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  • When we look back at how technology has evolved, we can see that with education, schools are almost doing away with school books all together. Most elementary school do not put emphasis on hand writing any more, but rather offering computer classes and keyboarding classes.
  • Online banking hit the scene in 2008. Many banking options have change over the years. Online banking seem to be the way to go these days. Rather than mailing in a check to pay bills, this can all be done at a one stop shop called “Online Banking”. One can access all their banking information without having to go to the intuition. No longer do the bank mails out checkbooks but they also mail out a debit card to use for spending and accessing your money as well.
  • If you want to buy something these days just go and sit at your computer. It doesn’t require you to drive and waste any gas, just lift a finger and start shopping. This is known as e-commerce. E-commerce is when people or businesses sell and buy on the internet. In 2000 companies started advertising on the internet and by the end of 2001 there was over 700 billion transactions from business to business buying and selling.
  • When people think of traveling there are many images that come to mind such as; cruise ships, airplanes, trains, buses, or cars. But if we think back a few centuries those who travels then did so by walking, horses, horses and buggies, or camels. Technology has evolved so much that what may have taken days or longer now can take up to a few hours or shorter depending upon the destination and how one chooses to travel.
  • Securing your home use to consist of wires, bars, using lights to brighten dark places, and tons of locks. Although some of these methods are still used technology has allowed us to add a more sophisticated way of security our most precious valuables. We can now monitor what’s going on, on the inside as well as the outside of our house while we are away from home. One can also control gadgets inside the home such as; thermostats, lights, and other devices that are plugged in.
  • If you notice everywhere we look there is something on the news that sparks our attention. Some headlines read “Look what’s Trending Now”, and “Violence Captured by Spectator”. This is because technology has allowed us to captured what’s going on in Real Time rather than waiting for the news team to get there and report a story. We have went from listening to seeing news up close and personal.
  • The medical community keeps striving for excellence through technology. No longer does the doctor uses his hands to operate he can now use robots to perform surgery and some of its done through voice recognition. Another way it has advance is that women who are pregnant can now view their embryos in 3D.
  • Going to the movies use to consist of sitting in front of a big screen with comfortable chairs and a big bag of popcorn. Nowadays going to the movies is much more exciting because of technology. Movies have improve in areas such as sound, special effects, viewing in VHS, 2D, to 3D. 3D viewing creates an illusion as if the picture is coming right you. It’s been said that we are moving from 3D to holographic viewing in the near future.
  • What used to seem like a little box with long antennas steaming from the top of a television set, has now turned into viewing television as if you were in a high tech movie theatre. Technology has allowed us to convert our homes into a movie theatre using all of the high-quality technological advance that the movie theater offers. We can veiw T.V. in high definition and 3D. We can even buy the 3D shades to compensate for the ones they give you at the movies.
  • Looking back at the first computer it could almost fit inside of one room. Computer and its components have come a long way. The first computer was the Z1 which was made in 1933 by a person name of ZonrardZuse. The computer did basic math calculations and weighed 1000+kg. Another computer hit the scene in 1946, it was a digital computer and it measured about 1800 square feet and weighed 50 tons. Nowadays computers can fit into a pocket and no one will even notice that a person is carrying a portable PC.
  • Kudos to technology in the area of communication!! We can talk to long distance friends and family in “real-time”, via application software such as; skype, video calling, and face time. These technology advances allows us to communicate with out friends and family without having to pick up the phone and dial long distance numbers. This is a big jump from using a home phone, and making sure that you have a long distance carrier in order to place a call in another state or another country. Connection time now takes less than a minute.
  • Who would have thought that we could talk to cars and they navigate where we want them to go? Well…that’s just where we are when it comes to technology with automobiles. Cars used to be equipped with a AM an FM stereo, now we have the options to listen to MP3 players that sit on a docking station that’s connected to the car’s stereo and listen to satellite radio. Not only do cars come with GPS systems and emergency call features they come with remote starters to crank up the car from inside your home. Say good bye to maps because with GPS navigation systems your only need you key desitination and drive.
  • No more having boardroom meetings, now companies have video-conferencing. The sectary do not have to carry documents from office to office they can fax the documents to other offices within the buildings and to other companies. All employees can transmit documents via internet using a file sharing system for general or personal use.
  • How technology has changed our lives jf

    1. 1. James Funderburk
    2. 2. EducationThen Books Pens/pencilsNow Laptops Keyboards
    3. 3.  Going from paper to plastic 2008 online banking emerged Pay bills Manage AccountsBanking
    4. 4. ShoppingLog on toYour PCSearch yourfavoritestoreShop ShopShop
    5. 5. Travel
    6. 6. Security
    7. 7. News Bystanders are able tocapture news right onthe scene View news on CNETnews What’s trending is thenew way to say what’sthe latest in the news
    8. 8.  Take a look at what surgical hands doMedical Community
    9. 9.  The Drive-ins the first way to view movies on a bigscreen Latest Technology in Movie theatresMovies
    10. 10.  The first Television 1884 Paul Nipkow In 1923, Westinghouse Electric Corporation Developed an electronic camera tube. In 1925 the image was dim, had low contrast and poordefinition, and was stationary.Televisions
    11. 11.  The first computer was called Z1 The newest computer releasedComputers
    12. 12.  Communicating via house phone is almost obsoletethese days. Using wireless communication devices are the wayto go these days. Cell phone Tablets Cordless phones Laptop desktopCommunication
    13. 13.  What comes equipped with cars now GPS OnStar response system Satellite radios MP3 plugins and docking stations Then Standard radio Upgraded to tape decks Then CD players/DVDAutomobiles
    14. 14. Office DutiesDocuments Handling importantdocuments in the officeconsisted of Brown envelopes Mailing system Now important documentscan be scanned and fax File sharing Internet transmissions DatabasesMeetings Video conferencing hastaken the place of boardmeetings.
    15. 15. REFERENCES