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Refreshed the 2010 talk for the new content, explore the OSGeo

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OSGeo Live

  1. 1. Open Source Spatial Projects on OSGeo Live Jody Garnett (LISAsoft) Prepared by Jody Garnett, derived from OSGeo-Live Project Overviews, by OSGeo-Live authorshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 1
  2. 2. Welcome• Jody Garnett • LISAsoft OSGeo Foundation Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne Eclipse Location Tech (Australia)• GeoTools, GeoServer, uDig • Systems Integration Hardware, Mobile, GIShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 2
  3. 3. OSGeo• Open Source Geospatial Foundation• Mission: To support the collaborative development of open source geospatial software, and promote its widespread use.• Non-Profit, Vendor Neutral• International• Open Education, Open Datahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 3
  4. 4. Lightning Overview• What is “Lightning about a 60 mins presentation”? • Nothing (that is a long time to listen to me!) • Everything: There are 50 projects, 60 seconds a project• Quick rundown of the OSGeo Live project • Overview of the products included • Learn what is available today • Background on “OSGeo Projects” ... like who pays!http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 4
  5. 5. OSGeo Live Projecthttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 5
  6. 6. Thumb Drive & Virtualhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  7. 7. http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 7
  8. 8. People First Contributors Jorge Sanz Translators Maria Vakalopoulou Alan Boudreault Judit Mays Agustín Díez Haruyuki Seki Alexandre Dube Klokan Petr Pridal David Mateos Nobusuke Iwasaki Amy Gao Kristof Lange Hernan Olivera Yoichi Kayama Andrea Antonello Lance McKee Javier Sanchez Milena Nowotarska Anton Patrushev Mage Whopper Jesús Gómez Xianfeng Song Astrid Emde Manuel Grizonnet Jorge Arévalo Jing Wang Benjamin Pross Mark Leslie Jorge Sanz Zhengfan Lin Brian Hamlin Massimo Di Stefano José Antonio Canalejo Òscar Fonts Bruno Binet Micha Silver Mauricio Miranda Raf Roset Dane Springmeyer Michael Owonibi Mauricio Pazos Anna Muñoz Daniel Kastl Michaël Michaud Òscar Fonts Cristhian Pin Dimitar Misev Mike Adair Pedro-Juan Ferrer Marc Torres Edgar Soldin Nathaniel V. Kelso Roberto Antolín Assumpcio Termens Eike Hinderk Ned Horning Samuel Mesa Estela Llorente Eric Lemoine Oliver Tonnhofer Valenty Gonzalez Toshikazu Seto Etienne Dube Paul Meems Lucía Sanjaime Fran Boon Pirmin Kalberer Andrea Yanza Leads Frank Gasdorf Ricardo Pinho Diego González Cameron Shorter Frank Warmerdam Roald de Wit Anne Ghisla François Prunayre Ruth Schoenbuchner Massimo Di Stefano Hamish Bowman Gavin Treadgold Sergio Baños Marco Puppin Alex Mandel Grald Fenoy Simon Cropper Astrid Emde Angelos Tzotsos Haruyuki Seki Simon Pigot Daniel Kastl Henry Addo Stefan A. Tzeggai Dominik Helle Hernan Olivera Stefan Hansen Frank Gasdorf Howard Butler Stephan Meissl Lars Lingner Ian Turton Steve Lime Otto Dassau Jackie Ng Thierry Badard Ruth Schoenbuchner Jan Drewnak Tom Kralidis Thomas Baschetti Jim Klassen Trevor Wekel Angelos Tzotsos Jinsongdi Yu Christos Iossifidis Jody Garnett Argyros Argyridis Johan Van de Wauw Aikaterini Kapsampelihttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 8
  9. 9. Sponsors Second • LISAsoft Training and Support in Australia • InformationCenter for the Environment, University of California, Davis • Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. Industry Standards and Interoperabilityhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 9
  10. 10. Contents Third• Self-contained bootable DVD / USB using Xubuntu linux• 50 GeoSpatial Open Source applications along with sample datasets. • pre-installed / pre-configured • overview and quickstart documentation• Documentation about key OGC spatial standards.• The DVD is ideal for handing out at conferences, using in workshops, and trialling a range of Open Source Software.http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 10
  11. 11. Conference and Training 2012 2011 Open Source Developers Conference 2012 FOSS4G Tokyo/Osaka 2011 PhilGEOS 2012, OpenGIS 2012 IAEA/FAO Coordinated Research Program EGU Leonardo Conference 2012 Intergeo 2011 Open Source GIS and Webmapping Workshop FOSS4G 2011 FOSS4G-India 2012, LatinOSGIS 2012, GeoINT 2012 Open Source GIS Summer School Geospace Europe Summit 2012 dété - Observation spatiale de lenvironnement Latinoware 2012, INTERGEO 2012 FLUXNET & RS Open-Workshop Smart Korea 2012, FOSS4G Korea 2012 OSGIS 2011, CGS 2011, GITA 2011, AAG 2011 Minnesota GIS/LIS 2012, GISSA Ukubuzana conference FOSSGIS 2011 Geocamp, Asia GeoSpatial Forum Open Source GIS Conference (OSGIS) 2010 34th International Geological Conference GeoData Camp 2010 FOSS4G Southeast Asia Intergeo 2010 Third Open Source GIS Summer School FOSS4G 2010 