State of GeoServer 2013 (FOSS4G)


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Presentation from FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham

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State of GeoServer 2013 (FOSS4G)

  1. 1. State of GeoServer Andrea Aime, GeoSolutions Jody Garnett, Boundless Justin Deoliveira, Boundless
  2. 2. Presentation Guide • It has been two years since FOSS4G 2011 o  GeoServer is a very active project o  We do not have time to cover everything • For each new feature in this presentation o  Sponsor or organisation funding the work is on the left o  Version number the feature is available is on the right 2.4.x2.3.x2.2.x Community Extension Release
  3. 3. Presentation Guide • GeoServer – project updates and news • Web Map Service • Web Feature Service • Web Coverage Service • Tile Services • Web Process Service • Catalogue Service Web – new! • Extensions • Community
  4. 4. GeoServer Project Updates and News
  5. 5. OSGeo Incubation + 2.2.x
  6. 6. Time Boxed Release Model • A long gap before 2.2 was released o  Something had to change for our customers • One bug fix release every month o  Bug fixes o  Some minor new features backported from the development branch, selected by the PSC • One major release every six months o  new features • Q: GeoServer 3.x? o  When we’ll break backwards compatibility J 2.2.x
  7. 7. 2012 2013 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec DevelopmentStable Time Boxed Release Model 2.2.5 2.2.4 2.2.3 2.2.2 2.2.1 2.2 2.3.5 2.3.4 2.3.3 2.3.2 2.3.1 2.3 2.4-RC2 2.4-RC1 2.4-beta 2.1.4 2.3-RC2 2.3-RC1 2.3-beta 2.4
  8. 8. Security Framework • See for Christian's Master Thesis o  Flexible authentication for stateless web services • Why use GeoServer Security? o  Don't list layers in GetCapabilities that cannot be used o  Layer name/description may be sensitive information • Core Feature of GeoServer Web Services o  Deep Integration with Web Services o  Fine grain control of Services and REST API access 2.2.x
  9. 9. Security – Authentication • Plugins Provide Many Integration Options 2.2.x
  10. 10. Security – Password Storage / Policy 2.2.x
  11. 11. Security – Authorisation • User / Group / Role • Define "Service Chains" for Services and REST 2.2.x
  12. 12. Security –LDAP Authorisation 2.2.x Say something about Active Directory too here
  13. 13. REST Configuration • Continues to be Wildly Popular • REST Configuration Improvements o  Manage Web Services o  Check Installation Information §  Installed version of GeoServer and GeoTools §  List available Extensions and community modules • Create and manage image mosaics o  Describe internal structure (attributes) o  Harvest new granules o  Remove existing ones 2.3.0
  14. 14. Virtual Service per Workspace 2.2.x GeoServer WMS WFS WCS nurc configuration web services tiger sf cite cite WMS WFS WCS WMS http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms?request=GetCapabilities WMS CITE http://localhost:8080/geoserver/cite/wms?request=GetCapabilities
  15. 15. Enable Services per Workspace 2.2.x
  16. 16. Custom Settings per Workspace 2.2.x
  17. 17. Styles and Groups per Workspace 2.2.x
  18. 18. Translations • Thanks to Frank Gasdorf – and Friends! o 2.4.0
  19. 19. • New KML o  Now for WFS too! o  New Implementation o  Faster o  KML Schema Compliant o  High fidelity output for Marks (icon service) • New Shapefile o  WFS SortBy support o  Code clean up o  Share significant portion of code with database backends New Implementations 2.4.0
  20. 20. WMS Web Map Service
  21. 21. Time and Elevation • support for both raster and vector • custom dimensions 2.2.x
  22. 22. Time and Elevation ...&request=GetMap &time=2001-08-01/2001-09-01 ...&request=GetMap &time=2003-08-01/2003-09-01 2.2.x
  23. 23. Custom Dimensions 2.3.x
