Nioxon to bush presidents
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    Nioxon to bush presidents Nioxon to bush presidents Presentation Transcript

    • Nixon Bush TO
    • Nixon
      • Had an appeal to middle America
      • Created revenue sharing, which was intended to give the states more power
      • However it ended up giving the federal government more power
    • Nixon
      • Established détente, or relaxing of Cold War Tensions
      • Most remembered for Watergate Scandal
      • Nixon claimed executive privilege- that White House conversations should be private
      • In an effort to quiet the outrage over his actions, Nixon resigns as president
    • Nixon
      • He avoids impeachment, or charging him with presidential misconduct
      • Watergate led to Federal Campaign Amendments, limiting campaign contributions
      • Ethics in Government Act required the finicial disclosure of officials
      • Overall the American public was left with a deep distrust
    • Ford
      • Most Americans considered Ford to be decent and honest
      • Bland, not an exciting or dynamic president
      • Ford pardons Nixon “for the good of the nation”
      • Approval Ratings drop from 71% to 50%
    • Ford
      • Ford had to inherit the inflation, rising cost of goods from the Nixon era
      • Then a new issue of “stagflation” costs go up and economy goes no where
      • He attempts to revive the economy by keeping taxes low, cut government spending, and balancing a budget
    • Ford
      • Foreign policy, his only major event: signing the Helsinki Accords
      • These were agreements made with the Soviets about Europe
      • With the economy failing, rising inflation and unemployment political turmoil around the world, Americans would turn to a new president in 1976
    • Carter
      • Carter image as being upstanding and moral helped him win election
      • Carter would devote most of his agenda to fixing the economy
    • Carter
      • He tried to increasing government spending to end recession
      • He then tried reducing taxes
      • Then reducing money supply and raising interest rates
      • Created the Department of Energy to reduce energy consumption…
      • None of this fixed the economy
    • Carter
      • His foreign policy was marked by trouble in the Middle East
      • When a group of Islamic terrorist took 52 Americans hostage and Carter failed to gain their release it would forever mark his foreign policy and cost him reelection
    • Reagan
      • Out of the mess in the 1970’s came two groups
      • Liberals: government should be very active
      • Conservatives: government should cautious about its use of power
      • Reagan was a conservative
      • Also an actor and former governor of Ca
    • Reagan
      • Reagan appealed to Americans who were frustrated with the economy and worried America was too weak internally
      • “ Are you better off than you were four years ago?” asked Reagan…no they weren’t
    • Reagan
      • Reaganomics: belief that his policies would corperate and wealthy Americans, not the average “Joe”
      • Cut Civil spending, increased military spending, and government regulations
      • Result: economy began to recover
    • Reagan
      • “ Star Wars” Reagan's nuclear deterrent
      • “ Tear down this wall!”-so he did
      • As Regan’s second term came to end, the economy was booming, military was strong, and Soviet relations were good
    • George Bush
      • As Regan left, many Americans wanted more focus on domestic policies rather than foreign
      • “ Read my lips…no new taxes”
      • Under Papa Bush the Cold War would end, but a Gulf War would begin
    • George Bush
      • Perhaps the most serous crisis was the Persian Gulf War
      • The economy would slow towards the early 1990’s
      • Bush would have to break his campaign promises
    • Clinton
      • Clinton promised to reform health care
      • Tried to develop a plan to cover all Americans
      • People feared it would cost too much, put too much pressure on small business and relied on government control
      • His plan died before ever coming to a vote
    • Clinton
      • Worked to help American families
      • Provided increased funding for educational programs
      • Created a gun control law, requiring a waiting period
      • Anti-crime bill to provide more money for prisons and put more officers on the street
    • Clinton
      • Clinton’s second term saw a booming economy, high approval, and scandal
      • Never fully impeached
      • Legacy uncertain: left the economy with balanced budget and presided over the greatest period of economic growth in American history
    • Bush jr.
      • Little Bush gets a turn as president
      • Wins the closest election in American history
      • He cut taxes to try and boost the economy
    • Bush jr.
      • Promised to improve nations schools, No Child Left Behind
      • Cut taxes
      • And build nations defenses
      • 9-11 would change his entire president
      Come on terror… ‘merica is ready
    • Bush jr.
      • Began a war on terror
      • Increased government control
      • Brought the U.S. back into Iraq
      • Bush won a second term, “don’t change horses mid stream”