International Env. Modeling and Software Society (IEMSS) FIG 2010 - International Surveyors conference AGIT, FOSS4G Hokkaido 2012 useR! The International R User Conference OSGeo.nl Day (FOSS4G Regional) within MapWindow 2009 Conference - The Netherlands FOSS4G 2009, FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics 2012, FOSSCOMM 2012 Spatial@Gov 2009 HellasGI 2012 COMEM OGO course :: Webmapping with OGC standards 2008 Geospatial World Forum 2012 Australian Cooperative Research Center for Spatial FOSS4G North America 2012, GISRUK 2012, AGILE 2012 Information Conference 2008, FOSS4G 2008 Association for Geographic Information Welsh Group Open Source Seminar AWRA GIS and Water Resources Conference FOSSGIS 2012, Spanish FOSS4G 2012 Malaysian Geospatial Forum, AAG 2012 Pleiades Days 2012 Enterprise GIS course at the Council for Geosciencehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 11
  12. 12. Organisationhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 12
  13. 13. Categories Browser Clients Crisis Management Data Databases Desktop GIS Geospatial Libraries Navigation and Spatial Tools Web Services Mapshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 13
  14. 14. Stack Navigation and Crisis Management Maps Browser Clients Spatial Tools Desktop GIS Web Services Databases Geospatial Libraries Datahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 14
  15. 15. Databases PostGIS Spatialite PgRouting rasdamanhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 15
  16. 16. Databases• Transition from shape files to a real spatial database • Looking to reduce license costs? Check case studies• What is interesting for Databases • “NoSQL” backlash - does spatial want to rebel? • Rasters in the database - is it any good? • Treating a database as a file format• Consider: ACID, Spatial Index, Simple Features for SQLhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 16
  17. 17. PostGIS – Spatial Databasehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  18. 18. PostGIS - Spatial Database• Spatial extension to • Hundreds of spatial PostreSQL enabling it to functions: buffers, be used as a spatial unions, overlays, database. PostGIS is distance and more fast, standards compliant • Raster (new!) and wildly used. • ACID transactional• postgis.refractions.net integrity• GPL version 2 • R-Tree spatial index• Windows, Linux, Mac • Multi-user support• Simple Features for SQL • Row-level locking Sponsors OpenGeo • Replication, Partitioning Refractions Research Paragon Corporation • Role-based security • Table-spaces, schemashttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 18
  19. 19. pgRouting – routing forhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  20. 20. SpatiaLite – Compacthttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  21. 21. Rasdaman – Rasterhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  22. 22. Web Services QGIS MapServer TinyOWS GeoServer deegree MapProxy mapserver 52°North EOxServer ZOO Project GeoNetwork pycsw mapguidehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 22
  23. 23. Web Services• Publishing always valuable• Standards is a key enabler (OGC and ISO TC211) • Web Map Service – draws a map • Web Feature Service – raw vector+attribtues=feature data • Web Coverage Service – raw raster data • Web Processing Service – remote modelling and analysis • Sensor Observation Service – data collection from fieldhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 23
  24. 24. MapServer – Web Serviceshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  25. 25. MapServer• The one the only the • Advanced Original! Much loved cartographic output with a reputation for • Sophisticated spatial excellent performance query support• Rendering engine • Supports popular written in C scripting environments • CGI/FastCGI• www.mapserver.org • multitude of raster & Sponsors• MIT-style license vector data formats University of Minnesota DM Solutions NASA• Windows, Linux, Mac • projection support Department of Forest Resources State of Minnesota• C, PHP, Python, Perl, Department of Natural Resources and Land Ruby, Java, and .NET Management Information Centerhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 25
  26. 26. TinyOWS - WFS-Thttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  27. 27. GeoServer – Web Serviceshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  28. 28. deegree – Web Serviceshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  29. 29. deegree• Fast, stable and • Web Map Service powerful web • Web Feature Service integrated mapping • On the fly coordinate solution with deep transformation standards compliance. • Easily enhanced to support INSPIRE Sponsors University of Bonn• http://deegree.org directive Lat/Lon• LGPL • Web Coverage Service• Mac,Windows, Linux • Catalogue Service• Java • Web Map Print Service• WMS, WFS, WCS, • Web Perspective View CSW, WPVS, Service WCTS,WPS,SOShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 29
