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Final Jordan August 09
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Final Jordan August 09


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 2. Jordan10 10 marathons  262 long, painful miles  6  short days                1 cause: triple nega:ve breast cancer 
  • 3. Jordan10 1.  Run 10 marathons in 6 days across the mountains, wadi and deserts of Jordan 2.  Raise £100,000 for triple negative breast cancer research 3.  Potentially save someone's life WE WILL:
  • 4. Jordan10 •  Unprecedented (route and distance) •  262 miles (10 marathons) in 6 days •  Run day or night. The distance has to be covered. •  Running through mountain ranges, wadi, desert, along dusty roads, through villages… •  4x4 support for food, water, tents and medical support. The Challenge
  • 5. Jordan10 Amman to Aqaba, via the Kings Highway
  • 6. Jordan10 Desert, mountains, wadi, rock, road, wilderness…
  • 7. Jordan10 Is it really that difficult...?
  • 8. Is it really that difficult? Jordan10 1. Distance: 43 miles a day, 6 days in a row
  • 9. Is it really that difficult? Jordan10 2. Injury knees, ankles, feet, heat stroke, dehydration, cramps…
  • 10. Is it really that difficult? Jordan10 3. Time: 144 hours of being pushed to the limits. Physical and mental exhaustion.
  • 11. Is it really that difficult? Jordan10 4. Fuel: 7,000 calories and 10 litres of water a day.
  • 12. Is it really that difficult? Jordan10 5. Sleep? Only when the distance is covered.
  • 13. Is it really that difficult? Jordan10 2 Jeeps 2 Local Drivers 1 Doctor 1 Map 300 litres of water 120,000 calories 1 Tent 6. Lack of support
  • 14. Jordan10 Charlie Barrett, 29 Johann Boost, 29 Rory Penn, 29 Jamie Taylor, 29 Insurance Financial Fund Management Private Equity Recruitment
  • 15. Jordan10 Team track record Marathon Des Sables (6 marathons - Sahara) Race the Planet (6 marathons - Sahara) Race the Planet (6 marathons - Gobi) Race the Planet (6 marathons - Atacama) Austria Ironman (3.8k swim, 180k bike, 42k run) France Ironman (3.8k swim, 180k bike, 42k run) Marathons: Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York Highlander Mountain Marathon (55k - Inverness) Cycle Bilbao – London (1200k in 8 days) Cycle London – Paris (450k in 3 days) track record...
  • 16. Jordan10 How and why it is worth getting involved...
  • 17. Jordan10 1.  1.5m women are diagnosed worldwide with breast cancer every year 2.  Triple negative breast cancer is the most aggressive form, hard to prevent, diagnose and treat 3.  15% of women with breast cancer have triple negative breast cancer 4.  Research is needed to discover the molecules which drive the cancer’s growth 5.  This research will make prevention and treatment more effective and save lives Triple Nega+ve Breast Cancer
  • 18. Jordan10 SARAH GREEN CLINICAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP Only research unit of its type in the UK   Fellowship in   Guy’s Hospital and Kings College London (University). Fellowship will give an outstanding and committed medical doctor the chance to carry   out scientific research.  Assessing the activity of the BRCA1 gene (state of the art imaging techniques)  Discovering potential new drug targets £100,000 will cover research costs for   one year for a medical doctor. Specialised laboratory will be required.   SARAH GREEN CLINICAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP
  • 19. Jordan10 Peter Greene, Founder of Sarah Green Crocus Fund: ‘Triple negative breast cancer is more difficult to treat because tumours do not respond to targeted treatments (such as Herceptin or Tamoxifen). These scientists will be trying to find out more about it, in particular which genetic changes in the tumour cause or drive its growth. Despite there being 6,000 new cases a year in this country, very little is known about it. They want to learn more about the biology of the disease, including if there is a 'cancer stem cell' that causes it. With this knowledge, scientists will be trying to find new ways to diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent this form of breast cancer.’ ‘The lab is amazing and most of the equipment is state of the art. The staff are highly respected and were happy to try and explain to us lay folk how it all works. The one thing that is very obvious is that they are a very dedicated and enthusiastic team. The lab is not far away from the out patients department and it is also a very short distance from where tumour tissue is removed and then taken for analysis - about 20 yards! The visit was inspirational and we should all feel proud of what we have contributed to.’ In layman’s terms...
  • 20. Jordan10 How to get involved in the Jordan 10 Team 1.  Become a major sponsor (£ 15,000) 2.  Become a named sponsor (£ 5,000) 3.  Give whatever you would like and receive a HUGE thank you from The Sarah Green Crocus Fund and all future breast cancer sufferers. 4.  Introduce us to people, companies and parties that might like to get involved
  • 21. Jordan10   100% (not 98% or 99%) but 100% of monies raised will go straight into funding a researcher at Guy’s Hospital, London.   0% (not even 0.001%) of monies raised will go towards expedition costs. The Jordan 10 Team are paying for these themselves. = ALL MONIES RAISED GO STRAIGHT INTO THE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP AT GUY’S HOSPITAL Use of funds
  • 22. Jordan10 Hardcore Challenge British Pioneering Expedition £100,000 Limited Sponsorship Vital research Opportunities fellowship Press Coverage HELP US
  • 23. Jordan10 A big thank you to HSBC for becoming the first major sponsor.