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Reniassance and reformation
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Reniassance and reformation

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  • 1. Quick Write 8-23-10
    • Why do you feel better about doing something if you have a say in how its done?
  • 2. And Reformation
  • 3. Legacy of Monotheism
    • The duty of individual and community to fight against oppression
    • The equality of people before God
  • 4. Roman Catholic Church
    • Developed from Christianity
    • By the middle Ages it was the most powerful institution in Europe
    • It influence all aspects of life
      • Religion
      • Social
      • Political
    • Strong authoritative structure
    • Expected unquestioned obedience to its authority
  • 5. Renaissance
    • Renaissance= rebirth
    • Renewed interest in classic culture
    • Marked interest in Greek and Roman Art
    • Interested in earthly life, living for the now
    • Not interest in seeing life as preparation for the AFTER-life
  • 6. Compare & Contrast
    • The next slides are to show you the difference between Medieval Art and Art of the Renaissance
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  • 23. The Renaissance Man and Woman
    • Renaissance writers introduced the idea that all educated people were expected to create art. In fact, the ideal individual strove to master almost every area of study.
  • 24. Can you best Leonardo?
    • Da Vinci was a well know artist creating numerous works of art and sculpture
    • One his most famous and largest works was for…the church, the Sistine Chapel
    • So we will work as Leonardo did for the chapel and the question is, Can you best Leonardo?
  • 25. The question is can you use the techniques of da vinci Remember you Love History~~ Mirror Writting
  • 26. Renaissance
    • Renaissance education was intended to prepare men for public service, not for the church
    • Study of texts led to intellectual movements
    • Some even began to be critical of the church for not encouraging people to live a life that was moral and ethical
  • 27. Renaissance
    • Renaissance thinkers and writers also began to explore ideas about political power and the role of government
    • The Greek and Roman ideas about democracy were very different that what they had been experiencing
  • 28. Renaissance
    • Also the exploration west to uncharted seas
    • And crating new empires in the Americas
    • Chances of huge fortunes by taking risks!
  • 29. Reformation
    • The spirit of questioning during the Renaissance came to full bloom in the Reformation
    • The Reformation was a religious movement to reform the Catholic church
    • Those who wanted to reform the church became known as, Protestants
    • Because they protested against the power and abuses of the church
  • 30. Martin Luther 95 Thesis
    • In 1517 Luther posts his 95 Theses to the church door
    • He makes 3 key points
    • 1. Selling indulgences to finance the building of St. Peter's is wrong.
    • 2. The pope has no power over Purgatory.
    • 3. Buying indulgences gives people a false sense of security and endangers their salvation.
  • 31. Reformation
    • So what began as a new movement, became a new religion, Protestantism
    • Encouraged people to make their own religious judgments
    • Established new churches
  • 32. Reformation
    • The reformation all began in Germany with a monk and a teacher named, Martin Luther
    • Luther criticized the Church’s practice of selling pardons for sins
    • He began to proclaim that you could only be saved through faith in God…not your church
  • 33. Reformation
    • Catholics
    • Church interprets the bible
    • Salvation through Church
    • Protestants
    • You interpret the bible
    • Salvation was a personal belief and relationship with god
  • 34. Reformation
    • By Challenging the authority of the monarchs and popes, the Reformation indirectly contributes to democracy
    • Also by asking people read and interprit the Bible for themselves, it exposed people to more ideas through reading
    • Both the Renaissance and the Reformation place emphasis on the INDIVIDUAL
    • This grows into ideas for liberty
  • 35. Roosevelt 95 Theses
    • People today feel that our culture has changed, some for the good, but also that we have lost some of our guiding values
    • Read the passages from Luther’s 95 Theses and answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.
    • When you are finished, I want you to see if you can come up with your own these about our school
    • Create a list of 10 rules of conduct for the school.
      • Think about how people should act in the halls, in class, to each other, how people should treat each other, things that should or shouldn’t be allowed.