  30. 30. QGIS Server – WMShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  31. 31. MapProxy – WMS & Tilehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  32. 32. MapTilerhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  33. 33. ZOO – Web Processinghttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  34. 34. 52°North WPS – Webhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  35. 35. 52°North SOS – Sensorhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  36. 36. 52°North WSS - Securityhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  37. 37. EOxServerhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  38. 38. GeoNetwork – Metadatahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  39. 39. GeoNetwork Open Source• Catalog application for • Immediate search access to managing spatially referenced local and distributed resources geospatial catalogues • Up- and downloading of data,• geonetwork-opensource.org graphics, docs, pdf files, etc..• GPL Version 2 • Interactive Map Viewer• Windows, Linux, Mac • RSS news feeds and as Sponsors GeoRSS.• Java UN FAO GeoCat • Online editing of metadata• ISO19115, ISO19119, ISO19139, ISO19110, FGDC • harvesting and and Dublin Core synchronization• CSW, OAI_PMH, Z39.50, • Fine-grained access control OpenSearch-Geo • Group and user management • Multi-lingual user interface • A randomly selected Featured Maphttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 39
  40. 40. pycsw – Metadatahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  41. 41. MapGuide Open Sourcehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 41
  42. 42. MapGuide Open Source• Web platform to develop • Interactive Map Viewing and deploy web mapping apps and spatial services • Quality Cartographic Output• mapguide.osgeo.org • Build-in Resource• Licence: GNU Lesser Database for Manageability General Public License (LGPL) • Uniform Data Access Sponsors Autodesk AEC Systems• Software Version: 2.4.0 • Flexible Application DM Solutions Group Ennoble Consultancy Pre-Release Development SL-King Spatial Solutions OTX Systems• Linux, Windows • Extensive Server-Side APIs • Fast, Scalable, Secure Server Platformhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 42
  43. 43. Browser Clients Geomajas Mapbender OpenLayers MapFish GeoMoosehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 43
  44. 44. Browser Clients• Where a lot of the Action is!• There are less browser clients then a few years ago • Several projects combined forces for Open Layers• Great examples of “end-to-end” web mapping solutions • Pros: “get your data online in 10 mins” examples • Cons: use of components + standards• Python vs Java? JavaScript vs GWT? You decide!http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 44
  45. 45. OpenLayers – Browser http://pierzen.dev.openstreetmap.org/hot/openlayers/libya_health.phphttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  46. 46. OpenLayers• OpenLayers makes it easy • Simple Javascript API, for web developers to designed for easy embed dynamic maps, development of custom from a multitude of user interfaces sources, in any web page • In-browser data rendering• Standards: WMS, WMTS, (SVG, VML, or Canvas) WFS, WFS-T, GeoRS, GML • Advanced in-browser maps• Commercial: Google, Bing • Mobile (and touch) devices• Others: OpenStreetMap • Use layers from many (OSM), ArcGIS, Images, sources Sponsors CamptoCamp MapGuide, MapServer, MetaCarta • Parse vector data/metadata OpenGeo TileCache (Atom, ArcXML,• openlayers.org GeoJSON, GeoRSS, KML,• BSD License OSM, SLD, WMTS)• JavaScripthttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 46
  47. 47. MapFish – Browser Clienthttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  48. 48. MapFish• MapFish is framework • Pylons Python web for building rich web- framework mapping applications • RIA-oriented• Extends Pylons with JavaScript toolbox geospatial-specific • ExtJS functionality • OpenLayers • GeoExt Sponsors• www.mapfish.org CamptoCamp • JavaScript• BSD License environment• Windows, Linux, Mac • testing• Python • compressionhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 48
  49. 49. Mapbender – Geoportalhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  50. 50. MapBender• Web geoportal framework • Create web mapping to publish, register, view, interfaces from template navigate, monitor and grant applications secure access to spatial data • Share remote OGC WMS infrastructure services • WFS to search, find, highlight • Bind WFS-T with WMS for• www.mapbender.org/ online digitizing• GPL / Simplified BSD • Users/groups access control• Windows, Linux, Mac • WMC handling Sponsors WhereGroup • Remote catalogs Metaspatial geoinformation+planung • monitoring and status terrestris FOSSGIS e.V. notification of OGC services Geoportal Rhineland- Palatinate • Deploy OpenLayers clients • Print high-quality PDF mapshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 50
