JGC Const/Proj Management R2 09052009


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JGC Const/Proj Management R2 09052009

  1. 1. J&L Construction Management Services J&L Construction Management Services, and Project Management Services J&L Construction Management Services is a leading provider of technical services solutions for all phases of Construction/Project management in the telecommunications network build , growth and maintenance cycle. We offer services to both wireless telecom carriers and original equipment manufacturers. Whether it's turnkey services, solutions for any phase of a project, or complete build and growth support you require, J&L Construction Management Services has the expertise to suit your specific network needs. Call 240-515-8030 today. Our Services: Manage Installation / De-Installation Manage Site Maintenance Manage Site Modifications / Upgrades Manage Custom Engineering Manage Reconfiguration, Redeployment and Refurbishment, All Tower Services Manage E911 Installations & Upgrades Manage Asset Recoverery Expert Solutions J&L Construction Management Services specializes in Construction/Project Management Wireless Operations, Site Acquisition and Build, Microwave, UMTS integration, TDMA decommissioning and E911 Operations and Maintenance. Whether you need just a single phase of services or a turnkey project solution. J&L Construction Management Services has the wireless expertise to create solutions for your Wireless network. J&L Construction Management Services provides complete Wireless Construction and Project Management services from concept and design to installation and maintenance and closeouts. J&L Construction Management Services Construction/Project Managers utilize the latest in system design and test equipment to ensure all of your wireless success. Microwave J&L Construction Management Services provides complete lifecycle support for Microwave Radio Services for the telecommunications industry. We assist companies with our national staff of skilled Construction/Project Managers who can respond to your requirements quickly. Our
  2. 2. engineering staff can design your microwave network, plan to relocate or upgrade an existing system . We offer any of the following services: • Manage Microwave Communications System Engineering • Manage Frequency acquisition and coordination • Manage Complete Deployment, Installation, and Commissioning of radios and other network equipment • Manage Tower Services for installing microwave antenna systems • Manage Cell Site clearing and relocation services • Manage Maintenance and Operation • Manage De-commissioning Services • Project Management UMTS J&L Construction Management Services supports the installation of next generation UMTS equipment. We manage installation of RF antennas and lines, TMAs, diplexers, duplexers and jumpers from antenna line feeds to shelters and equipment cabinets. Site Acquisition and Build J&L Construction Management Services offer Turn- Key Wireless Site Acquisition and Build services. J&L Construction Management Services Communications offers a single point of contact for every client in every area to insure that our clients always have a dedicated PM to call regarding the progress of their project. J&L Construction Management Services Communications offers complete support for wireless site development. • Manage Site Acquisition • Manage Architecture and Engineering • Construction/Project Management Management of E911 Operations and Maintenance J&L Construction Management Services Communications offers management of E911 implementation programs for such as Site Surveys, Preparations, Installations, Drive Testing and Optimization of new builds, re-locations, and decommissions . J&L Construction Management Services Construction/Project Managers are experienced in all phases of E911 deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. Examples of services that J&L Construction Management Services offers its E911 customers include
  3. 3. • Management of Market E911 Activities • Manage Provision of Cell Site Call Out and E911 Maintenance Support • Manage Provision of support for Site Survey, Prep, Deploy, Test/Commission/Drive Test New Build • Manage Performance of Drive Testing for FCC Accuracy Compliance Testing Reports J&L Construction Management Services offers management of turnkey service for new implementations. We have provided Management for site prep, installation or drive testing on the E911 technology nationwide. TDMA Manage Decommissioning and Installation Services As carriers look to replace their existing TDMA equipment they go to J&L Construction Management Services for one stop solution that allows the integration of the re new equipment . In addition to our installation services J&L Construction Management Services creates a total solutions with our decommissioning and disposal services for the lowest prices offered around the country. Call J&L Construction Management Services today at 240-515-8030. J&L Construction Manages Equipment J&L Construction Management Services will manage the international distributor of new, used, and refurbished telecommunications equipment. J&L Construction Management Services, specializes in Central Office, Switching, Transmission, Wireless, and Data Networking Equipment. Our extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to source even the hardest to find products. Established as one of the nation’s premier management company of new, used, and refurbished telecommunications equipment, J&L Construction Management Services has a rapidly growing group of satisfied customers. Many of these customers have found that purchasing used and refurbished telecommunications equipment is the best solution to maximize their telecommunication investment dollars. We will continue exceeding expectations and are dedicated to providing superior customer service, superior quality and superior products. For more information please call us at (240) 515-8030 or contact jgchilder@aol.com
  4. 4. THE INTERSECTION OF VALUE AND TECHNOLOGY Call us about our • Mobile and wireless installation services. • Project management. • Solution service and support. (240) 515-8030 **Complete Management of Equipment & Shelters, Complete Cell Sites, and more!** Created by James Childers