  24. 24. Rendering Transforms - Contour <FeatureTypeStyle> <Transformation> <Function name="contour"> <Function name="parameter"> <Literal>levels</Literals> <Literal>1000</Literal> <Literal>1250</Literal> <Literal>1500</Literal> ... 2.2.x
  25. 25. Rendering Transforms – Heat Maps 2.2.x
  26. 26. Rendering Transforms Surface interpolation 2.2.x
  27. 27. Rendering Transforms Point clustering 2.2.x
  28. 28. CSS – Compact Styling for Humans 2.4.x
  29. 29. CSS – SLD Generation 2.4.x
  30. 30. CSS 2.4.x
  31. 31. CSS – Reference, Tutorial, Cookbook 2.4.x
  32. 32. WMS Layer Group Publishing (Finally!) Nesting Capabilities tree 2.3.x
  33. 33. WMS - Advertised Layers 2.3.x
  34. 34. WMS – TurboJPEG encoder • Faster JPEG encoder • Supported also on Win 64 Com
  35. 35. WFS Web Feature Service
  36. 36. WFS 2.0 - Paging ...&request=GetFeature&startIndex=5&count=6 2.2.x
  37. 37. WFS 2.0 – Stored Queries <wfs:CreateStoredQuery> <wfs:StoredQueryDefinition id='bbox'> <wfs:Parameter name='AreaOfInterest' type='gml:Polygon'/> <wfs:QueryExpressionText returnFeatureTypes='topp:states'> <wfs:Query typeNames='topp:states'> <fes:Filter> <fes:BBOX> <fes:ValueReference>the_geom</fes:ValueReference> <gml:Envelope> <gml:lowerCorner>${x1} ${y1}</gml:lowerCorner> <gml:upperCorner>${x2} ${y2}</gml:upperCorner> </gml:Envelope> </fes:BBOX> </fes:Within> </fes:Filter> </wfs:Query> </wfs:QueryExpressionText> </wfs:StoredQueryDefinition> </wfs:CreateStoredQuery> ...&request=GetFeature&storedQueryId=bbox &x1=-180&y1=-90&x2=180&y2=90 2.2.x
  38. 38. WFS 2.0 - Joining <wfs:GetFeature xmlns:wfs='' xmlns:fes='' xmlns:gs='' version='2.0.0'> <wfs:Query typeNames='gs:Forests gs:Roads' aliases='a b'> <fes:Filter> <fes:Intersects> <fes:ValueReference>a/the_geom</fes:ValueReference> <fes:ValueReference>b/the_geom</fes:ValueReference> </fes:Intersects> </fes:Filter> </wfs:Query> </wfs:GetFeature> 2.2.x
  39. 39. App schema • What is it? publish a specific data product o  Data is "mapped" to fit your application schema §  GeoSciML 3.1 GeoSciML 3.2 §  Complex INSPIRE services • Improved Functionality o  SortBy o  GML 3.2 "Complex" Features o  WMS • Faster o  Makes use of "Joining" (for supported DataStores) o  Large non denormalised views/tables • New and Experimental §  time series encoding §  WFS 2.0 support (except paging) 2.2.x 2.3.x 2.4.x
  40. 40. XSLT output format generator • Alternative for generating specific data product o  Approach "only" transforms output o  Query is against original dataset XSLT Engine Custom XSL Transform GML 2.X/3.X Plain text Custom XML HTML KML 2.3.x
  41. 41. WCS Web Coverage Service
  42. 42. WCS 2.0 • Congrats OGC o  Core protocol has been simplified o  Additional Functionality Supplied by Profiles o  Finally a version of WCS users will love • GeoServer Web Coverage Service o  WCS 2.0 Implementation • Community Modules o  NetCDF Support o  Earth Observation Profile o  REST extension to manage mosaic Com
  43. 43. NetCDF support • NetCDF-CF support • Both input (WMS/WCS) • And output! (WCS) • Tested on a number of sources o  Polyphemus/Ascat/Gome/IASI/MSG2 Com
  44. 44. Tile Service WMTS, WMS-C, etc…
  45. 45. GeoWebCache Integration 2.2.x Improved integration/UI
  46. 46. GeoWebCache Integration 2.2.x Improved integration/UI
  47. 47. GeoWebCache • Disk Quota and Disk Quota Clustering 2.3.x GWC 1 GWC N Quota DB Tile storage Load balancer …
  48. 48. WPS Web Processing Service
  49. 49. Asynchronous WPS 2.2.x
  50. 50. Process Filtering By group Individual 2.3.x
  51. 51. Scripting (processes and more) Python Groovy JavaScript Ruby JSR-223 Com
  52. 52. CSW Catalog Service Web
  53. 53. CSW Architecture 2.4.x CSW MODULE GetCapabilities DescribeRecord GetDomain GetRecord CatalogStore (Pluggable) Internal GeoServer layers Read records from file system Legacy catalog Write your own!