  51. 51. Geomajas – Browser Clienthttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  52. 52. Geomajas• Extensible web mapping • Integrated client-server framework which architecture seamlessly integrates • Geometry/Attribute powerful server side editing algorithms into the web • Custom attribute browser. definitions• Strong server side focus • Advanced CQL querying allowing a really thin client • Out-of-the-box security Sponsors • Extensible with plug-ins Geosparc• www.geomajas.org/ • Multiple front-end• AGPL technologies• Windows, Linux, Mac • Cross browser support,• Java without the need for• WMS, WFS browser plug-inshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 52
  53. 53. GeoMOOSE – GIS Portalhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  54. 54. Desktop Applications AtlasStyler Grass GIS Geopublisher gvSig Kosmo uDig SAGA OpenJUMP osgEarth OSSIM Quantum GIS MapWindowhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 54
  55. 55. Desktop Applications• Desktop Geospatial Information Systems • Searching for a replacement? Personally I use several...• Applications • General Purpose GIS • Vertical Applications making use of spatial informationhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 55
  56. 56. GRASS – Desktop GIShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  57. 57. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System• Powerful raster, • C, Python, Bourne vector, and geospatial Shell processing engines in • 400 analysis modules a single integrated • 100 community software suite modules• Original Open Source • 30 years development GIS in development since the1980s • Oldest and Largest• grass.osgeo.org • Desktop to Sponsors FBK-irst Intevation supercomputer Faunalia• GPL version 2 GDF Hannover Central Washington• GNU/Linux, Mac University REGIS, University of OSX, MS Windows California, Berkeley Naval Oceanographic Lab USGS Cook College, Rutgers University http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live DOE Oakridge 57
  58. 58. Quantum GIS – Desktophttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  59. 59. Quantum GIS (QGIS)• Desktop GIS client to • Friendly user interface visualise, manage, edit, • Easy Viewing of Vector analyse and print data, and Raster Formats• Popular Desktop • Create, edit and client with wide range export spatial data of community plugins • Spatial analysis using fTools or GRASS Sponsors• www.qgis.org plugins GFOSS.it Kanton Solothurn• GPL • Extensible plugin argusoft www.fossgis.de• Windows, Linux, Mac architecture geosynergy ibW Bildungszentrum Wald•C with Python scriptshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 59
  60. 60. gvSIG – Desktop GIShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  61. 61. uDig: User-friendly Desktophttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  62. 62. OpenJUMP GIShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  63. 63. Kosmo – Desktop GIShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  64. 64. SAGA – Desktop GIShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  65. 65. OSSIM - Image Processinghttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  66. 66. Open Source Software Image Map(OSSIM)• High performance engine • Parallel processing for remote sensing, image capabilities processing, GIS and • Sensor modeling photogrammetry • Non-destructive, parameter based image chains• www.ossim.org • Native file access• GPL version 3 • Precision Terrain correction• C++ and ortho-rectification Sponsors Radiant Blue • compositing and fusions • Elevation support • Vector and shapelib support • Projection and resolution independent • Equation editorshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 66
  67. 67. osgEarth - 3 Dimensionhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  68. 68. Geopublisher – Atlashttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  69. 69. AtlasStyler – Desktop Stylehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  70. 70. MapWindow – forhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  71. 71. Spatial Tools ORFEO GMT R Toolbox Mapnik GDAL GeoKettlehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 71
  72. 72. Spatial Tools• Business Intelligence • Reports, Extract Transform Load• Statistics and Modelling• Cartographic Rendering • paper is a more careful process than going to screen • national standards often have strict requirementshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 72
  73. 73. GDAL/OGR – Toolshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  74. 74. Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL/OGR)• Command-line utilities to • Formats translate and process • GDAL 50 raster raster and vector • OGR 20 vector geospatial data formats • Command-line• Data access library • data translation, image warping, subsetting,...• www.gdal.org • Efficient raster data• X/MIT access Sponsors• Windows, Linux, Mac • tiling and overviews• C, C++, Python, Java, C#, • large files (over 4GB) Ruby, VB6 and Perl • Coordinate system engine • PROJ.4 and OGC WKThttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 74
