5
    • Prompt #1: Its Fall!  For todays prompt write about a fall memory. You can select your memories about starting school or the endless hours your parents made you rake leaves. You can write about a specific fall day that has always stuck with you, or simply your general feelings about the season.
    • • It is nice to have a collection of characters put away for a rainy day. Today take some time to make a diverse list of six to ten characters. Depending on what you will use the characters for, you can fill them out as much as you want. If you like you can describe their speech, mode of dress, or some element that might affect they way interact with others. Or come up Try coming up with a with the villain character in a mystery novel such as a detective
    • Prompt #3:This prompt is about discoveries, inspiration andinvention. For todays prompt, write aboutdiscoveries. Think of a "eureka" moment youve had- a time when you had a great idea, discovered theanswer to something, or solved a mystery.
    • Prompt # 4: Essays Don’t Have to be Boring!• For today’s prompt, choose a topic that is important, meaningful or exciting to you. This can be an account of something that happened to you when you were younger, a serious highlight of an issue in your community, or simply your thoughts on the last three albums by your favorite band. Keep it under two pages.
    • Prompt # 5: Sweet Dreams For this prompt, you have two choices. One, you can keep a dream journal for awhole week. Two, you can choose a dream youve had, one that is strong in your memory, and write it out as a story.
    • Prompt #6:Today you’re going to write about your name.First of all, what does it mean? How you feelabout your name? Did you always like it?Have you changed it, or would you? Did youget teased for your name?Write about your last name too if you like.
    • Prompt #7:You have a couple options for poetry:• Write an ugly poem• Write a poem about a fear you have• Write a 100 line poem about your bedroom
    • • Write a travel memoir. In less than two pages, describe a trip you took. Include personal stories from you experience along with details about the place, people and challenges you encountered.
    • Works Cited• Slide 8:http://theredbrickchurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/name-tag1.jpg• Slide 9:http://www.shelbytwplib.org/images/poetry.jpg• Slide 10:http://svalaya.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/To-Have-Successful-Traveling.jpgSlat Lake City Community Writing Center