  54. 54. Simple Store • Dublin Core XML Files 2.4.x Simple store Dublin core XML files with Dublin core records
  55. 55. Internal CatalogStore • Configure Layers with minimal metadata 2.4.x Configured layer: name, title, abstract, minimal metadata Configured layer Configured layer … GeoServerInternal CatalogStore ISO 19115 ISO 19119 ISO 19139 Dublin core …
  56. 56. CSW Metadata Mapping 2.4.x @fileIdentifier.CharacterString=id identificationInfo.AbstractMD_Identification.citation.CI_Citation.title.CharacterString=title identificationInfo.AbstractMD_Identification.descriptiveKeywords.MD_Keywords.keyword .CharacterString=keywords identificationInfo.AbstractMD_Identification.abstract.CharacterString=abstract $dateStamp.Date= if_then_else ( isNull("") , 'Unknown', "") hierarchyLevel.MD_ScopeCode.@codeListValue='' $contact.CI_ResponsibleParty.individualName.CharacterString='GeoServer' @identifier.value=id title.value=title creator.value='GeoServer Catalog' subject.value=keywords subject.scheme='' abstract.value=abstract description.value=strConcat('description about ' , title) date.value="" type.value='' publisher.value='GeoServer' Configurable property mapping ISO Dublin Core
  57. 57. CSW 2.4.x Sample DC record
  58. 58. 2.4.x Sample CSW record
  59. 59. Assorted Extensions More Optional GeoServer functionality
  60. 60. Importer – Easy GeoServer Setup 2.4.x
  61. 61. Importer – Select Files 2.4.x
  62. 62. Importer – Publish • Style is Generated for Each Layer • Optional Actions for Common Tasks 2.4.x
  63. 63. INSPIRE • WMS and WFS Extension 2.3.x
  64. 64. Monitor • Collect Status on GeoServer use • Monitor Query API o  REST API producing Excel, CSV, ZIP 2.3.x GeoServer WMS WFS WCS Monitor Core Monitor Hibernate Database clients web services Monitor Query API
  65. 65. Community Ideas and Experiments
  66. 66. Earth Observation • Web Coverage Service 2.0 Profile o  Coverage datasets group coverages, avoid large caps documents o  DescribeEOCoverageSet drill into contents o  DescribeCoverage Earth Observation metadata, time support, sensor description • Web Map Service EO profile Com
  67. 67. Earth Observation Wizard • Quickly build WMS EO compliant groups o  Browse/Footprints/Parameters/Flags Com
  68. 68. GeoTools Improvements • GeoTools raster API overhaul o  Improved Access to Rich Raster Content o  NetCDF • GeoTools Feature Collection / Bounds o  Support 3D Coordinate Reference Systems via WMS o  Straight Quality Assurance Run • Native Geometry for SQL Server 2.4.x
  69. 69. Thanks! Questions?
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