  75. 75. GMT – Generic Mappinghttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  76. 76. ORFEO Toolbox:Imagehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  77. 77. Mapnik – Cartographichttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  78. 78. R – Statistical Programinghttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  79. 79. GeoKettle – Extracthttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  80. 80. Crisis Management Sahana Agasti Ushahidihttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 80
  81. 81. Crisis Management• This software is often created out of short term need and then “remade” in order to be prepared for next time • Ability to work without an internet • Cellphones, Crowd-sourcing • Source of funding and volunteers • Raw Human need• There is not a lot to say at a technical conference like this, pitch in and help out of you can.http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 81
  82. 82. Sahana – Disasterhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  83. 83. Ushahidi – Event Timelinehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  84. 84. Map Data Natural Earth Open Street Map North Carolinahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 84
  85. 85. Map Data• Free data for free software!• The story is much improved • Open Data licenses are well understood• “Government 2.0” advocates publishing data • Australia is publishing using Creative Commonshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 85
  86. 86. Natural Earth – Map Datahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  87. 87. Open Street Maphttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  88. 88. North Carolina educationalhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  89. 89. Geospatial Libraries GEOS GeoTools libLAS MetaCRShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 89
  90. 90. Geospatial Library• These libraries are used behind many of the projects above • Geometry - The shape of GIS • Referencing - Know where something is • Import and Export of Spatial Datahttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 90
  91. 91. GeoToolshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  92. 92. GeoTools• The Java GIS Toolkit! • Interfaces for spatial data• Standards compliant data structures structures and methods for • Use of JTS Geometry manipulating geospatial data • Attribute and spatial filters • Feature access, transaction,• geotools.org/ locking• LGPL • Coordinate reference• Java Virtual Machine system, projections, and transforms Sponsors• Java GeoSolutions • Stateless renderer OpenGeo• SLD, Filter, CQL, WFS, WMS, CSIRO WPS, General Feature • Maps with complex styling Model, Simple Feature, • Schema assisted XML parsing GridCoverage • Open plug-in system with extensions for additional capabilitieshttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 92
  93. 93. GEOShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 93
  94. 94. Geographic Data Abstraction Library (GDAL/ORG)• Port of the JTS Topology Suite • Geometry: Point, LineString, (JTS) implementation of Simple Polygon, MultiPoint, Features for SQL. MultiLineString, MultiPolygon,• Most widely used geospatial C GeometryCollection ++ geometry library • Predicates: Intersects, Touches, Disjoint, Crosses, Within, Contains, Overlaps, Equals,• geos.osgeo.org/ Covers• LGPL • Operations: Union, Distance,• Windows, Linux, Mac Intersection, Symmetric Sponsors• C++, C (long term stability) Difference, Convex Hull,• WKT, WKB, SFSQL Envelope, Buffer, Simplify, Polygon Assembly, Valid, Area, Length, • OGC Well Known Text / Well Known Binary encoders and decoders. • Reentrant APIhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 94
  95. 95. MetaCRShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  96. 96. libLAShttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live
  97. 97. Why add Mapping to your Codehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 97
  98. 98. iPhone vs Laptop www.displaywars.comhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 98
  99. 99. iPhone vs Monitor www.displaywars.comhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 99
  100. 100. iPhone vs TV www.displaywars.comhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 100
  101. 101. The World is Bigger www.displaywars.comhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 101
  102. 102. Code for the World• You work very hard for a small bit of screen real estate• The world is BIG • People live there • Code for a better worldhttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 102
  103. 103. Thanks Open Source Spatial Projects on OSGeo Livehttp://live.osgeo.org OSGeo Live 103